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You need this product. Concert guitarist, Rico Stover, the author of Six Silver Moonbeams- The Life and Times of Agustin Barrios Mangoré, told me about and gave me a bottle of this nail hardener. The price is $29.95 for a 1/2 oz. bottle, and in just a few days you will stop breaking nails, you won't even get nicks in the tips. The bottle will last for 3 years. One brushful will do a complete set of nails. Onymyrrhe is the name, it fortifies and strengthens your nails, just put it in the online order form, come in or call me. This will change your musical experience.The frustration of broken nails is over. This is 100% all natural Onymyrrhe.  

7/5/05 Update: I haven't broken a nail yet since September, 2004. I do my nails 6 days a week. I read 2 newspapers while leaving the liquid applied for about 20 minutes. This is the same product used by zoo veterinarians on elephant's hooves, who have successfully used it for over a decade. This really works, as it has for the more than 300 guitarists that have purchased it. I have not had anyone ask for their money back, nor do I expect to have to do so. The price is $34.95 for a 1/2 oz. bottle that will last for 3 years. I have used this for 6 years.
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  • The Guitarist's Guide to Fingernails by Rico Stover  $9.95
  • Presented in this informative text is a concise, clear picture of the fingernail, its anatomy, what affects its health, how to combat weak nail problems, how to obtain strong, healthy nails and what products to buy. Included is an analysis of all currently available artificial nail systems (acrylics, wraps, gels and glue on tips) with a discussion of the potential health risks involved.
  • The Guitarist's Guide to Fingernails also introduces a revolutionary new artificial nail system that is nontoxic, removable yet effective, with no risks to the health of your natural fingernail. An absolute must for guitarist's of all kinds!

Oscar Herrero Flamenco Metronome


The essential professional metronome, whether you play the guitar, cajón or palmas, dance or sing, are professional or amateur.Metronome and Digital Chromatic Tuner programmed with all flamenco palos.

  • 149 different rhythm formulas.
  • Real sounds of 16 percussion instruments (palmas, cajón, tacón, darbuka, djembé, etc.).
  • 8 tracks to compose your own formulas and songs.
  • Time signatures from 1 to 12 beats.
  • Stereo sound. Combine the instruments to your liking.
  • Select speed: from 20 to 400 BPM.
  • Progressively speed up or slow down.
  • Your screen will inform you at all times as to the tempo.
  • 12 light indicators in the shape of a clock indicate accented notes (green light: normal tempo; red light: accentuated tempo).
  • You will feel as though you are being accompanied by genuine palmeros or percussionists with swing and flamenco soniquete.
  • Combine the sound of a conventional metronome, programmable with rests, minims, crotchets, quavers, triplets, etc.
  • Connect it to your PC to programme, compose new rhythms, practice and send the information to the Flamenco Metronome.
  • Built-in loudspeaker and headphone outlet enable you to carry it around with you or connect it to your Hi-Fi equipment for maximum quality.
  • Created by flamencos for flamencos.

    If you are concerned about keeping your falseta, step or voice in time,
    If you play the guitar, cajón or palmas,
    If you sing, dance, are an amateur or a professional,
    Keep in time with the Oscar Herrero Flamenco Metronome.

Programmed by Guillermo McGill and Oscar Herrero

BAILE - If you dance, you can use it to learn, teach, practice and perfect timing.
GUITARRA - If you play the guitar, you will clearly learn to feel, assimilate and play in time.
CANTE - If you want to make sure that your singing is in time, you will easily achieve this.
PERCUSSION - If you play the cajón, palmas, djembé, etc., silence these during programming and play over the remaining rhythm base.

Strings-Classical & Flamenco Price Update 5 15 11

  • Hannabach med. or high tension, as well as low, super low 815 $19.95
  • Hannabach Flamenco 827 med. $19.95
  • Hannabach Silver 200/900 med. $28.95
  • Hannabach 24 karat Gold 825 med. $22.00
  • Hannabach 850 med. P.S.P. Precision-Smooth-Polished $34.95
  • Hannabach Carbon Trebles w/ 815 med. basses $25.95
       Hannabach Goldins The trebles are half nylon & half composite-louder
       but sweeter than Savarez Alliance $39.95
  • Hannabach bass sets Cl. or Fl. med. or high tension $14.95
      Extra 4ths Hannabach $4.95 each
  • D'Addario J-45C Composite Normal tension $13.95 NEW
  • D'Addario EXP-45C Coated Normal tension $16.95
  • D'Addario EXP-46C Coated Hard tension $16.95
  • D'Addario J-45 normal $10.95
  • D'Addario J-46 hard tension $10.95
  • D'Addario J-44 ex. hard tension $10.95
  • La Bella Antique Gut String Trebles (Normal Basses) $39.95
  • La Bella 2001 med. $13.95
  • La Bella 2001 light $13.95
  • La Bella 2001 Flamenco light $13.95
  • La Bella 2001 Flamenco med. (black trebles) $13.95
  • Luthier set 30 high tension $13.95 As used by Jorge Morel
  • Luthier set 20 med.tension $13.95 As used by Paco de Lucia since 1992.
  • Luthier set 40 med. tension w/ gold basses $13.95 favored by Flamencos
  • Savarez Corum Alliance 500 AR (red) med. tension w/ Kevlar trebles $19.95
  • Savarez 520P med tension w/ wound 2nd & 3rd $21.95
  • Savarez 520P1 med tension w/ wound 1st, 2nd & 3rd $24.95
  • Savarez 570 CR Cristal medium tension $15.95
  • Savarez 500 CR Corum Basses, Nylon Trebles Med. Ten. $15.95
  • Savarez Nail Making & Repair Kit $34.95
       Contains: Band of self adhesive silk, 2 tubes of resin fluid, nail file,
       resin applicator, needle to clear tube tip & detailed users guide.
  • Augustine Red Imperial $12.95
  • Augustine Blue Regal $12.95
  • Extra 4ths Hannabach or D'Addario $3.25 each

    Steel Strings-Acoustic
  • D'Addario J-15 X-light $10.95
  • D'Addario J-16 light $10.95
  • D'Addario J-17 med. $10.95
  • Darco 2100 X-light Phos. Bronze $7.25
  • Darco 2200 light Phos. Bronze $7.25
  • Darco 5500 light Bronze $7.25
  • Martin Marquis light Bronze $9.50
  • 12 string Dean Markley lite $13.00

    Steel Strings-Electric
  • D'Addario XL 110 Regular light $6.75
  • D'Addario XL 120 Super light $6.50
  • La Bella Hard rockin' light $5.25

    Electric Bass Strings
    Rotosound Swing 66 $30.00

    Mandolin Strings

    D'Addario $8.95.

    Charango Strings
    Guadalupe $14.95

    Guitarron Strings
    Guadalupe $35.00
    La Bella $35.00

    Ukulele Strings
    D'Addario Soprano $5.95

    Other Accessories

Savarez Nail Making & Repair Kit $34.95
Contains: Band of self adhesive silk, 2 tubes of resin fluid, nail file, resin applicator, needle to clear tube tip & detailed users guide.

RICONAILS Emergency Nail Kit $34.95
Used and endorsed by Argentine guitar virtuoso Jorge Morel, Sharon Isbin, Benjamin Verdery, etc.

Watch Rico Stover apply and remove a RICONAIL:

"The RICONAILS system works great. I recommend it to all guitarists."
Jorge Morel

"Rico Stover's Emergency Nail Kit offers the perfect solution to breaks that require a safe, secure and instant replacement, without any risk of damage to the remaining nail. Bravo, Rico, for offering this innovative approach and excellent product!"
Sharon Isbin

Comment: A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Rico Stover telling me that Sharon Isbin had used  RICONAILS to get through a Concierto de Aranjuez concert performance because she had broken a nail the day before. Randy Osborne, FFSI.
2 / 10 / 06

"Finally a non-toxic, healthy answer to fingernail foibles. I have just returned from playing three concerts with a RICONAIL thumb nail. What is not so healthy is while I was removing the RICONAIL, I could swear I heard it say: I sound pretty great, you better not lose me!"

Benjamin Verdery 3 / 23 / 06

"Excellent for coping with emergencies."
David Grimes

   You now have in your hands a kind of insurance policy. Insurance against that most dreaded of mishaps-breaking a nail. You've heard stories of concert players about to go out on stage and they slip, or something, and end up breaking a nail! With RICONAILS the problem is covered in the safest, simplest and most economical way. No super glue. No pipettes. No molding forms. NO UV lamps. No biweekly visits to the nail salon. No health risks whatsoever. Now that you have decided to try something new, please bear in mind that the instructions I give here are important and you must follow them to a T. I developed my method through trial and error, and believe me, I know what works and why. There is a good reason for everything I utilize, so follow all the instructions indicated.

The Emergency Nail Kit contains:
5 special artificial nails in different sizes
3 sheets of nontoxic nonpermanent adhesive
1 roll of Transpore clear tape
Complete Instructions

* A new system of artificial fingernails. Totally removable & nonpermanent. Effective, safe and nontoxic. Goes on and comes off easily. Will stay on for hours.
The Guitarist's Guide to Fingernails by Rico Stover  $9.95

Dunlop Flat $8.95
Dunlop Curved $8.95
Spanish style Rosewood w/ Ebony thumbpiece $39.95
Shubb capo $21.95

Tuning Supplies
Tuning fork A 440 or E $9.95
Sabine clip on tuner $44.95
Seiko Guitar tuner $51.95
Seiko Chromatic tuner $39.95

Seiko $41.95 w/battery
Taktell $39.95 manual windup

  • The Mundo-Beat Metronomes are no longer available-anywhere-this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. (7 -  5 - 05)

    More Accessories
  • Footstool metal $21.95, wood $31.95
  • Music stand $21.95 w/ page holders
  • Martin guitar polish $6.95
  • Martin polish cloth $3.95
  • Classical guitar strap $6.95
  • Tap Guards (Herco) $7.95 transparent or white
  • Sandpaper 500 grit $1.25/ sheet
  • Ergo Play Guitar Support $54.95
  • Dynarette guitar cushion small $39.95, large $44.95
  • A Frame guitar holder $49.95
  • FFSI Guitar or Mandolin Picks $.35 each light, medium & heavy
  • Thumbpicks left or right $.95 each
    Flamenco peg compound (peg dope) by Hill & Sons $19.95

    Replacement gears
  • Ping $21.95 w/ black anodized gear
  • Spanish Gears w/ black anodized gear $30.00
  • Schaller Lyre or Hauser high quality German made $130.00
  • Alhambra Old Gold made by Van Gent in Holland $230.00

Spanish style Capo Rosewood w/ Ebony thumbpiece
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Ergo Play Guitar Support $54.95


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