Eliot Fisk The Segovia Style

The Segovia Style Classical Guitar of the Maestro by Eliot Fisk
75min.w/ 23 page booklet $39.95 An incredible insight into the style of Segovia, with plenty of musicianship projects to attain. He also shows the "ironing" technique that Segovia used with vibrato. Eliot shows you the difference between the printed and recorded versions by Andres Segovia. I saw Eliot Fisk at Herbst theatre in San Francisco in '97. He played 20,000 1/32nd notes, and did 7 encores. Everyone got their moneys worth, as well as Eliot was very gracious backstage to those that stopped by to say laudatory remarks. Don't wait for Eliot to come to town, bring him into your practice environment today. This just released video will help you improve your tone, technique and musicianship. The booklet contains the printed scores of every song dealt with in the video.


Booklet that accompanies video, selections shown below


The selections contained in the 23 page booklet are:

  • Segovia by Albert Roussel
  • Prelude by J.S. Bach (BWV 999)
  • Alternate fingerings for Bach-Prelude (BWV999)

    BWV 999, Sketch-Basic Chord Sequence (original key-C minor)

    Figured Bass Analysis

    Fundamental Bass Line Analysis

    Rough Schenkerian Sketch

    Technical Tips

    Opening Chords of BWV 999

    How to practice small groups of notes to improve technique,memory and musicality

    Canciones Populares arr. by Andres Segovia
    Estudio Sin Luz

    Notes for "Estudo Sin Luz"

    Notes for the Minuet by Hayden

    Minuet from the quartet in G Major, Op.76, No. 1 by Joseph Hayden

    Prelude in E (Major) by Manuel Ponce


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