Llobet & Anido

Andres Segovia & his Contemporaries Vol. 6 CD $19.95
Miguel Llobet & Maria Luisa Anido 1925-c. 1930

   Francisco Tarrega's most illustrious student, Miguel Llobet became teacher to the child prodigy Maria Luisa Anido. Domingo Prat, also a Tarrega student, was the teacher to Maria Luisa from 1914 until the arrival in Buenos Aires of Miguel Llobet in 1920. In 1925 Miguel & Maria Luisa did a series of duet concerts with much success and also recorded several pieces.

For more Miguel Llobet material see:
G.E. 7 CD & Agustin Barrios / Miguel Llobet 1926-1928

 Miguel Llobet   The Guitar Works of Miguel Llobet

For more Maria Luisa Anido material see:
G.E. 11 CD Maria Luisa Anido 1963


The selections are:

Maria Luisa Anido c. 1930

  1. Minuetto (Mozart)
  2. Cantiga (Alfonso el Sabio)
  3. Sueño (Tarrega)
  4. Por ti Corazon (Ponce)
  5. Bouree (Bach)
  6. Prelude (Bach
  7. Dolor (San Sebastian)
  8. Preludio Vasco (San Sebastian)

    Miguel Llobet 1925-1929
  9. Estilo Popular Argentino (Quijano-Llobet)
  10. Etude Op. 39 No. 23 (Coste)
  11. Etude Op. 35 No. 3 (Sor)
  12. Andantino Op. 2 No. 3 (Sor)
  13. La Pajara (Ponce)
  14. Por ti Corazon (Ponce)
  15. El Testament d'Amelia (arr. Llobet)
  16. El Mestre (arr. Llobet)
  17. La Filla del Marxant (arr. Llobet)
  18. Plany (arr. Llobet)

    Anido / Llobet Duo 1925-1929
  19. Huella (Aguirre)
  20. Song without words Op. 62 No. 25 (Mendelssohn)
  21. Evocacion from "Iberia" (Albeniz)

    Andres Segovia 1928-1930
  22. Prelude (Bach)
  23. Allemande (Bach)
  24. Fugue (Bach)
  25. Suite in A major (Ponce)

Segovia & his Contemporaries Vol. 7 Francisco Salinas CD $17.00

Francisco Salinas was born in 1892 and was a student of the Spaniard, Guillermo Gomez. Francisco began his professorship at the Conservatory of Music in Mexico City in 1935. The late Jesus Silva, was a student of Francsico Salinas until the arrival of Andres Segovia in Mexico in 1934. These tracks were recorded for USA Columbia in 1926 & USA Victor in 1931. The titles are listed below:

In 1997 I contributed quite a bit of information for the liner notes of this CD. I am given no credit, though I was heartily promised to be so by Jacob Harnoy on the phone. I faxed two pages of pertinent details from very rare 1937 & 1943 B.M.G. magazines and a George Krick article from a 1942 Etude magazine in my possession. Don't even ask how much I paid to have this research material at hand. The reason for the delay of the CD was a lack of a photo, I even had my ex-wife go to the National Conservatory of Music in Mexico City in search of a photo, without success. At last, concert guitarist Juan Helguera, located a photo. Jack Silver, who takes credit for the research and notes, claimed in an e mail from circa August 1999, that my information was lost. At least there is no denial of my contributions to:

1) The Boston Museum of Fine Arts exhibition "Dangerous Curves" which runs until February 25, 2001.
2) The limited edition book:
The Classical Guitar- a Complete History
3) various "Guitars with Guts" articles in "Vintage Guitar" magazine by my trusted colleague Richard Bruné.
4) The upcoming book by Jose Romanillas, who requested information & dimensions on two guitars to be included in his dictionary of Spanish born luthiers.
5) Encyclopedia Brittanica's online encyclopedia for which I helped with some information concerning Bandurrias & Laudes about a month ago.
6) The great-grandchildren of Virtuoso Mandolinist and Recording Artist (1908),
Valentine Abt. I recently provided over 70 pages of photos, concert programs,product endorsements-due to his virtuoso stature, etc. from the 1900-1913 Cadenza & Crescendo magazines in my collection.

These Canadian record producers may utilize the same stunt on others in the future, maybe not. I certainly didn't expect to trust them & be taken for granted: I was to receive no perks-no free CDs or monetary compensation-just a credit with my name. And as angry as I am for the 10+ hours I spent to locate, select and type information and fax it to them, I am above igloo jokes-you'll have to go to CNN's The Spin Room for that. I think the series they produce is wonderful, except for the duplication of that, which is already on the market ( DOREMI's copycat version of the Chanterelle Miguel Llobet CD). I guess someone out there isn't far from duplicating what they beleive is the only salvation for the listener. What goes around comes around... I could scan the faxes I sent them & post them here, in fact my web server chief John Arrasjid (Webnexus Communications) typed the info about the Guillermo Gomez CD and the fact that the Francisco Salinas CD was in the works, and that I had contributed all this information. This is still cached on my second web address (which is one of two of my web sites listed in the acknowledgements section of: "The Classical Guitar-a Complete History"-released in 1997), way before I had a computer (I was learning my 6th language) and instituted my interactive site I now have. I could have published this with a plaguerism.html not Francisco Salinas.html, and it would have come up in search engines forever. Despite the fact that their website maintains ("I'll huff and I'll puff until I blow the house down") that this is the first time Francisco Salinas recordings have been made available on CD , anyone who has purchased Golden Era CD #1 "Classical Guitar 78 RPM recordings 1912-1943" within the last 2 years knows otherwise. The writer of the liner notes, Jack Silver has known this at least since his e mail to me in August of ‘99. Links to the very 1st Francisco Salinas recordings on CD are listed on cuts 9 & 10 below:

The selections are:

Francisco Salinas

  1. Yanez: Habaneras
  2. Yanez: Anita (Mazurka)
  3. G. Gomez: Tientos
  4. Galindo: Suplica de Amor
  5. G. Gomez: Guajiras
  6. Arcos (sic): Maria Luisa
  7. G. Gomez: Conchilla
  8. Salinas: Dime que si...
  9. Gomez: Tu Recuerdo
  10. G. Gomez: Arpa de Oro
  11. Tarrega: Adelita
  12. Schubert: El Deseo
  13. Tarrega: Capricho Arabe
  14. Yanez: Estudio de Concierto

    Andres Segovia
  15. Tarrega: Tremolo Study (Recuerdos de la Alhambra)
  16. Turina: Fandanguillo
  17. Ponce: Mazurka
  18. Ponce: Petit Valse
  19. Ponce: Sonata #3 1st movement
  20. Ponce: Sonata #3 2nd movement
  21. Ponce: Postlude
  22. Torroba: Sonatina, 1st movement (Allegretto)

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