Annotations Lecture Video

Annotations for the History of the Classical Guitar in Argentina 1822-2000 Video $39.95 Now available on DVD.

Annotation Lecture DVD
Multi-media lecture (145 images, 78 RPM discs) & Guitar Recital by Randy Osborne for the South Bay Guitar Society February 15, 2002 at Santa Clara University Center of Performing Arts Recital Hall

   This is a thumbnail sketch of the book in progress "Annotations for the History of the Classical Guitar in Argentina 1822-2000" by Héctor Garcia Martinez & Randy Osborne.

   Take a journey to the "World Center of Classical Guitar Activity". Buenos Aires had 5,000 classical guitarists in 1930 & not less than 80 maestros publishing sheet music daily for the aficionados of the classical guitar.

   See how four of Francisco Tarrega's students transformed the musical landscape & developed the child prodigies to become world renowned artists.

   Randy Osborne plays the works of Fernando Sor, Matteo Carcassi, Napoleon Coste, Francisco Tarrega & Carlos Garcia Tolsa-Julian Arcas' favorite student.

   Hear very rare recordings: commercial & non-commercial, of music written by Frederic Chopin, Héctor Villa-Lobos, Federico Moreno-Torroba, Manuel de Falla, Robert Schumann & also original compositions played by: Miguel Llobet, Agustin Barrios, Andrés Chazarreta, Emilio Pujol with Matilde Cuervas (playing guitars made by Antonio de Torres), Lalyta Almiron (Agustin Barrios student), Blanca Prat & Maria Angélica Funes (who had eight works dedicated to her by Federico Moreno-Torroba).

   Watch the development of the guitar from its smaller size 19th century beginnings to its modern 20th century form.

   See how the guitar historians documented the past and preserved the priceless legacy of the classical guitar & its sheet music.

   Observe, in this 2 hour video lecture & recital, the activity of over 4 dozen guitarists & the world in which they lived.

   This video is receiving rave reviews:

   "Thanks for the video. You have done an exellent job - warmest congratulations!" (JAN-OLOF ERIKSSON, Professor of Guitar at Lulea University School of Music, Pitea, Sweden)

   "This video has extraordinary content"
(Stephen Rekas-student of Regino Sainz de la Maza, Maria Luisa Anido, Emilio Pujol & head of the classical guitar dept. at Mel Bay Publications since 1996.)

   "I watched your video last night. I really enjoyed your lecture, the pictures, music and memorabilia were marvellous. You have made me aware thru your knowledgeable lecture of fine guitarists (like Lalyta Almiron) that I have never heard of. I look forward to seeing your book published."
Maurice Summerfield 12/11/03

   "There is too much information on this video." Ron Fernandez, Phd. of Fernandez Music.

   There is a complete list of all songs & images below:

Randy Osborne: Guitarist & lecturer

1969 Rodolfo Camacho Viera, Buenos Aires
ex-collection: Maria Angélica Funes

Randy Osborne
1) Study No. 17 in E minor (Sor)
2) Op 38, Study No. 22 in A major (Coste)
3) Op. 60 Nos. 3, 7 & 19 (Carcassi)
4) Meditacion (Carlos Garcia Tolsa)

Andrés Chazarreta *1926
5) Zamba de Vargas

Randy Osborne
6) Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Tarrega)

Emilio Pujol & Matilde Cuervas *1930's
7) Danza Española (De Falla)

Agustin Barrios *1924
8) Habanera (Barrios)

Randy Osborne
9) Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios (Barrios)

Lalyta Almiron *1930's
10) Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2 (Chopin)

Anibal Ladru & Orchestra of 20 Guitars *1944
11) Pericon Nacional (Grasso)

Blanca Prat (age 16) **1941
12) Fandanguillo (Moreno-Torroba)

Maria Angélica Funes *1954
13) Choro No. 1 (Villa Lobos)

*78 RPM recording
**78 RPM recording (non-commercial)

All tremolo pieces performed: p i a m i

Duration: 2 hours, 4 minutes
Music: 40 min., History of 51 personalities: 84 min.

Below is a list of all images on the video:

1) Dionisio Aguado & Autographed Method, 1825
2) Ferdinand Carulli & Carulli's Lacote guitar
3) Fernando Sor, Op. 29 12 studies, 1825
4) Napoleon Coste & one of his guitars
5) Matteo Carcassi & his compositions
6) Esteban Massini (1788-1838)
7) Esteban Echeverria
8) Dr. Fernando Cruz Cordero (1822-1863)
9) Julian Arcas, Antonio de Torres
10) Julian Arcas 1st edition, 1891
11) 1858 Antonio de Torres guitar (FE 8) Winner at 1858 Seville exposition-rosette
12) 1858 Antonio de Torres guitar (FE 8) Winner at 1858 Seville exposition-end block
13) 1858 Antonio de Torres guitar (FE 8) Winner at 1858 Seville exposition-heel
14) 1858 Antonio de Torres guitar (FE 8) Winner at 1858 Seville exposition-side
15) Carlos Garcia Tolsa (1858-1905) & his guitars
16) Meditacion by Carlos Garcia Tolsa, published by Carlos Schnockel c. 1888
17) Juan Alais (1844-1914)
18) Juan Alais piece c.1880 by E. Halitsky
19) Gaspar Sagreras (1838-1901)
20) Gaspar Sagreras piece by Carlos Schnockel
21) Julio S. Sagreras (1879-1949)
22) Julio S. Sagreras piece / Enrique Garcia guitar promotion
23) Pablo Simeone piece c. 1890's by Andrés Carrano (1891-1899)
24) Pablo Simeone piece c. 1890's by David Poggi (1860-1940?)
25) Andrés Chazarreta (1876-1960)
26) Andrés Chazarreta 1st album of pieces, 1916
27) Andrés Chazarreta & his Arte Nativo troupe
28) Andrés Chazarreta 1921 Buenos Aires concert
29) Andrés Chazarreta & musicians
30) Andrés Chazarreta in 1930's movie
31) Tarrega concert Sept. 28, 1880
32) Bilbao Guitar Society w/ Leloup & Tarrega
33) Josefina Robledo
34) Anido home 1919 w/ Llobet, Pujol, Juan Carlos, Maria Luisa & Prat
35) Maria Luisa Anido & Miguel Llobet
36) Emilio Pujol & Matilde Cuervas
37) Emilio Pujol
38) Matilde Cuervas
39) Emilio Pujol piece, 1915
40) Emilio Pujol's Escuela Razonada (Method)
41) Emilio Pujol piece, 1936
42) Emilio Pujol book on: to use nails or not
43) La Guitarra July, 1923- May 1926
44) Andrés Segovia 1920, Segovia scales, 1920, 1st edition
45) Andrés Segovia 1928, Martin Gil on the left
46) Andrés Segovia 1920 concert program (courtesy: Lucas Agustin De Antoni)
47) 1920 Romero & Fernandez catalog pg. 16
48) 1920 Romero & Fernandez catalog cover
49) Manuel Ramirez workshop c. 1910
50) Enrique Garcia (1868-1922)
51) Francisco Simplicio (1874-1932) ad
52) Rodolfo Camacho Viera (1887-1973)
53) Rodolfo Camacho double soundhole guitar variation of the Francisco Simplicio model
54) 1934 Segovia letter to Rodolfo Camacho
55) Borda y Pagola, Llobet & Trapani
56) Agustin Barrios (1885-1944)
57) Rare Agustin Barrios 1924 recording (Habanera)
58) Barrios' Madrigal 2nd edition, 1923
59) Barrios' Capricho Arabe
60) Agustin Barrios Op.8 No. 4 Vals, 1928
61) Agustin Barrios new piece in 1928
62) Agustin Barrios from "Historia de la Guitarra" by Ricardo Muñoz, 1930
63) Agustin Barrios Mangore concert in San Salvador Sept. 10, 1933
64) Agustin Barrios (1885-1944)
65) Agustin Barrios manuscript copy, 1938
66) 1st Agustin Barrios anthology, 1950 Brazil
67) Agustin Barrios piece, 1955
68) Bautista S. Almiron piece named for his daughter-Lalyta Almiron
69) Lalyta Almiron when she studied with Agustin Barrios in 1923, age 9
70) Lalyta Almiron's 1st concert in the Salon "La Argentina" on August 19, 1924. The program presented was:
Two Scherzos-Tarrega/Damas
Minuet- Paderewsky
Coral de Haendel-arr. Tarrega
Variations on The Magic Flute by-Mozart/Sor
Relojito de Musica- Porcel
Lalyta Almiron was 10 years old

71) Lalyta Almiron's 2nd concert in the Salon "La Argentina" just 3 days later on August 22, 1924.
The program presented was:
Two Preludes-Chopin
Minueto (in C major)-Sor
Vals: Scherzo No. 4-Barrios
Feuilles Variées-Schumann
Sueño (tremolo)-Tarrega
Marche Funebre-Grieg
Estudio Brillante-Coste Op. 38 No. 22 in A Major

72) Bautista S. Almiron & Lalyta Almiron 1926
73) Bautista & Lalyta Almiron in concert, 1927
74) Bautista & Lalyta Almiron with students, 1928
75) Lalyta Almiron plays Frederic Chopin's Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2, 1930's
76) Lalyta Almiron plays Barrios in 1943 concert
77) Lalyta Almiron 1948
78) Lalyta Almiron-Mendelssohn transcription, 1950
79) Lalyta Almiron in concert 1950's
80) Lalyta Almiron (1914-1997) & Rico Stover in 1990
91) Hilarion Leloup
92) Hilarion Leloup's Academia Tarrega in the Salon "La Argentina" 1926
93) Academia Sinopoli
94) Anibal Ladru & 20 piece guitar orchestra
95) Anibal Ladru piece "La Quena", 1928
96) "Revista Tarrega" No. 1, 1924 33 issues until 1928
97) Carmelo Rizzuti 1917
98) From "Revista Tarrega", Carmelo Rizzuti students at D'Andrea Conservatory, 1924
99) Hilarion Leloup's Academia Tarrega 1925
100) The Professors, 1924 from "Revista Tarrega"
101) Academia de Guitarra Domingo Prat
102) Academia de Guitarra Prat Sept. 15, 1925 concert
103) Domingo Prat at Romero & Fernandez 1926 Celestino Fernandez on the right
104) Domingo Prat 1908 concert
105) Domingo (1886-1944) & Carmén Prat
106) Diccionario de Guitarristas, 1934
107) Domingo Prat scales, 1910 The New Technique, 1929
108) Domingo Prat & Roberto Soriano
109) Blanca Prat debut Sept. 1940
110) Blanca Prat (1925-) in 1941
111) Blanca Prat 1941 concert finale- "Fandanguillo"
112) Nellie Ezcaray, 1938
113) Nellie Ezcaray 78 RPM recordings, 1944
114) Nellie Ezcaray Sextet 1954 (courtesy: Lucas Agustin De Antoni)
115) Maria Herminia Antola in "El Noticio de Buenos Aires", 1941
116) Maria Herminia Antola & Jorge Gomez Crespo
117) Consuelo Mallo Lopez
118) Consuelo Mallo Lopez concerts 1934-36
119) Consuelo Mallo Lopez w/ students of Academia de Guitarra Prat, 1941
120) Maria Angélica Funes, 1924
121) Maria Angélica Funes, Antena daily, 1934
122) Maria Angélica Funes, 1957 concert
123) Maria Angélica Funes c. 1957
124) 8 works dedicated to Maria Angélica Funes by Federico Moreno-Torroba, 1957
125) Federico Moreno-Torroba in the home of Maria Angélica Funes c. 1970
126) Justo T. Morales & Ricardo Muñoz 1917 concert program
127) Justo T. Morales, 1920 Ricardo Muñoz, 1923
128) Ricardo Muñoz' "Historia de la Guitarra", 1930
129) Ricardo Muñoz (1887-1968) directing his students
130) Segundo N. Contreras & 1st book, 1927 (La Guitarra)
131) Luis Castellano, appraiser for Banco Municipal from 1923-,
guitar aficionado-non player
and writer of the first classical guitar collectors book with frontal and headstock photos and label texts of guitars made by Vicente Arias, Santos Hernandez, Domingo Esteso, Antonio de Torres, Enrique Garcia, Manuel Ramirez and Francisco Simplicio. He even knew who designed Santos Hernandez's last label. This book was published in 1938 a month after his lecture and slide show for the Asociacion Guitarristica Argentina. (1 / 29 / 04)
132) Extraordinary Auction, June 22, 1939
133) 1864 Antonio de Torres owned by Tarrega & Maria Luisa Anido
134) 1939 Celestino Fernandez price list
135) Eleuterio Tiscornia & his Archive catalog
136) Eleuterio Tiscornia & Ricardo Muñoz
137) Chanterelle publications as result of Eleuterio Tiscornia's archive: Aguado, Coste, Regondi, Mertz, Manjon

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