Nashville Mandolin Ensemble

Nashville Mandolin Ensemble NEW Conducted by Paul Martin Zonn 12 of Nashville's finest acoustic musicians in a live concert, starring Butch Baldassari.
   All the dynamics of an orchestra-pianissimo to forte. These guys are the epitomy of the turn of the century mandolin orchestra in our lifetime. They really have no rivals today. 7 songs 41 min. $19.95 For more information on Mandolin Orchestras see
"Desde el Escritorio de Randy Osborne" article

The Big Bang Theory or how we got to where we are today in the world of Classical & Flamenco guitar music - September 5, 1997

For more Mandolin music see:
G.E. 21 CD Classical Mandolin Orchestras & Solos 1904-1938
or see Golden Era Cassettes #21 & 22

   An exciting live concert performance by the renowned Nashville Mandolin Ensemble filmed on location at Nashville's Caffè Milano. This video features Butch Baldassari and some of Nashville's finest acoustic musicians performing seven mandolin classics. Includes unique mandolin ensemble arrangements of: My Last Days on Earth; Ricochet; Lord Inchiquin; Christmas in Country Kerry; Texas Fox Trot; Frangenti; and a Fiddle Tune Medley.
The featured artists are: Butch Baldassari, Rob Haines, Bruce Sweetman, Peter Hykra, Fred Carpenter, Antoinne Silverman, Charley Derrington, Walter Carter, John Hedgecoth, Gene Ford, David Spicher, and Paul Martin Zonn.
Running time: 41 minutes.


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