RAPHAEL RABELLO Cry, My Guitar CD $19.95


     He plays the works of: Pixinguinha, Canhoto da Paraiba, Baden Powell,Toquinho, J. dos Santos, Laurindo Almeida, Raphael Rabello, F. Hime, Garoto and P.C. Pinheiro.


     The titles are listed below:


The selections are:


1 Ainda me Recordo (Pixinguinha)

2 Tua Imagem (Canhoto da Paraiba)

3 Sentimentos... (B. Powell)

4 Meu Avo (R. Rabello)

5 Pedra do Leme (R. Rabello & Toquinho)

6 Malandro Descendo o Morro (J. dos Santos)

7 Camara (R. Rabello)

8 Choro Para Olga (L. Almeida)

9 Com Mais de Mil (Canhoto da Paraiba)

10 Moleque do Gantois (R. Rabello)

11 Passaredo (F. Hime)

12 Lamentos do Morro (Garoto)

13 Sete Cordas (R. Rabello & P.C. Pinheiro)


Raphael is Brazil's finest artist.

Antonio Carlos Jobim


   The best guitarist I've heard in years. He has overcome the technical limitations of the instrument, and his music comes unhindered from his soul, straight to the hearts of we who admire him.

Paco de Lucia


     This is the missing CD among Raphael Rabello's scarce discography. It's like a dream come true to see this CD accomplished, one of the best solo guitar albums I have listened to. Congratulations to Dean Kamei for giving such an important contribution to the Brazilian guitar.

Paulo Bellinati


     "Raphael Rabello's posthumous release of 13 solo finger-styled guitar pieces is nothing short of astonishing. Complex syncopated rhythms, intricate counterpoints, and cascading arpeggiated runs grace each wonderfully crafted composition. The mastery with which this late Brazilian guitarist commanded his instrument is unparalleled. However, throughout the recording the guitarist never loses focus on the inherent melody and beauty of each piece. Rabello plays much more from his heart rather than simply relying on the dexterity of his fingers. Nowhere is this better heard than on the title piece, "Cry My Guitar," which is a poignant tribute to his hero and close friend, Baden Powell. Throughout his career, Rabello considered himself a nationalist, and was quite contempt with mastering the music of his native heritage. However, with his integration of diverse musical pallets, the artist molded and redefined the parameters of Brazilian music, rather than merely reflecting the rich musical legacy of his peers and predecessors. Throughout the album one hears how effortlessly the guitarist blends Flamenco, Classical, Jazz, and Brazilian styles into his musical vision to create something truly unique and at the same time true to his heritage. Rabello plays each note with such urgency and passion that one can only imagine the contributions he could have made if he had lived. However, this recording will clearly help solidify this extraordinary musician's legacy. Raphael Rabello was not just a guitarist of his own generation, but one whose echoes will be heard for many generations to come."

James Scott, Minor 7th Webzine


     "One of the truly great, and equally tragic personalities of the guitar world, both embodied in the life and work of Raphael Rabello, this final recording is a great gift to the world. A true master and innovator of the 7-string guitar...this is a documentation of a life, although in conflict, that soared to musical heights that few could ever attain. Raphael's playing comprises fire, passion, pathos and sadness, giving the title "Cry, My Guitar," an appropriateness for this final work."

John Martin, Guitart Magazine


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