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  • The Guitarist's Guide to Fingernails by Rico Stover  $12.99
  •   Presented in this informative text is a concise, clear picture of the fingernail, its anatomy, what affects its health, how to combat weak nail problems, how to obtain strong, healthy nails and what products to buy.
  • At the bottom of this page is a list of 19 books-only one copy each. They are from my late maestro's library. Byron Pang 1935-2009 was my teacher from December 1979-February 1981. He was a student of José Rey de la Torre from 1966-1970.

Andres Segovia: Life and Work
by López Poveda, Alberto
2 Hardcover volumes in Spanish language only $199.95, shipping weight 6.5 lbs.


Seis Rayos de Plata-La Vida y Obra de Agustin Barrios Mangoré
by (por) Richard “Rico” Stover. 436 pages (paginas) $49.95. Spanish language edition (edicion en Español-publicada en Paraguay May 2, 2010) of “Six Silver Moonbeams-The Life and Times of Agustin Barrios Mangoré”. There are commentaries by Leo Brouwer, Abel Carlevaro, Sila Godoy and John Williams; new works including a transcription of "Bicho Feo".

Dizionario dei Chitarristi e Luitai Italiani edited by Riccardo Vaccari and Benvenuto Terzi
Dictionary of Italian Guitarists and Luthiers (Text in Italian) published in 1937 by Editrice "La Chitarra", Bologna 305 pages $39.95. 8 1/2" by 11" ships as 3 pounds.


Index of the Diccionario de Guitarristas by Domingo Prat 104 pp. $29.95 Compiled by Jan de Kloe With his Diccionario de Guitarristas, Domingo Prat provided us in 1934 with a wealth of information on the guitar and related subjects.



RETURNING TO A by Dorien Ross. At once a novel, a memoir and essay on flamenco music and a cultural document, Returning to A is of the vitality and beauty of Gypsy culture. 157 pages $23.95

The Art of Flamenco by D. Pohren $36.95 First published in the '60's, it is known more or less as the bible of Flamenco in English. It covers the song styles with lyrics and translation, dancing, singing, guitar playing. It has places to study dance, song and guitar in Spain.
Available once again 7 /27/ 05.

Flamenco...All You Wanted to Know by Emma Martinez 128 pages $14.95
This landmark historical text delivers the goods promised in its title. It does not address flamenco dance whatsoever, focusing instead on flamenco song forms with a special chapter devoted to the role of the guitar. 

  • Flamenco Music Theory Rhythm, Harmony, Melody and Form
    by Lola Fernandez 136 pages $39.95 Flamenco is not just about music, but it is, above all else, music.

Queen of the Gypsies The Life & Legend of Carmen Amaya by Paco Sevilla 402 pages-11 photos & 4 page index $34.95 The most incredible book, on more than just Carmen Amaya, on everyone in Flamenco. It will be a long time, if ever for another book like this to come along. In stock 11 15 10

SEEKING SILVERIO 410 pages $34.95 Twenty years in the writing, Paco Sevilla's historical novel, is a saga of the birth of flamenco. A traditionally bound trade paperback: 410 pages

A Way of Life by Donn Pohren 198 pages-14 w/ B&W photos $ 27.95 paperback Back in Print. Donn Pohren let's you in on what it was like in Spain, before the changing of time. This contains a whole lot about the daily life of Diego del Gastor.

Paco de Lucia and family "The Master Plan" by D. Pohren $37.50 This book has Paco's biography, discography & photos from the early days w/ Jose Greco etc.


Lives & Legends by D. Pohren Hardbound $39.95 This tome contains the complete listing of biographies of singers, dancers & guitarists from the 19th century until now. Out of print, hopefully available in 2002.

The Flamenco Guitar by David George First published in the '60's this book deals with basically two characters-Diego del Gastor (master Flamenco accompanist) and guitarmaker extraordinaire Manuel Reyes. Back in Print 11 / 10 / 05 $31.95

The Wind Cried by Paul Hecht $29.95 Hardbound The story of an American who went to Malaga in '57 and couldn't stay away. He discusses Fosforito, Pedro Bacan, La Nina de Los Peines, and all the flamencos at the Peña Juan Breva.

The Flamencos of Cadiz Bay by Gerald Howson $29.95 Hardbound This book recalls the experiences of a lad from England who went to Cadiz, Spain in 1954.

by Graham Wade $39.95 232 pages Softcover This is the first book to present a detailed account of the musical achievements of Julian Bream.

The Guitar in America Victorian Era to Jazz Age By Jeffrey J. Noonan 256 pages, 40 b&w illustrations, discography, bibliography, index. Hardbound $51.95

(FFSI's production of 4 Golden Era CDs of Classical Mandolin Orchestras and Solos is listed in this discography-G.E. 21-1904-1938, G.E. 26-1915-1940, G.E. 37-1930-1950 and G.E. 50-1935-1955.)

"El Inalcanzable Agustín Barrios" 290 pages $249.00 Softbound cover-this book weighs 5 pounds. The text is in English and Spanish. Oversized (13" x 10") Limited Edition

Copy and Paste this link below and watch all 5 of the trailers for the Carlos Salcedo's 2 hour documentary: Santo de la Guitarra: La Historia Fantastica de Agustin Barrios Mangore

125 Anniversary Jose Ramirez $89.95 This book commemorates the 125th anniversary of Jose Ramirez, and tells the story of the Ramirez dynasty through photographs, letters, and articles. This book ships as 4 lbs. it is oversize-9 1/2" x 11" Spanish/English text Softcover, 208 pages

Abel Carlevaro: My Guitar and My World 96 pages $13.00 Compiled and translated by Patrick Zeoli.Writings and reminiscences on various aspects of the Maestro's life's-work with the guitar.
Includes chapters on Segovia, Villa-Lobos and Agustín Barrios.

The Magnificent Guitar of Jorge Morel A Life of Music 238 pages $29.95 This book is the story of love, life and loss told by the legendary Argentinean guitarists, Jorge Morel.

Ida Presti Her Art 200 page book with over 40 photos $165.00 The first biography of IDA PRESTI,the greatest woman guitarist of the 20th century. ENGLISH and FRENCH TEXT

The Guitar of Andrés Segovia CD and package $44.95 History, sound and photographs of his 1937 Hauser guitar.Texts: English, French, German, Italian; Texts and technical drawings by Richard E. Bruné Photos in high resolution by courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Arts. 

La Chitarra di Liuteria-Masterpieces of Guitar Making by Stefano Grondona & Luca Waldner
Text in English & Italian English translation by Laura Davey Photography by Massimo Mandelli
216 pages with over 400 breathtaking photos-mostly in color. Hardbound w/ CD $119.95
weight 2 1/2 lbs. Available once again 8 28 07

The Responsive Guitar Hardcover Author: Ervin Somogyi The Responsive Guitar is about physics, dynamics, acoustics and construction of the guitar. 342 pages $140.00

Making the Responsive Guitar Hardcover Author: Ervin Somogyi Making the Responsive Guitar is the second volume on a two-volume set of books that set out the principles and methods of building fine hand-made guitars. 284 pages $140.00

Ervin Somogyi's companion DVD listed below:

Ervin Somogyi - Voicing the Guitar The 2009 Healdsburg Lecture Instructional/Guitar/DVD
Format: DVD Author: Ervin Somogyi


Classical Guitar Answer Book by Sharon Isbin 84 pgs. $14.95 This book is a compilation of 50 questions over a variety of subjects that originally appeared in the Acoustic Guitar Magazine.   In the section "Salons and Shops Specializing in Classical Guitars", Fine Fretted String Instruments is listed along with 19 other stores-some now out of business since the book's publication.

The Vihuela de Mano and The Spanish Guitar: A Dictionary of the makers of plucked and bowed Musical Instruments by José Romanillos Vega and Marian Harris Winspear. 654 pages with 28 appendixes. Hardbound $199.95.

The Art and Craft of Making Classical Guitars by Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez and Sons classical and flamenco guitars have been handcrafted in Madrid since 1905. 168 pages $29.95. softbound

The Guitar by Nick Freeth, Charles Alexander, with the foreword by Martin Taylor 320 pages Hardcover. $35.00 This book weighs 4 lbs. even and ships as 5 lbs.

Fernando Sor Composer And Guitarist biography 2nd edition paperback only 199 pages, 17 illustrations, $48.95 by Dr. Brian Jeffery Fernando Sor, born in Barcelona in 1778-died in Paris 1839, is without a doubt, the most influential and magnificent guitar composer of modern times.

1931 Antigua Casa Nuñez Catalog "Nuevo Catalogo de Metodos y Obras Musicales".
This 108 page hardbound catalog, Contemporary catalogs let you know what is in print.
This tells you what exists. $65.00 Limited Edition

Eleuterio Tiscornia Catalogo de su Archivo de Guitarra 1897-1945 94 pages, 9 photos & illustrations (Guitar Method covers) $60.00 oversize softbound edition (Catalog of his Guitar Archive 1897-1945).

Abel Fleury  El Poeta de la Guitarra (The Poet of the Guitar) by Héctor Garcia Martinez

Spanish language edition $19.95, 3rd edition with 32 pages softcover with  English translation addendum by Randy Osborne $24.95. The famous Argentine guitarist and singer, Atahualpa Yupanqui, said of Fleury's tone: "No one has outdone his tone yet." Abel Fleury owned two guitars built by Francisco Simplicio. One of these can be seen in this book: La Chitarra di Liuteria.

For the companion CD of Abel Fleury see: G. E. 43 Abel Fleury  The Poet of the Guitar

La Guitarra en Cataluña 1769-1939 by Josep Maria Mangado y Artigas, from Tecla Editions in London. 303 pages-77 illustrations & photos. Text is in Spanish only. Hardbound $97.95 and Softbound $59.95

Tecnologia de la Guitarra Argentina by Ricardo Muñoz $39.95 text only available in Spanish
(The Technology of the Argentine Guitar) 233 pages w/ dozens of tables, graphs and photos of wood grain under a microscope, specification and vibrational comparisons of Panormo, Pages, Vinaccia, Ramirez, Santos Hernandez, Torres, Garcia and Simplicio guitars.
Comb bound copy

The Guitar & Mandolin by Philip J. Bone By far the most comprehensive book of biographies of Classical Guitarists and Classical Mandolinists ever written in English. $49.95 Comb bound copy

Philip J. Bone Manuscript to "The Guitar & Mandolin" 1st edition. This was first published in 1914. This is the double spaced typed manuscript with the musical examples pasted in, or in envelopes, that was taken to Schott & Co. Ltd. in London to be published. It is a two volume bound manuscript. $6,000.

The Rioplatense Guitar-The early Guitar and it's context in Argentina and Uruguay by Richard Pinnell 501 pages-17 page index Hardbound $45.00, Softbound $35.00

The Orphee Data-base of Guitar Records compiled by Jacques Chaine & edited by Matanya Ophee in 1990 444 pages Hardbound $35.00

The Segovia - Ponce Letters Edited by Miguel Alcazar & translated by Peter Segal Paperback 290 pages $39.95. The index is 7 1/2 pages. The letters are in Spanish and followed by the English translation. Back in print. Randy Osborne, 2/27/04

Catalogue of the Rischel & Birket-Smith Collection of Guitar Music in The Royal Library of Copenhagen Compiled by Jytte Torpp Larsson and edited by Peter Danner Hardbound 263 pages $44.95 Have you ever wondered who were the 1st edition publishers for the classical guitar virtuosos of the 19th century?

Anton Diabelli's Guitar Works: A Thematic Catalogueby Jukka Savijoki 387 pages softbound $49.95

Diccionario de Guitarristas y Guitarreros by Domingo Prat 470 pages hardbound. This is a 1988 reprint of the original July 1934 Romero & Fernandez edition (shown here-not for sale). With a forward by Matanya Ophee in English-the text is in Spanish. 30 years in the making by the Tarrega & Llobet student. This is out of print-distributors no longer have copies for sale. I have 10 left @ $295.00. Reduced price 6 17 11

Index of the Diccionario de Guitarristas by Domingo Prat 104 pp. $29.95 Compiled by Jan de Kloe


Mauro Guiliani - Virtuoso guitarist & composer by Thomas F. Heck $44.95 paperbound The most authoritative work on this major contributor to the 19th century classical guitar repertoire.


Julian Bream -The foundations of a musical career by Stuart W. Button This book covers the years 1944-1951. Hardbound 160 pages. $65.00


Classic Guitar Construction by the recently late Irving Sloane. paperbound 96 pages besides instruction there are B&W photos of guitars by Vincente Arias, Marcelo Barbero (sold by FFSI in 1991), Antonio de Torres (several real and one fake), Jose Pernas, Domingo Esteso and Santos Hernandez. $29.95


Antonio de Torres Revised Edition 1997 by Jose Romanillos-Softcover $64.95. The long awaited for update that includes at least 20 new guitars added to the catalog and new research information.The hardcover edition is now out of print.


A Collection of Fine Spanish Guitars from Torres to the present by Sheldon Urlik- Hardcover $119.95. An all color 1st edition that covers 68 Classical & Flamenco guitarmakers. in stock 6/15/10

The Classical Guitar - a complete history featuring the Russell Cleveland collection. 126 pages, 100's of photos, label closeups, fold out pages , limited edition (6000), slip cover case. Out of Print.
A softcover edition is now available @ $39.95.


Things about the Guitar by Jose Ramirez III $44.95 This great book recounts the Ramirez family history (which includes information about Manuel Ramirez), innovations of the '63-64 Ramirez guitars (as played by Andres Segovia, Christopher Parkening etc.). Out of Stock 8 / 22 / 08


The Segovia Technique by V. Bobri $21.95 softbound This book of photos of the technique of the Master was first published in the early '70's in hardback.


Ricardo Iznaola On Practicing A Manual for Students of Guitar Performance 24 pages $6.95


The Art of Classical Guitar Playing by Charles Duncan 132 pages $19.95

   Published almost 25 years ago, I bought this when I first got interested in Classical Guitar, it covers the subject of playing well completely and is therefore still in print. For the companion volume see Classical Guitar 2000.


The Spanish Guitar by Metropoliton Museum of Art of New York $89.95 softbound This collection of guitars that spans from the 16th century to the 1940's has a table of dimensions for each instrument, with fan bracing diagrams and color photos. The text is in both English and Spanish. Out of stock 4 / 27 /08

The Steve Howe Collection This is permanently out of print.


Manuel Ponce & The Guitar by Corazon Otero $29.95 Softbound only 8 / 9 /05.


The Development of the Modern Guitar by John Huber $21.95


The Guitar from Renaissance to the Present Day by H. Turnbull $29.95 softbound First published in '74 this book covers from the days of the vihuela (4 course) to the adaptation of the 6th string in the first decade of the 19th century to the 20th century achievements of Andres Segovia.

Distant Sarabandes The Solo Guitar Music of Joaquin Rodrigo by Graham Wade Second Edition $31.95 Compendium relating to classical guitar music by composer Don Joaquin Rodrigo

My 50 Fretting Years by Ivor Mairants $19.95 This book covers his experiences from c.1929-1979 when it was first published. It has Classical, Flamenco and Jazz artists that Ivor met in his travels.

Sophocles Papas by Elizabeth Papas Smith $18.95 This biography of the legendary Washington D.C. guitar teacher and music publisher is so fascinating I read it in one day.

The Classical Guitar 5th edition by Maurice Summerfield $39.95 This book covers 19th and 20th century players, composers, guitarmakers, scholars, and has a Flamenco section as well. Fine Fretted String Instruments has received an unsolicited acknowledgement and is listed on page 364 under Sources of Information and Supply.

Six Silver Moonbeams by Richard Stover $29.95. The most authoritative biography of the 1st classical guitar player to make phonograph records-Agustin Barrios Mangore. 271 pages -contains discography, list of manuscripts, photos, and the guitars the Maestro used throughout his illustrious career. New revised edition by GSP of the 1992 edition with new information.

Seis Rayos de Plata-La Vida y Obra de Agustin Barrios Mangoré
by (por) Richard “Rico” Stover. 436 pages (paginas) $49.95. Spanish language edition (edicion en Español-publicada en Paraguay) of “Six Silver Moonbeams-The Life and Times of Agustin Barrios Mangoré”. There are commentaries by Leo Brouwer, Abel Carlevaro, Sila Godoy and John Williams; new works including a transcription of "Bicho Feo". Published in May of 2010.

The Art of Practicing by Alice Artzt $17.95 A helpful book on technical progress and how to get the most out of today's guitar by someone with over 25 years recording experience.

On Competitions--Dealing with Performance Stress  by Denis Azabagic 32 pages $9.95

Guitarmaking-Tradition & Technology by William R. Cumpiano & Jonathan D. Natelson Softbound 386 pages-w/ 100's of photos & illustrations. $49.95.

Guitar Interviews: The Best from Classical Guitar magazine $14.95
Compiled & edited by Colin Cooper 23 interviews 116 pages

A Concise History of the Classic Guitar by Graham Wade $14.95 One of the foremost international writers on the guitar, explores the history of the instrument from the 16th century to the present day. 224 pages. $14.95 Click on link to see contents listings:

At the bottom of this page is a list of 19 books-only one copy each. They are from my late maestro's library. Byron Pang 1935-2009 was my teacher from December 1979-February 1981. He was a student of José Rey de la Torre from 1966-1970.

1. The Segovia Technique by V. Bobri $99.95 Hardbound This book of photos of the technique of the Master was published in 1972.
Dust Jacket
with a couple of tears, book in mint minus condition.

2. The Technique of Orchestration 2nd edition by Kent Wheeler Kennan 364 pages Hardbound 1970 $89.95

3. Music in History 3rd edition Mckinney and Anderson 1966 Hardbound 871 pages $39.95

4. The Structure of Music a Listener's Guide by Robert Erickson 208 pages Softbound 1969 11th edition $12.95

5. The Musical Experience of Composer, Performer, Listener by Roger Sessions Softbound 1971 127 pages $10.95

6. The Physiological Mechanics of Piano Technique by Otto Ortmann 395 pages 1962 Softbound $179.95

7. Anthology for Musical Analysis 2nd edition by Charles Burkhart 578 pages 1972 Softbound $19.95

8. Historical Anthology of Music by Archibald T. Davison and Willi Apel 257 pages Hardbound 1959 $59.95

9. The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book by J.A. Fuller Mailand and W. Barclay Squire Volume One 1963 436 pages Softbound $14.95

10. The Enjoyment of Music by Joseph Machlis 1955 Hardbound 701 pages $39.95

11. Music, Physics and Engineering 2nd edition by Harry F. Olson 1966 Softbound 460 pages $12.95

12. Classic Guitar Construction by Irving Sloan 95 pages 2nd edition Hardbound Dust Jacket with a couple of tears, book in mint minus condition. $59.95 Out of print

13. Harvard Dictionary of Music by Willi Apel 2nd edition Dust Jacket with a couple of tears, book in mint minus condition. 935 pages 1974 $59.95

14. An Introduction to Music by David D. Boyden 2nd edition Dust Jacket with a couple of tears, book in mint minus condition. 582 pages 1970 $19.95

15. Tone Production on the Classical Guitar by John Taylor 80 pages 1978 Softbound $39.95 Out of print SOLD 6 17 11

16. Harmony and Melody by Elie Siegmeister Volume 1: The Diatonic Scale 1965 474 pages Hardbound Dust Jacket with a couple of tears, book in mint minus condition. $19.95

17. Music in Mexico by Robert Stevenson 300 pages 1971 Softbound $39.95

18. Music Cultures of the Pacific, the Near East and Asia by William P. Malm Softbound 169 pages 1967 $39.95

19. The Illustrated History of the Guitar by Alexander Bellow 215 pages 1970 Hardbound Dust Jacket with a bunch of tears, book in mint minus condition. B&W and Color photos $69.95 Out of print
























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