Lorenzo Micheli

Lorenzo Micheli Live at Texas Tech. University 56 minutes $19.95.

   Lorenzo is a great guitarist from Italy, who won the Guitar Foundation of America competition in 1999. Lorenzo played for the South Bay Guitar Society here in San José, California on his Winner's Tour. GFA winners are always fireworks in concert.

   You won't believe how fast he plays the Allegro from Barrios' La Catedral. He has such control & musicianship. I remember telling my friends at his concert, "I'm not sure I heard him play the second string "D" note in the first measure". He was just flying. He plays pieces by Giuliani, Barrios, Tansman, Bach, Llobet & Legnani. The titles are listed below.

   The next day, after a master class he visited Fine Fretted String Instruments in the company of Daniel Roest, Ex-President and current Artistic Director of the South Bay Guitar Society. I was able to show him some Matteo Carcassi vocal and guitar pieces printed between 1828 and 1834. He enjoyed that immensely. On the right are the pictures of his visit:

The selections are:

  1. Grande Ouverture Op. 61 (Mauro Giuliani)
    Andante Sostenuto
    Allegro Maestoso
  2. La Catedral (Agustin Barrios)
  3. Cavatina (Alexander Tansman)
    Danza pomposa
  4. Preludio, Fuga and Allegro (J.S. Bach)
  5. Scherzo-Vals (Miguel Llobet)
  6. Variations on the Folia (Miguel Llobet)
    Variations I-IV
    Variations VI-X
  7. Capriccio (Luigi Legnani)

Lorenzo Micheli & Randy Osborne of FFSI.

Lorenzo Micheli and Daniel Roest-
Artistic Director of the South Bay Guitar Society at the time of the visit, at FFSI.

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