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Welcome to the Agustin Barrios CD Page, here everything available at FFSI is in one place. Included are complete CDs of the virtuoso and CDs from the Golden Era catalog that contain selected cuts, which in their rarity, are not to be found on the the other CDs offered, and others that have better sound quality, due to the condition of the rare record.

G.E. 10 Latin American Guitar Virtuosos 1924-1955
   This starts with a very rare recording recently located. It is the Habanera by Agustin Barrios from 1924 which makes it a premier issue on CD. Also is the reverse which is the 1st recorded version of Romanza (Imitation of a Violoncello). Two more takes were recorded in 1928. Rico Stover, the author of
Six Silver Moonbeams The Life and Times of Agustin Barrios Mangore says there are still 10 other Barrios discs not yet found. Next we have Andres Chazarreta who was Atahualpa Yupanqui's teacher. Andres was the precursor to all the Argentine folkloric guitarists we know today. His Chacareras are very spicy. That is followed by Eduardo Falu who is to Andres Chazarreta as is Christopher Parkening to Andres Segovia. The Falu recordings were recorded live on Buenos Aires Radio Splendid between 1953-55. We have the return of Julio Martinez Oyanguren who plays several pieces by Julio Sagreras, Antonio Sinopoli and Francisco Tarrega. Anibal Ladru's Orchestra of 20 guitars was well known for over 20 years before the selections here were recorded. We finished this with two pieces by Atahualpa Yupanqui. CD $17.00

The selections are:

Agustin Barrios from 1924

  1. Habanera (A. Barrios) Premier issue on CD, available on this CD only
  2. Romanza (A. Barrios) 1st recorded version, two more takes done in 1928

    Andres Chazarreta from 1924-28
  3. Siete de Abril (A. Chazarreta)
  4. La Saladina (A. Chazaretta)
  5. Gato Cordobese-Baile Criollo (A. Chazaretta)
  6. La Criollita-Chacarera (A. Chazarreta)
  7. Zamba de Vargas (A. Chazarreta)
  8. Pampa Taquello-Gato (A. Chazarreta)

    Eduardo Falu from 1953-55
  9. La Cuartalera-Zamba (E. Falu)
  10. La Alborada-Preludio (E. Falu)
  11. La Frontizera-Zamba (E. Falu)
  12. Cerrazon-Estilo (E. Falu)
  13. El Algarrobo (A. Gonzalez Pilar)

    Julio Martinez Oyanguren from 1932
  14. Rapsodia sobre motivos criollos Part 1 (Julio Sagreras)
  15. Rapsodia sobre motivos criollos Part 2 (Julio Sagreras)
  16. Pericon (Antonio Sinopoli)
  17. El Poncho (E. Fabini) for sheet music to this song see: El Poncho
  18. Capricho Arabe (Francisco Tarrega)
  19. El Gato Polkeao (Pedro Quijano)

    Anibal Ladru and Orchestra of 20 guitars from 1945
  20. Pericon Nacional (G. Grasso)
  21. Rosas Porteñas (A. Pelaia-E. Carrere)

    Atahualpa Yupanqui from 1946
  22. Vidala del silencio-Preludio Andino #2 (A. Yupanqui)
  23. La Churqueña-Zamba (A. Yupanqui)

    Barrios' Greatest Hits Vol. 1. CD $19.95

       20 years ago Rico Stover released this as a Double LP and now it's available on CD. It contains 21 of Agustin Barrios' most well known compositions recorded between 1914-1929. All titles listed below:

The selections are:

  1. Danza Paraguaya
  2. La Catedral:
    Andante Religioso
    Allegro Solemne
  3. Vals. op. 8 No. 3
  4. Vals. op. 8 No. 4
  5. Un Sueño en la Floresta
  6. Tarantella
  7. Romance en Imitacion al Violoncello
  8. Aire Popular Paraguayo
  9. Pericon
  10. Junto a tu Corazon
  11. Aconquija
  12. Cueca
  13. Aire de Zamba
  14. Cordoba
  15. Maxixe
  16. Confesion
  17. Sarita
  18. Madrigal Gavota
  19. Contemplacion
  20. Oracion
  21. Luz Mala

    G.E. 7 Agustin Barrios / Miguel Llobet 1926-28
       These virtuosos recorded the the pieces in Buenos Aires and Barcelona respectively. The guitars used were a Jose Ramirez I by Agustin and a Antonio de Torres by Miguel. They were both the pinnacle of their art in the sphere in which they taught, performed, recorded & lived. These recordings, including the test pressing copy of "Studio Brillante" by Miguel Llobet on the cover were released in Buenos Aires, where from before the turn of the century until long after there was a large guitar community. CD $17.00
    According to Ricardo Muñoz, author of "La Historia de la Guitarra", by 1930 there were not less than 10 Academias and over 100 conservatories with some 5,000 students of the guitar in Buenos Aires. For more Agustin Barrios related materials see: "
    Six Silver Moonbeams" The Life and Times of Agustin Barrios Mangore,Barrios in Tablature Vol. I,Barrios in Tablature 2.
    For more Miguel Llobet related materials see:
    Miguel Llobet

The selections are:

Agustin Barrios

  1. Luz Mala (A. Barrios)
  2. Loure (J.S. Bach)
  3. Capricho Arabe (F. Tarrega)
  4. Sarita (A. Barrios)
  5. Minuetto (Beethoven)
  6. Cordoba (A. Barrios)
  7. Traumerei (R. Schumann)
  8. Tarantella (A. Barrios)
  9. Minuetto (Beethoven)
  10. Capricho Arabe (F. Tarrega)

    Miguel Llobet
  11. Estudio Brillante (N. Coste)
  12. Andantino (F.Sor)
  13. Estilo Popular Criollo (M.Llobet)
  14. Dos Canciones Mejicanas (M. Ponce)

    Agustin Barrios 3 CD set The Complete Guitar Recordings 1913-1942 $46.95.
       This wonderful triple CD set has 59 songs by the South American master, sometimes called the "Paganini of Paraguay". The works within are Barrios's originals (2 complete CDs-40 pieces) and transcriptions of European and South American composers, from Bach, Beethoven, Sor and Tarrega to Carlos Garcia Tolsa and Gustavo Sosa Escalada (1 CD-19 pieces).

    For the rare "Habanera" from 1924 not included in this CD set see:
    G.E. 10 Latin American Guitar Virtuosos Complete your collection of Agustin Barrios.
  • All titles are listed below:
  •    This extraordinary 3 CD set has just recently been digitally cleaned up, and should not be confused with the earlier edition that was released in the early 1990's. 2/29/04

       I just got in the remastered Barrios 3 CD set by Chanterelle. I told Rico Stover on the phone today "All of the in your face scratch sound has been removed, the recordings from 1913 are a real joy to listen to". 3/20/04


    The selections for CD #1 are:

    1. Tango No. 2
    2. Don Perez Freire
    3. Pepita
    4. Aire de Zamba [1st rec.]
    5. Danza Paraguaya
    6. Cueca
    7. Romanza
    8. Maxixe
    9. Aconquija
    10. Madrigal
    11. Contemplación
    12. Pericón,
    13. Confesión
    14. Un Sueño en la Floresta
    15. Vals No. 3
    16. La Catedral
    17. Oracion
    18. Vals No. 4
    19. Armonías de América
    20. Invocación a mi madre

      The selections for CD #2 are:
    21. Divagación
    22. La Bananita
    23. Aires Andaluces
    24. Aires Criollos
    25. Minueto
    26. Córdoba
    27. Sarita [1st rec.]
    28. Luz Mala
    29. Mazurca
    30. Sarita [ 2nd rec.]
    31. Junto a tu corazón
    32. Aire de Zamba [2nd rec.]
    33. Invocación a la luna [incomplete]
    34. Sueño de la muñequita
    35. Diana Guaraní [Diana Paraguaya]
    36. [Unidentified] & Voice of Barrios.

      The selections for CD #3 are:
    37. Franz Lehar: Oro y Plata
    38. O. Perez Freire: Ay Ay Ay [1st rec.]
    39. [F. S. de?] Dupuy: Marcha Paraguaya
    40. S. Yradier: La Paloma
    41. C. Garcia Tolsa: Matilde (mazurka)
    42. C. Garcia Tolsa: Divagación Chopiniana
    43. G. Sosa Escalada: Madrigal
    44. C. A. Silva: Marcha de San Lorenzo
    45. L. A. Conceiçao: Tarantella [1st rec.]
    46. L. von Beethoven: Minueto [1st rec.]
    47. F. Tarrega: Capricho árabe [1st rec.]
    48. F. Tarrega: Capricho árabe [2nd rec.]
    49. L. von Beethoven: Minuet [2nd rec.]
    50. J. S. Bach: Loure
    51. [Unknown]. [arr.] Barrios: Aire Popular Paraguayo
    52. Robert Schumann: Traümerei
    53. L. A. Conceiçao: Tarantella [2nd rec.]
    54. F. Sor: Minueto (op. 11, no.6)
    55. O. Perez Freire: Ay, Ay [2nd rec.].
    56. Barrios: The Arrangements 52 pages 14 pieces $31.95
    57.   This volume brings together for the first time in one volume Chris Dumigan's transcriptions of all the currently existing recordings that Barrios made of other composer's works whether they were originally written for guitar or not. This currently consists of 14 different compositions, four recorded twice in widely differing versions, for which reason they are both included here. Composers represented include Tarrega, Sor, Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Freire, Tolsa, Yradier, Silva, Escalado, Dupuy and Lehar.
    58. A must for all Barrios afficionados.
    59. Grade 6-8

      Golden Era 60 Agustin Barrios Recently Discovered Recordings 1913-28 CD $17.00
    60.   On March 31, 1913 Alfredo Amendola's Discos Atlanta opened
      their doors for sales to the public in Buenos Aires. Their "sister"
      label Discos Artigas, in Montevideo, released the same recordings
      in the capital of Uruguay as well. There had to have been a 60 to
      90 day delay from the time of recording to the street date of the
      recordings. After being recorded in the Rio de la Plata area the
      masters were sent to Germany for pressing. The full page
      advertisement of Ay, Ay, Ay-the fourth record to be recorded and
      released by Agustin Barrios appeared on July 5, 1913 in the Caras
      y Caretas  magazine, published in Buenos Aires. The songs
      Mandolinata Napolitana and Ojos Negros are Agustin Barrios'
      second disc to be released and Isabel was recorded close to the end
      of the 1914 recording sessions.
         These three recordings are a debut in the CD format.
      These are not included in the 3 CD set
      Agustin Barrios 1913-43

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