Classical Guitar Sheet Music Books
Classical Guitar Sheet Music  Books
    1. Here's some new Classical Guitar Sheet Music listings January 28, 2011.
      There are 100's of editions by many publishers in these new links.


      2011 GUITAR SOLOS

      LUTE, MANDOLIN and DULCIMER Listings

    2. Selected works of Hector Ayala 45 pages $34.95-arr. by Rico Stover
    3. The titles are:
      1. El Regalon-Gato
      2. Cholita -For 2 Guitars
      3. Querencia-Milonga
      4. El Coyugo-Bailecito
      5. Cariñito-Mazurka
      6. Canturreando-Estilo
      7. Norteña
      8. Luna y Sol-Huella
      9. Aire de Vidala
      10. Romanza
      11. El Sureño-Malambo
      12. Madrigal
      13. Otoño
      14. Prelude No. 2
      15. Zamba Arco Iris
      16. Galopa No. 1
      17. Bailecito
      Serie Americana
      18. Preludio
      19. Choro
      20. Takirari
      21. Guarania
      22. Tonada
      23. Vals Peruano
      24. Gato y Malambo

      Song Numbers 18-24 (Serie Americana) are on the new David Russell CD "Sonidos Latinos". This CD is not available at FFSI, but the sheet music is! 7 16 10
    4. All underlined songs listed above are in the link below to be viewed, and undoubtedly to be enjoyed. 2 17 10

      Luigi Legnani: 36 Caprices Op. 20 (1790-1877)
      In all major & minor keys

      48 pages $23.95

      85 pages Standard Notation $29.95
      Pixinguinha "Music of The Brazilian Master" (Dyens)

      Fernando Sor: Method for Guitar

      Translated, Edited and with Commentary by
      Matanya Ophee.

      136  pp., $29.95

      Includes Sor's Improvements to the Guitar 3 page essay by my colleague Richard Bruné.

      Air for 4 Guitars or Guitar Ensemble Book Shingo Fujii

    7. Air (Study for Guitar Quartet) is a simple yet deceptively effective piece for four guitars. Perfect for a beginning-to-intermediate level group, the piece is a chorale-like setting of a sweet and lyrical tune, somewhat similar in tone to the American folk-tune Shenandoah. The parts are largely distributed hierarchically, which allows for players of different skill levels to participate. While it is carefully designed to be easy to play, with clear fingerings and articulation marks, it is not without its challenges for the ensemble. Issues of balance, synchronization and phrasing are raised in making a sensitive reading of this audience-friendly piece.

      16 pages $12.99

      Danse d'Azur - Music Two Guitars: Shingo Fujii

      Danse D’Azur for two guitars was written in 2002, and is a sonorous and successful work for guitar duet. It treats the two musicians as absolute equals, and while thoroughly idiomatic, puts considerable demands on both the individuals and the ensemble. Somewhat reminiscent of the music of Debussy, the piece starts with a Prologue (“Andante religioso”) that evokes temple bells, and then moves into an energetic gigue. Many interesting twists and turns are encountered along the way, including some surprising changes in texture and harmony, as well as subtle references to blues (hence the title). Recommended for intermediate to advanced players, and very suitable for the concert stage.

      44 pages $16.99

      Rhapsody Japan for Guitar Duo (Version 2) Shingo Fujii

      Rhapsody Japan (for Guitar Duo) was composed in 2008, expressly for a tour and recording Shingo and Bill Kanengiser did together in Japan. Essentially a medley of popular folk-songs of Japan, the piece features a variety of moods, keys and atmospheres, evoking an authentic representation of this evocative source material. Beginning with an introduction influenced by Leo Brouwer, it follows with settings of the famous "Sakura", the joyous "Hana", meditative "Touryanse-Kagome", virtuostic "Hamabe-no Uta", the jocular "Zui-Zui" in the style of a tango, and finishes with the touching "Furusato". As in Danse D'Azur, the parts are very democratic, and feature a variety of different effects, including harmonics, pizzicato and glissandos to add color and spark to these settings.

      40 pages $21.99

      Miguel Llobet: Catalan Folk Songs, Volume 1 $25.99

      72 pages
    8. New "Complete Edition" in 14 volumes edited from primary sources by Stefano Grondona. Miguel Llobet, was indisputably the greatest guitarist of the first half of the 20th century. Volume 1 contains the Catalan Folk songs magnificently harmonized by Miguel Llobet, and for which he is maybe best known. Ample biographical information with copious notes and much unpublished archive material complete this volume which is a milestone in guitar history and Catalonian cultural life.

      There are 40 pages on the life of Miguel Llobet- a lifeline year by year of his compositions, tours to the South America, USA, Europe and many photos as early as 1899 live on stage and concert programs, all taken from his personal archive-he kept a copy of every program of every concert in his long career.

    9. Jorge Morel: Solo Pieces For The Young Guitarist

      16 pgs. $14.99

      This book is intended to attract both, the student of classical guitar and those who are interested in a more popular approach of the instrument in terms of melody and rhythm. These solo pieces are for the young guitarist of today, with an emphasis on technique and the art of composing for the guitar. Music in standard notation. All tunes are included on the CD.

      J. K. Mertz: Divertissement Op. 32

      32 pages $19.95

      This is the first edition of virtuoso guitarist and composer J. K. Mertz’s Divertissement über Motive der Oper: Der Prophet (Meyerbeer), Op. 32 since its original publication in 1851. The work is a charming selection of themes from Giacomo Meyerbeer’s opera Le prophète expertly arranged for violin or flute, viola, and guitar. It is of moderate difficulty and represents Mertz’s only known extant work for this instrumentation. The present edition includes biographies of Mertz and Meyerbeer, suggestions concerning performance practice, and both a facsimile and an urtext edition of this long out-of-print chamber work.


      J.K. Mertz: Opern-Revue, OP. 8, Nos 1-8 Volume 1

      90 pages $19.95

      Edited by Brian Torosian

      J.K. Mertz: Opern-Revue, OP. 8, Nos 9-16 Volume II

      102 pages $19.95

      Edited by Brian Torosian

      This series presents for the first time the complete Opern-Revue, a collection of 38 fantasies for solo guitar that include some of the world's most beloved operatic themes. Expertly arranged by the virtuoso guitarist and composer J. K. Mertz, Opern-Revue represents one of the most expansive collections of its kind from the nineteenth century. The present edition provides facsimile reproductions of the original Haslinger first editions, allowing the guitarist direct access to the scores published in Mertz's time.

      J. N. de Bobrowicz: Selected Works, Volume 1

      96 pages $19.95
      Jan Nepomucen de Bobrowicz (1805-1881) was a student of Mauro Giuliani and a composer of much ingenuity. The 10 works presented in this volume represent all known variation works published between 1832 and 1837. Many of these compositions have not been published in modern times.

    10. J.N. de Bobrowicz: Selected Works, Volume 2

      124 pages $24.95

      Jan Nepomucen de Bobrowicz (1805-1881) was a student of Mauro Giuliani and a composer of much ingenuity. The 10 works presented in this volume represent the majority of the remaining known published works. His arrangements for voice and guitar are not included.

      Ivan Padovec: Premier Concertino

      52 pages $24.95

      This is the first edition of 19th century guitarist/composer Ivan Padovec’s Premier Concertino for terz guitar, 2 violins, viola and cello. The manuscripts were discovered in the collection of Karl Scheit, one of the most important guitar teachers and publishers in the latter half of the 20th century. The cover of the edition is a color reproduction of the original manuscript.

      Ivan Padovec: Second Concertino

      48 pages $24.95

      This is the first edition of 19th century guitarist/composer Ivan Padovec’s Second Concertino for terz guitar, 2 violins, viola and cello. The manuscripts were discovered in the collection of Karl Scheit, one of the most important guitar teachers and publishers in the latter half of the 20th century. The cover of the edition is a color reproduction of the original manuscript.

      William Foden - Grand Sonata

      30 pages $12.95

      William Foden is considered to have been America’s premiere native born classical guitarist during the 1890s and first decades of the twentieth century.The Grand Sonata in G by William Foden represents the most significant and ambitious piece written for solo guitar by an American composer prior to the latter part of the 20th.

      A. T. Huerta: Life and Works

      182 pages $29.95

      A. T. Huerta was active as a concert guitarist from the 1820's up to his death in 1874. He traveled widely and spent time in America, England, Spain and Continental Europe. He was highly regarded in his time as a performer, but has been remembered in modern times mainly through unusual anecdotes. This book presents a comprehensive overview of this fascinating guitarist's life. Half of the book is devoted to an in-depth chronology, full reference excerpts and all known portraits, with the other half comprising the music.

      The Art of Spanish Guitar Book and CD 144 pages $29.95

      Celino Romero’s The Art of Spanish Guitar embodies more than two hundred years of guitar playing experience accumulated by three generations of Romeros. Celino embraces the variety of styles and innovations that the Romeros have brought to this art form individually and through the many years of playing together.

      There is a companion DVD as well.

      The Art Of Spanish Guitar DVD $24.95

    11. 70 minutes

      Celino Romero's The Art Of Spanish Guitar embodies more than two hundred years of Guitar playing experience accumulated by three generations of Romeros.

      Doce Piezas para Guitarra
      (Twelve Pieces for Guitar)
      Agustin Barrios 
      Edited and arranged by César Amaro
      Solo Guitar


    12. Widely considered one of the greatest and most influential guitar composers of all time, Agustin Barrios (b. Paraguay, 1885–1944), composed his most significant works from 1913–1927, the period from which these 12 masterful pieces are drawn. Meticulously compiled and arranged by César Amaro, Doce Piezas para Guitarra includes the sentimental five-movement work “Leyenda Guarani,” the oft-performed, Romantic tremolo piece “Souvenir d’un Reve” (better known as “Un Sueno de la floresta”), the arpeggio etude “Las Abejas,” the devotional “La Catedral,” the folkloric “Vidalita con Variaciones,” among other brilliant works. Complete with insightful historical notes by Amaro.

      Latinitas for Solo Guitar by Alfonso Montes w/ CD $14.95.

      Some of the best known Latin American rhythms are included in this collection carefully graded from beginner to intermediate level. For this book Mel Bay asked an expert on Latin American music, world celebrated guitarist-composer Alfonso Montes, to put together all his expertise to come up with real Latin sounding pieces keeping the technical demands within reach of beginner and intermediate players. “Latinitas”, besides being full of beautiful melodies and captivating rhythms, should act as an introduction for guitarist of all ages to this fascinating music.

      Art of Tremolo by Ioannis Anastassakis $17.95

      Here’s yet another book that should be in every serious classical and flamenco guitarist’s library; this time, Ioannis Anastassakis (The Art of Rasguedo) eliminates the guesswork on how to practice and perform the tremolo technique. The book addresses over 70 different approaches and methods to practice the tremolo with unprecedented advice from some of the greatest classical and flamenco guitarists including: Andrés Segovia, John Williams, Sharon Isbin, Christopher Parkening, Pepe Romero, Scott Tennant, David Russell, Narciso Yepes, Stanley Yates, Stepan Rak, Juan Serrano, Manolo Sanlucar, Manolo Franco, José Antonio Rodriguez, Paco Serrano, and many more.

      The Magnificent Guitar of Jorge Morel

      A Life of Music

      238 pages $29.95

      This book is the story of love, life and loss told by the legendary Argentinean guitarists, Jorge Morel. This book traces his early years with his father in Buenos Aires, to the love of his life, his wife, Olga and of his life as one of the greats of the guitar. The Maestro also shares his thoughts on many subjects with blunt honesty not often expected or heard in these politically correct times.

      Through tragedy and loss, Jorge Morel continues to compose and perform to this day. His positive outlook on life and art and his authentic values are truly one of a kind. This book tells his story and contains 21 of Maestro Morel's great pieces and arrangements (9 new compositions presented here for the first time!). In the words of the Maestro, “This is the definitive work on my life and my music!”

    Sight Reading For The Classical Guitar
    by Robert Benedict (Royal Conservatory of Music, University of Toronto)

    Sight Reading For The Classical Guitar Level 1 to 3   43 pages $12.95

    Sight Reading For The Classical Guitar Level 4 to 5     60 pages $12.95

       Daily sight reading material with emphasis on interpretation, phrasing, form, etc.

       Endorsed by Liona Boyd, Eli Krassner, Dr. Ron Purcell, Dr. Peter Danner, Norbert Kraft and many others.

  1. Barrios: The Arrangements 52 pages 14 pieces $31.95
  2.   This volume brings together for the first time in one volume Chris Dumigan's transcriptions of all the currently existing recordings that Barrios made of other composer's works whether they were originally written for guitar or not. This currently consists of 14 different compositions, four recorded twice in widely differing versions, for which reason they are both included here. Composers represented include Tarrega, Sor, Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Freire, Tolsa, Yradier, Silva, Escalado, Dupuy and Lehar.

  3. The Complete Works of Barrios
    Edited by Rico Stover

    Volume 1 Standard Notation only
    Volume 2 Standard Notation only with CD

       Rico Stover has completed work on a new edition of the Complete Works of Agustín Barrios Mangoré published by Mel Bay Publications. Featuring 112 musical works by the Paraguayan master, the edition totals 528 pages and comes in two separate volumes. Volume 1 has 67 works and Volume 2 has 45 works plus 82 pages of Critical Notes and a CD of Barrios playing 21 original compositions taken from recordings he did in the 1920's in Argentina.

       Volume 1 (67 works)……………………………………..$39.95
       Volume 2 (45 Works + Critical Notes and CD)………...$49.95

       This new edition is far superior to anything previous and is available now.

       We're proud to announce the addition of the
    Querico Publications Catalog to the sheet music services of FFSI. Richard “Rico” Stover started this catalog over two decades ago, and it's repertoire continues to grow . Rico is a friend, colleague and teacher of mine, and I'm delighted to offer these Agustin Barrios, Pernambuco, Tarrega pieces & more.

    Beginning Barrios 14 pieces, 44 pages $20.00
    Hot off the Querico Publications Press 5-22-01 by Rico Stover
    Duets for the 1st year & intermediate student and teacher, as taught by Agustin Barrios in Central America during 1940-1944, w/ original works and studies arranged by Agustin Barrios of Sor, Aguado & Carulli.

    Rafael Olmedo Artiga (1837-1899) Music for Guitar
    edited by Rico Stover for his Querico Publications 

    Nine Pieces from 19th Century El Salvador    $19.95 

       This edition contains the original c. 1910 publication and the new engraved versions with fingering for easier reading .

       Rafael Olmedo was born on March 12, 1837. He was a musician of many talents playing violin and later guitar and became one of El Salvador's most important 19th century composers. At the age of ten his parents enrolled him in a private music school with Maestro Escolastico Andrino. By the time Agustin Barrios arrived in El Salvador in 1933, two that became his students were René and Cortés Andrino-the great grand children of Maestro Andrino.

    Coleccion de piezas para guitarra by Jose Ferrer (1835-1916)
    38 pieces 54 pages $79.95.

  4. This newest edition from La Guitarreria Fina (FFSI), is a manuscript written by Jose Ferrer Esteve, Pujadas y Villar in the 1860s or 1870's. It is the most extensive restoration undertaken by me to complete. This involved 140-150 hours of cleaning the 2nd page bleed onto the 1st page. (Guillermo Gomez Vol. 1 published in 1993, took 35 hours.) The photos in the page will show how much distraction had to be removed.
  5. Mario Rodriguez Arenas Vol. 3 of Los Maestros de Buenos Aires
    22 pieces 47 pgs $31.95 These pieces date from 1909-1925.

       In 1999 FFSI purchased the archives of Mario Rodriguez Arenas. This book, the 3rd volume in the “Los Maestros de Buenos Aires” series, is a result of that acquisition.


    Carlos Garcia Tolsa ( 1858-1905) Vol. 2 14 pieces 56 pages $31.95
       The 2nd in the series
    Los Maestros de Buenos Aires. Carlos Garcia Tolsa was one of the largest contibutors to the repertoire of Agustin Barrios Mangore ( recorded and live performance ). Included is a 2 page photo spread of the guitars of Carlos Garcia Tolsa ( from the Archive of Ricardo Muñoz, guitar historian - Collection FFSI ). The selections are listed below the cover photo, with designations of those from the decades of Barrios concerts.

    Juan Alais (1844-1914) Vol. 1 22 Argentine Folkloric & European Operatic pieces 50 pages $31.95 This is the fifth book from FFSI's “Ediciones La Guitarreria Fina”. This is a facsimile edition, painstakingly digitally cleansed for the highest in readability. The first in a series of publications titled Los Maestros de Buenos Aires. Agustin Barrios was playing pieces by Juan Alais 15 years before Agustin began making recordings. Juan Alais was the first composer of the Argentine guitar folkloric style, and teacher to Gustavo Sosa Escalada-Agustin Barrios's only teacher. These pieces in some cases are available for the first time in over a century. Abel Carlevaro & Julio Martinez Oyanguren have recorded pieces by Juan Alais. For cover photo and list of pieces click on the link.

    Guillermo Gomez “Antologia de musica de la guitarra por Guillermo Gomez” Published by FFSI's “Ediciones La Guitarreria Fina” between 1993-96. Now the CD that contains 10 pieces in the volumes listed below is available. The recordings were made in 1928 by Guillermo Gomez for Columbia Records.

    o Vol. I Flamenco c.1904. 16 songs in tab and standard notation. Handwritten manuscript. 54 pages. 2 hours of music at tempo $29.95

    o Vol. II Composiciones Origenales 19 songs in tab and standard notation $29.95
    Volume II contains a very popular song-
    Mimia-Plegaria-This a very well known piece, there are many versions on YouTube of this fine song.

    o Vol. III Arreglos de Autores Conocidos (Transcriptions) 19 songs by Albeniz, Tarrega, de Falla, Granados, etc. 44 pages tab & standard notation $29.95

    Collection of Classical Guitar Solos 1840-1895 This is the 4th book to be published by FFSI's “Ediciones La Guitarreria Fina” since 1993. It is a facsimile edition, in the manner of the previous 3 editions, though digitally edited for the utmost in readability. The artists presented here are Johann Kaspar Mertz (2 pieces), Luigi Legnani (1 piece),
    Luis T. Romero (3 pieces-2 solos & 1 duet), Miguel S. Arrevalo (2 pieces) & Guiseppe Costa (Jose Costa y Hugas) (2 pieces). 50 pages $29.95 For titles click on link:

  6. Sakura Theme and Variations (from the Japanese Folksong) $8.95
    arranged for solo guitar by Yuquijiro Yocoh
  7.   This version is the one used by John Williams on his Columbia recording “Music from England, Japan and Latin America”.
  8.     Sakura is the Japanese word for Cherry Blossom.
  9. Hispanic-American Guitar by Douglas Back w/ CD $19.95

       The guitar's entrance into American culture began in the early 1800s, introduced primarily by visiting and immigrant Spanish guitarists. Many of these newly arrived Spaniards exerted great influence on the guitar's development in 19th century America. The works in this book contain the compositions and arrangements of eight noted 19th century Hispanic American guitarist / composers with an emphasis on their works that reflect Latin themes or rhythms. The maestros are: Luis T. Romero, Miguel S. Arrevalo, José De Anguera, Charles de Janon, John B. Coupa, Antonio Lopez, José Sancho and Manuel Y. Ferrer.

    Mauro Giuliani The Complete Studies for guitar Edited by Brian Jeffery 173 pgs. $34.95, or in cloth $64.95.

    A new re-engraved edition by Brian Jeffery, directly from the original sources. With Giuliani's own fingering and no added fingering.

    J. S. Bach Cello Suites, Numbers 1 and 3 arranged by John Duarte and fingered by John Williams. $14.95 each

    Revised 1983 editions

       These are the editions I used when I studied with Byron Pang in the 1979-81 period of time. Rey de la Torre used these editions when he taught at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in the 1960's, where Byron Pang was a student for 4 years, before being selected to teach at the conservatory in 1970.

       My maestro, Byron Pang, told me to play the Allemande from the 3rd cello suite perfect would take 180 hours within a year and it could be accomplished. He was a very demanding maestro.

       Suite No. 1 for Violincello is in D major and consists of: Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Minuet I and II, Gigue.

       Suite No. 3 for Violincello is in A major and consists of:
    Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Bourée I and II, Gigue.

    J. S. Bach Goldberg Variations Transcribed by József Eötvös
    80 pages $24.99. CD $19.95 Book and CD $44.94

       Mel Bay Publications, Inc., and Chanterelle Verlag of Heidelburg proudly presents this landmark solo guitar transcription of the Bach Goldberg Variations BWV 988. Hailed by guitar savants as the guitar transcription of the century, these skillful, challenging settings of Bach's Aria and 30 variations are intended for advanced classic guitarist. This book is written in standard notation only with suggested ornaments and articulations.

    J. S. Bach: The Complete Lute Works by Josef Eotvos
    128 pages $22.95

       This edition contains J.S. Bach's lute works arranged for guitar. Most of these works were for the lute or the lute-harpsichord, a keyed instrument with gut strings that could imitate the lute with its colorful sounds.

    Aguado autographed Method “Escuela de Guitarra por D. Aguado” Segunda edicion, corregida y aumentada (2nd edition, corrected & augmented) printed in Paris by Massue -at Rue St. Honore No. 146. It says on the cover that it was available at the Muñoa guitar shop in Madrid. The word Muñoa is crossed out and above is written in pencil Gonzalez, who took over the Muñoa enterprise. These details are well explained in the newest edition of “ Antonio de Torres” by Jose Romanillos on page 53. There are 155 pages of music and the text is in Spanish and was printed c. 1825. $6,000. Sold

    Viva La Guitarra by Anthony Joaquin Arizaga 112 pages $21.95 w/ CD. Beginning Guitar Lessons / La Primeras Lecciones de Guitarra. In English and Spanish (en Español).

       Anthony has written a very good method in two languages, English and Spanish. I sold him the 1980 Manuel Reyes Flamenco guitar, used on the CD, here at FFSI in 1995. Anthony also asked for my help in proofreading the pages in Spanish of the method book.

       Anthony is a great player who studied with Pepe Romero over 20 years ago. He plays hotels in Southern California and teaches at the College of the Desert.


    Fernando Sor-The New Complete Works For Guitar Re-engraved in 11 volumes. Edited by Brian Jeffery. $31.95 each. Just released-February 2002.

       These easy to read scores have all the original fingerings and dynamics of the earliest published editions, meticulously re-engraved for faster sight reading.

    Fernando Sor The Complete Italian Arietts Volume 1,
    Three Italian Arietts, Sets 1 through 7.
    Facsimile edition
    137 pages, $34.95, or in cloth $59.95

       These were published in London between 1815 & 1823. They are written for piano & voice, but can be adapted easily for the guitar to accompany voice.

       Edited by Brian Jeffery, who has provided 35 pages of scholarly notes.

    Fernando Sor The Complete Italian Arietts Volume 2,
    Three Italian Arietts, Sets 8 through 10.
    Three Italian Duets Sets 1 & 2.
    Three Canons
    Facsimile edition
    142 pages, $34.95, or in cloth $59.95

       These were published in London between 1815 & 1823. They are written for piano & voice, but can be adapted easily for the guitar to accompany voice.

       Edited by Brian Jeffery, who has provided 23 pages of scholarly notes.

    Regino Sainz de la Maza-Music for Guitar, 11 pieces 56 pages $19.95

       Regino Sainz de la Maza was born in Burgos, Spain in 1896 and died in Madrid in 1981. He studied at the Conservatorio Nacional in Madrid & with many teachers including Daniel Fortea, a student of Francisco Tarrega. He toured South America for the first time in 1922. In 1940 he premiered the “Concierto de Aranjuez” which was dedicated to him by Joaquin Rodrigo. He acheived extraordinary success in Europe as well as the USA. These pieces were published individually and are presented here for the first time as an anthology of original works. Instock 5 / 16 / 05

    Eduardo Sainz de la Maza-Music for Guitar 11 pieces 70 pages $19.95

       Eduardo Sainz de la Maza was born in Burgos, Spain in 1903 & died in Barcelona in 1982. He is the younger brother of Regino Sainz de la Maza. They both studied with Daniel Fortea, a student of Francisco Tarrega, but it was Eduardo who studied with Miguel Llobet. Eduardo concertized until the end of the 1950's and thereafter dedicated himself to composition and teaching. These pieces published individually are presented here for the first time as an anthology of original works. Instock 5 / 16 / 05

    J.S. Bach: Six Unaccompanied Cello Suites Arranged for Guitar by Stanley Yates $39.95 191 pages, w/ CD

       Stanley Yates won the GFA competition a decade ago in 1990. He is a well respected scholar, as well as an award winning performer. He has also done investigations of Heitor Villa-Lobos and Ernest Shand-the 19th century English guitarist, who possessed Giulio Regondi's manuscripts.

    Scarlatti Sonatas Eliot Fisk Master Series Vols. 1-4 $16.95 each.

       Since 1992 the virtuoso Eliot Fisk has produced 4 volumes of the Baroque harpsichord sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti (1683-1757). These have been concert favorites for many decades, played and recorded by Andrés Segovia, Ida Presti & Alexandre Lagoya, as well as an innumerable amount of other guitar virtuosos.

    Eduardo Fernandez Technique. Mechanism. Learning
    80 pages, musical examples are in standard notation only.

       Here is a book for guitar students who wish to develop their instrumental capabilities to the point of mastery. This book, while not a method, is an attempt to help students internalize the most important aspects of practicing and performing music.

    Ernest Shand: 23 Guitar Solos from Victorian England 79 pages $14.95 by 
    Stanley Yates.
       Ernest Shand (1868-1924) was a self taught guitarist whose compositions impressed Madame Sidney Pratten in 1888. She said she had nothing to teach him, and that his pieces were superior to hers.

    Julian Arcas Complete Works for Guitar (Obras Completas para Guitarra) 52 pieces for guitar (1 unpublished) in original 19th century facsimile edition. Edited by Melchor Rodriguez

      271 pages $93.00. Oversize edition. The extensive historical notes are in English and Spanish. The biography is written by my friend and colleague, Francisco Herrera. The book is dedicated to José Romanillos. Temporarily out of stock 3/23/04

       The complete works of the concert guitarist who introduced Francisco Tarrega to the immortal luthier Antonio de Torres.

    FRANCISCO TARREGA Selección de Obras (Selection of Works) with a CD
    by Adrián Rius Espinós 29 pieces 101 pages $44.95 with a CD of the maestro's student, Josefina Robledo, playing five pieces and talking for over 20 minutes about her experiences with the father of modern classical guitar, Francisco Tarrega. This is an incredible opportunity

       This edition is based on his original manuscripts and first editions deposited in the Tarrega Museum of Vila-Real.

    FRANCISCO TARREGA Selección de Obras con un CD
    por Adrián Rius Espinós 29 piezas 101 paginas $44.95 con un CD de la estudiante del maestro, Josefina Robledo, tocando cinco piezas y hablando mas de 20 minutos sobre sus experiencias con el padre de la guitarra clasica moderna, Francisco Tarrega.  Este es un oportunidad increible.

       Excelente edicion basada en sus manuscritos originales y primeras ediciones depositadas en el Museo Tárrega de Vila-Real.
       The companion biography by the same author is:
    Francisco Tarrega 1852-2002 Biografia Oficial (Official Biography)
    by Adrian Rius
    261 pages stiff cover softbound $84.95 with 150 photos and illustrations. This book had more than 10 years of preparation.
    Spanish Language edition, not available in English. Weight: 2.25 lbs. Out of stock

    Tarrega Complete Technical Studies by Karl Scheit $25.95

    56 pages, w/ the Preface in English, German, French and Italian.

       This edition also has two large photos of Francisco Tarrega, one playing his 1897 Enrique Garcia guitar, and another playing for several admirers.

       This book of technical studies has everything. I initially used it in the early 1980's. It has scales, interval studies, legatos, mordent and trill studies and a variety of arpeggios and tremolo studies you will decide early on to memorize and practice daily.

    Tarrega In Tablature by Ben Bolt $22.95 125 pages, w/ CD
    The text is in English, Spanish, French & Japanese.
    Francisco Tarrega-the father of modern classical guitar's works in Tablature and Standard Notation.
    Ben Bolt has studied extensively with Andres Segovia & Abel Carlevaro.

    Francisco Tarrega Collected Guitar Works Volumes 1 & 2.
    Francisco Tarrega - The Complete Early Spanish Editions-this is the repackaged Volumes 1 & 2 together. 352 pages $64.99
    This new collected edition contains all Tárrega's compositions which were published in early Spanish editions. They are presented as unaltered Reprints dating from 1902-1920.

     This volume of original facsimile editions are broken down into different periods of time and publishers. The original editions show Tarrega's fingerings and dynamics, or his overall intent.

    10 Catalan Folksongs by Miguel Llobet $17.95 I studied these pieces over 20 years ago with my maestro, Byron Pang. One of the unknown aspects is that, not all these pieces were published by the time Miguel Llobet passed away in 1938, a majority of these remained in manuscript form. I have a manuscript of Canco del Lladre written by Maria Luisa Anido in 1938 and dedicated to guitar historian, Ricardo Muñoz. These are among the building blocks of technical development of the budding classical guitarist. Temporarily out of stock 2/13/04

    Miguel Llobet The Guitar Works of Miguel Llobet (Ron Purcell) Tarrega's
    most celebrated student, who was Maestro to Rey De La Torre & Maria Luisa Anido is presented here in these Chanterelle editions. All titles are in listed in link page.

    Vol. 1 11 Original Compositions (permanently out of print as of September, 2002)

    Vol. 2 16 Folksong Settings (permanently out of print)-for a replacement see this link: 10 Catalan Folksongs

    Vol. 3 10 Famous Transcriptions $24.95

    Vol. 4 12 Famous Guitar Duos $31.95

    Vol. 5 Homenaje by de Falla $8.95

    Preludio & Estilo $6.95

    Giulio Regondi Concert Works for Guitar 48 pages
    5 pieces in facsimile edition $29.95

       I first played these pieces in 1980, if there is a set of efervescent 19th century works it these 5 pieces. Very modern in sound, yet in form, as one expects. The bass line of the tremolo in the Reverie Op. 19 rivals, the best of Agustin Barrios' pieces two generations later. Giulio Regondi was a child prodigy in Europe in 1830 when all royalty of whatever nation-state knew who he was at the age of nine. In 1831 Fernando Sor dedicated his Op. 46 “Souvenir d'Amitié Fantasia” to Giulio Regondi. David Russell has recorded some of these, and David Starobin as well. It was the late virtuoso Leif Christensen who introduced my ears to the wonderous sounds, as he played a Lacote and a Panormo on the LP that was released c. 1980.

    Napoleon Coste: Collected Guitar Works by The great French Guitarist, who was a student of Fernando Sor, and friend of Carruli, Carcassi & Aguado. These are published by Chanterelle editions. All titles are listed in the link page.

    Vol. 1 25 Etudes Op. 38 $16.95 Out of stock.

    Vol. 2 Solos: Opp. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 9 out of print

    Vol. 3 Solos: Out of Print

    Vol. 4 Solos: Opp. 27, 28a, 29,30, 31, 33a, 39, 40, 41 out of print

    Vol. 5 Solos: Opp. 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49 $29.95

    Vol. 6 Solos: Opp. 50, 51, 52, 53 out of print

    Vol. 7 Music for 2 Guitars: Opp. 10, 12, 27, 47 $24.95

    Vol. 8 Music for Oboe (Flute or Violin) & Guitar Opp.25, 33b, 34a, 36, $20.95

    Vol. 9 Solos: Opp. 11, 14, 24, 28b, 28c out of print

    Zani De Ferranti Guitar Works (Wynberg) Some of the best 19th Century works written for guitar. Marco was the Court Guitarist to the King of Belgium in 1834. He toured all of Europe and spoke 4 languages.

    Vol. 1 44 Exercises Op. 50 $24.95

    Vol. 2 8 Caprices Op. 11 $9.95

    Vol. 3 Fantasie Variee Op. 1 $9.95

    Vol. 4 La Ronde des Fees Op. 2 out of print

    Vol. 5 6 Nocturnes Bibliques Op. 3 $11.95

    Vol. 6 6 Melodies Nocturnes Bibliques Op. 4a $9.95

    Vol. 7 Fantasie Variee...d'Otello Op. 7 $9.95

    Vol. 8 Divertissement Op. 8 $9.95

    Vol. 9 Nocturne de Weber Op.9 $9.95

    Vol.10 8 Pieces faciles $9.95

    Vol.11 Nuit de Walpurgis $9.95

    Vol.12 Concertante Op. 22 for 2 guitars $18.95

    Vol.13 Polonaise Concertante for 3 guitars $22.95

    Vol.14 Biography by Simon Wynberg 94 pages $29.95

    J.K. Mertz The guitar virtuoso from the 19th century who was the Court Guitarist to Empress Carolina Augusta in 1841. Johann won the 1856 Brussels composition contest, with Napoleon Coste taking 2nd prize.
    Johann Mertz died while his contest entry was enroute by mail. All titles are listed in the link page.

    Vol. 1 Unpublished Works-Concertino, Fantasy on Weber's Last Thoughts & Fantasie Original, Caprice Op. 50 $16.95

    Vol. 2 Harmonie du Soir, La Rimembranza & Pensee Fugitive $16.95

    Vol. 3 Bardenklange Books 1-7 facsimile edition $24.95

    Vol. 4 Bardenklange Books 8-15 facsimile edition $22.95

    Vol. 5 Didactic & Easy Pieces $16.95

    Vol. 6 Concert Works $21.95

    Vol. 7 6 Schubert Songs (Arr. for guitar by Mertz) $10.95

    Vol. 8 Guitar Duos $31.95

    Vol. 9 3 Morceaux $12.95

    Vol. 10 Selected Works from Opern Revue, Op. 8 $23.95

    The two Johann Kaspar Mertz pieces Op. 29 & Op.100 in my new book
    Collection of Classical Guitar Solos 1840-1895 are not included in the above Chanterelle editions.

    Antonio J. Manjon Works for Guitar (1866-1919) with a preface by Brian Jeffery

    Tecla edition $34.95.
    132 pages.

    A book containing 21 pieces by Antonio Jimenez Manjón (1866-1919), in reprints of their original editions (facsimile edition).

    Manjón's Works for Guitar is an exciting collection filling a large gap in the history of the classical guitar. Nearly all these 21 pieces are here published for the first time since their own day (around 1910). They include dances, arrangements, and extended pieces which will add considerably to the guitar's repertory.

    Tangos, Milongas, Habaneras for Guitar   Compiled by Matanya Ophee and Melanie Plesch 38 pieces $24.95

    (From the liner notes of the back outside cover)

       “The Tangos for the most part included here are from the Guarda Vieja era (Old Guard era) or are styled after them, as in the original tangos by Julio S. Sagreras and Justo T. Morales.”

    Pernambuco -Joao Texeira Guimaraes Famous Choros Volume 1, 12 pieces Out of print 11 22 10
    From the series: Classics of the Brazilian Guitar
    Domingo Prat says in his
    Diccionario de Guitaristas Joao was doing recordings and radio performances in Brazil by the late 1920's.

    Pixinguinha (Alfredo Vianna) 8 Solo pieces arranged by Carlos Barbosa Lima 34 pages $16.95
       Pixinguinha was admired and hailed by great Brazilian musicians such as Villa-Lobos, Nazareth, Mignone, Gnattali, and Carvalho. He collaborated with guitarists such as Joao Pernambuco and Laurindo Almeida. The guitarist and composer Baden Powell was his protege.


    The Guitar Works of Garoto Volumes 1 & 2 Transcribed from recordings and manuscripts by Paulo Bellinati $22.95 each.

       Annibal Augusto Sardinha known as Garoto was born on June 28, 1915 in Sao Paolo and died in Rio de Janeiro on May 3, 1955. Garoto began to study with maestro Attilio Bernardini in 1933. This teacher in 1950 was involved in the publishing of the first anthology of the music of Agustin Barrios by Romeo Di Giorgio. This detail is not a part of the liner notes of this edition, but from my research in the preparation of the work in progress “Annotations for the History of the Classical Guitar in Argentina 1822-2000” by Hector Garcia Martinez and Randy Osborne.

    Garoto - 3 Choros Triste No. 1, Gracioso, Nosso Choro (Almeida) $9.95

    Here is a new revised edition of "Garoto's" three most famous choros. This edition is based on a specific version of these works which the composer wished to have published. He entrusted the works to Laurindo Almeida, the distinguished Brazilian guitarist, his friend and long time collaborator

    Dilermando Reis Volumes 1 and 2 Transcribed from the recordings by Ivan Paschoito $17.95 each.

       Dilermando Reis, probably the most famous Brazilian guitarist, was born in Sao Paulo State but lived most of his life in Rio de Janiero, where he worked actively in radio and recordings. From 1941 to 1975 he recorded about 20-78 RPM  discs and 23 -LPs.

    Paulinho Nogueira Volume 1, 9 pieces $17.95 Transcribed from recordings and manuscripts by Ivan Paschoito & Luis Carlos Santos

       Paulinho Nogueira was born in near Sao Paulo on October 8, 1929 and began to play guitar in 1940. He made his 1st LP of 25 in 1958. These pieces are from that legacy.

    Brazilian Tangos
    by Ernesto Nazareth; arranged for guitar by Paul Jared Newman, 24 pages. $7.95
    Three pieces for classic guitar in notation and tablature: Brejeiro, Odeon, and Remando. 24 pages.

    PJN Guitar Publications Catalogue

       Here at FFSI we're proud to add the PJN Guitar Publications Catalogue to our inventory. Paul Jared Newman was the gentleman who initially published the “Keys of Flamenco” series by Dennis Koster. That is quite a feat in itself. Some of the arrangers / authors are Jerry Willard, J. S. Bach, Frederic Chopin, Johannes Brahms, Pedro Cortes (Flamenco), Sabicas, Frederic Hand, Joel Perry and John Feeley.

    Kitharologus The Path to Virtuosity-a technical workout manual for all guitarists by Ricardo Iznaola $19.95 Ricardo, who was a student of Regino Sainz de la Maza, holds a well deserved teaching position at the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music. This book is a fantastic calistenic warm-up consisting of the practice of arpeggios, tremelos, rasgueados, scales, slurs, shifts & harmonics. This will aid in smoothing out any problem in any piece one plays.

    The Art of Classical Guitar Playing by Charles Duncan 132 pages $21.95

       Published almost 25 years ago, I bought this when I first got interested in Classical Guitar, it covers the subject of playing well completely and is therefore still in print.

    Classical Guitar 2000 by Charles Duncan 91 pages $18.95

       This is a companion volume to “The Art of Classical Guitar Playing”

       This has quite a bit more musical examples than the book's predecessor due to the subjects that it covers .

    Latin American Guitar Guide by Rico Stover w/ CD $19.95

    Barrios in Tablature 15 transcriptions w/ standard notation w/ CD $17.95 by Richard Stover

    Barrios in Tablature 2 nd Volume 15 transcriptions with standard notation $15.95 by Richard Stover Out of print

    The Guitar Works of Agustin Barrios Mangoré Volumes 1-4 $19.95 each

    Edited by Richard “Rico” D. Stover

    The four volumes of the guitar works of Agustin Barrios contain:
    1) original works
    2) songs based on folkloric dance rhythms
    3) transcriptions of European authors
    a total of 81 pieces, all in standard notation / no tab. in these editions.

       These pieces are taken from the manuscripts of students, friends and aficionados of Agustin Barrios. Many of these pieces comprise the programs in concert halls around the world, by the virtuosos of today. Many of the pieces are on the Agustin Barrios CDs carried by FFSI.

    Agustin Barrios pieces These are Rico Stover transcriptions of very beautiful pieces. They have all been recorded by John Williams, as well as by many other fine virtuosos.

    La Catedral $9.95 This piece has the reflective mood of the peace of the chapel and the roar of the life in the street.

    Three Paraguayan Pieces $9.95-Danza Paraguaya, Jha Che Valle and London Carapé-there are extensive notes to the many manuscripts that these a drawn from.

    Danza Paraguaya for Two Guitars $9.95 This is the same piece listed for Solo Guitar above.

    Vals Op. 8, No. 3 $9.95 This let's the guitar bring all the somberness it's known for, to the forefront. The 6th string is in D for this piece.

    Contemplacion Beautiful tremolo piece in standard tuning (A Major). I've played this memorized many times since 1980. Permanently out of print.

    Un Sueño en la Floresta $9.95 Very moody tremolo piece done with a G & D bass.

    The Barrios Anniversary Edition. 7 volumes of note for note transcriptions from the original recordings of Agustin Barrios 1914-1943 on the 3 CD set by Chanterelle.

       These great editions are transcribed by Chris Dumigan and edited by Paul Fowles. Each piece has a historical note and metronome marking. No longer stocked 6 /11 / 04.

    The Collected Works of Villa-Lobos $39.95 Now back in print, with forward by Frederick Noad. Contains Choros #1, Suite Populaire Bresilienne, 12 Etudes & the 5 Preludes. See interview with Villa-Lobos

    The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method 1. Landmark work for beginners used by colleges & universities fordecades. $19.95

    The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method 2. NEW This long awaited additional book explores the upper positions of the fingerboard. $ 14.95

    Joaquin Rodrigo Album Centenario guitarra. Nine pieces selected and with commentary by Pepe Romero. This is now out of print.

    Joaquin Rodrigo's “El Album de Cecilia” (1948) six easy pieces adapted for the guitar by Pepe Romero and dedicated to the memory of Celedonio Romero.
    11 pages $14.95

    Joaquin Rodrigo Music for Guitar   19 pieces for Guitar Solo

    94 pages $29.95 with an introduction by Christopher Parkening. This edition is in Standard Notation.

    Pumping Nylon by Scott Tennant
    The Classical Guitarist's Technique Handbook 95 pgs. $11.95.

    Other titles shown in the link:
    (Easy to Intermediate repertoire 63 pgs. w / CD $18.50)
    (Intermediate to Advanced repertoire 63 pgs. w / CD $18.50)

    25 Etudes Equisses for Guitar by Gerald Garcia $10.95

       John Williams says: “These studies are what all students should be but usually are not; they use and develop specific areas of technique in a most musically imaginative and pleasureable way. The more traditional study collections usually take a single technical pattern for each study which then become like extended exercises. Garcia's studies give the same benefit and also give you pieces of music.”
    July, 1992.

    The Classic Arpeggio Book for Guitar by Richard Stover $15.95

       There are 50 studies chosen by “Rico” Stover by Carulli, Sor, Aguado, Mertz, Coste, Horetzky, Giuliani, Carcassi, C. J. Dorn, Diabelli, Tarrega, M. A. Zani de Ferranti, Stover. Also included are the 120 Right Hand Studies by Mauro Giuliani.

    Chopin for Acoustic Guitar by Richard Yates w/ CD $22.95

    10 pieces, 88 pages in Standard Notation and Tablature.

       Frederic Chopin was one of the most original and influential composers in history. Although he only lived 39 years, he wrote music that has thoroughly embedded itself in our culture. His melodies are often instantly familiar to us and show a profound lyric sense. Many qualities of Chopin's music are ideal for guitar transcription.

    Matteo Carcassi Op. 60 25 Melodic and Progressive studies.

    $20.99. I used these back in 1979-80 when I studied with Byron Pang. All colleges and universities use these as building blocks for creating technique in the first year.  I still use these with all my classical students, why not, Miguel Llobet taught them to José Rey de la Torre in 1932, who taught them to Byron Pang in 1966.

    This current edition has Miguel Llobet's fingering and 1914 J. Rowies Paris Edition cover inside. This edition was released in 2008.

       A popular CD, by a brilliant maestro, that contains these works and more is:
    David Tanenbaum's Estudios CD.

    Carcassi Op. 60 25 Melodius Studies edited by Rey de la Torre with a half page or longer comment on each piece by the Maestro.
    Out of Print 9 15 09 I have four copies of this available @ $26.95 2 27 11

    Carcassi Op. 60 25 Estudios Study Guide by David Tanenbaum 49 pages $16.95 Published in 1992 by the eminent recording artist & professor of guitar at the Conservatory of Music in San Francisco. This book will will help one solve problems of fluency with these college / university entry level pieces (Essential Studies) with David's wisdom of years of experience. The CD that contains these works is available: see
    David Tanenbaum Estudios

    Andres Segovia Diatonic Major and Minor Scales $9.95 Segovia started practicing these about 1917 and published them in the early 50's. I've played these for 20 years myself, they create a good hand position.

    Slur Exercises & Chromatic Octaves by Andrés Segovia $9.95

       The maestro, Andrés Segovia, published these in 1970, and I studied these along with the Segovia Scales, Carcassi, Sor, Tarrega studies in 1979. The agility derived from these Slur Studies and the independence of the fingers gotten from the practice of the Chromatic Octaves is invaluable.

    Andres Segovia Twenty Studies by Fernando Sor $11.95 These work so well because they train the player with all the different rhythmic timings and dynamics of melody and itís accompaniment.

    Foundation Studies in Classic Guitar Technique by John Duarte With a preface by Andrés Segovia. 70 pages $21.95.

       Andrés suggested that John Duarte write this book. When he was finished writing it Andrés said in the preface: “I am pleased to affirm that the exercises themselves are the most effective in improving the technique of the assiduous student.”

    The Andres Segovia Archive by Angel Gilardino

       This is a marvelous series of maunscripts put into standard notation by maestro Angel Gilardino. In the 1920's, as Andrés Segovia was becoming a world renowned guitarist, there were composers in Europe and elsewhere that were writing for the maestro. This series brings today's guitar players the opportunity to play pieces that Andrés had in some cases only been played in Segovia's hotel room. Each piece has the original manuscript and the standard notation and biographical pages and one or more photos of the composer.

    New pieces added 10 / 4 / 03 by Juame Pahissa, Alexandre Tansman, Pedro Sanjuan and Federico Moreno-Torroba.

    There is a new listing with many added authors (11 new editions), . 5/24/04

    Those authors are:

    Vicente Arregui (1871-1925), Lennox Berkley (1903-1989)
    Gaspar Cassado (1897-1966), Henri Collet (1885-1951)
    Pierre-Octave Ferroud (1900-1936), Hans Haug (1900-1967)
    Raoul Laparra (1876-1943), Federico Mompou (1893-1987)
    Jaume Pahissa (1880-1969), Ida Presti (1924-1967)
    and Guillermo Uribe Holquin (1880-1971)

    Fernando Sor 20 Estudios Study Guide by David Tanenbaum 65 pages $19.95 Published in 1991 by world renowned recording artist and professor of guitar at the Conservatory of San Francisco. It appeared to me only a few years ago as to the value of the Sor Studies (I've played these for 20 years) and why they work. Unlike any other grouping of formative pieces here is the crux of value. It simply is that within this text of works one learns how to deal with every rhythmic variation of melody and accompaniment (1/4 notes mel. w/ 1/16 notes acc., 1/2 notes mel. w/ 1/8 notes acc.,etc.). David's expertise is much more astute than mine, at the price of a single guitar lesson. The CD that contains these works is available, see the page at:
    David Tanenbaum Estudios

    Leo Brouwer 20 Estudios Sencillos Vol. 1 Estudios I-V $18.25

    Leo Brouwer 20 Estudios SencillosVol. 2 Estudios VI-X $21.25

    Leo Brouwer 20 Estudios Sencillos Vol. 3 Estudios XI-XV $29.00

    Leo Brouwer 20 Estudios Sencillos Vol. 4 Estudios XVI-XX $29.00

    Leo Brouwer Study Guide “Estudio Sencillos” by David Tanenbaum $14.95 This guide to the colorful Leo Brouwer pieces enables one to attain the the composer's intentions, written by the guitar genius David Tanenbaum who teaches at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. The CD that contains these works is available, see the page at:
    David Tanenbaum Estudios

    New Leo Brouwer Pieces

     Here are some new very exciting pieces by one of the most important composers and maestros of our generation.

    An Idea for guitar$7.95

    Un Dia de Noviembre $7.95

    Viaje a la Semilla $9.50

    Nuevos Estudios Sencillos $14.95--These are 10 homages to
    Debussy, Mangore (Agustin Barrios), Tarrega, Sor, Paizzolla, etc.

    Manuel Ponce 24 Preludes edited by Miguel Alcazar $34.95

       The musical magic of Manuel Ponce comes alive in these preludes. Decades ago there were only a dozen available, now we can enjoy more great pieces.

    Andres Segovia 23 canciones de distintas paises (23 songs of different countries) $55.00 NEW Original compositions by the Maestro.

    Andres Segovia Preludios & Estudios Original works by the Maestro. $55.00 NEW

    Juan Parga Concert Works (facsimile edition by Chanterelle) Originally published just over 100 years ago while Juan was teaching at the Conservatory of Malaga. His falsetas show up in the works of Guillermo Gomez (c.1904) and in the method book by Raphael Morales (c.1954) I have played the zapateado from his solea since 1987 - having learned it from Guillermo Gomez. Also contains the Rhapsodie Concierto performed by Agustin Barrios for decades. $28.95

    Isaac Albeniz: 26 Pieces Arranged for Guitar 192 pages $26.95

       This comprehensive edition brings together all of the standard pieces in the adopted Albeniz "guitar repertoire" along with additional pieces that complete many of the suites and other groupings as published during the composer's lifetime. These solo arrangements were made while consulting the earliest editions of the piano originals, and are faithful to Albeniz tempo indications, dynamics, phrasing slurs, and other expression markings.

    Albeniz for Acoustic Guitar 80 pages $14.95

    Text is in English and Spanish.

     The international acclaim of audiences and critics alike established Laurindo Almeida as one of the world's truly great concert guitarists. With these transcriptions of Isaac Albeniz' unique piano compositions, he takes the guitar to new heights. These pieces illustrate Almeida's skill as a transcriber and arranger for the guitar. Each work is presented first in standard notation followed by a tablature version. Technical notes addressing specific problem areas accompany each piece.

    Dionisio Aguado The Complete Guitar Works
    (Facsimile Editions by Chanterelle)
    All titles are listed in the link page.

    o Vol. 1 Early Methods: Coleccion de Estudios, Nuevo Methodo de Guitarra,-Op.6, Biography & Bibliography $28.25

    o Vol. 2 Nuevo Metodo de Guitarra (1843) $30.50

    o Vol. 3 Works with Opus# & Op.1-5 & 7-16 $32.50

    o Vol. 4 Works w/o Op.# $32.50

    o Selected Concert Works Op.2,12, 15,16 etc. $29.95

    Chopin 21 pieces by Richard Yates $24.95
    in Standard Notation & tablature. 165 pages.

    This scholarly work offers many pieces of the beautiful music of Frederic Chopin.

    Frederic Chopin 8 pieces arranged for solo guitar by Jean-Félix Lalanne w/ CD $43.95.

       Jean-Félix Lalanne has played the guitar and the music of Frederic Chopin since the 1970's, and this recording and set of transcriptions show the result of that long envolvement.

    Classic Koshkin A Collection of Guitar Solos by Nikita Koshkin

    Written by Nikita Koshkin; performance notes by Frank Koonce 80 pages $14.95

    The Student Repertoire #1 by Larry Ferrara $19.95 w/ CD A carefully guided course by a great teacher and player with 29 years tenure at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

    The Student Repertoire #2 by Larry Ferrara $22.95 w/ CD A great follow up book for the intermediate student with high goals. The guitar used on the CD is by Greg Smallman-John Williams's luthier for well over a decade.

    The Complete Works of Frantz Casséus edited by Mark Ribot

    Volume 1: Music for Solo Guitar 47 pages $24.95

       Frantz Casséus is best known for having played guitar for the pop singer Harry Belafonte, although Frantz played classical guitar as a soloist in the Town Hall in New York City at the same period of time. The biographical details with photos are a treasure trove.

    Danzas of Puerto Rico for Two Guitars
    arranged by  Elias Barreiro 84 pages $14.95 w/ CD

       A collection of danzas by five of the most important nineteenth and twentieth century Puerto Rican composers:
    Juan Morel Campos
    Luis R. Miranda
    Angel Mislan
    Manuel G. Tavarez
    and Braulio Dueno Colon.

       All songs are beautifully arranged by Elias Barreiro, with score and first and second guitar pull-out parts; all in standard notation. A companion CD recording of all nine songs is also included. 

    South American Guitar Solos by Vincent Michael Book & CD Out of Print 8 6 11
    Through the centuries, South American music has developed from a combination of influences of many different cultures. Much of the traditional music has developed outside the cities, being passed from generation to generation by ear, and rarely found in written form. This collection of intermediate to advanced fingerstyle guitar interpretations reflect the author's adaptations of this traditional music from Argentina, Ecuador, and Paraguay.

    Trio Los Panchos   12 Boleros by the world renowned Mexican trio.

    Doce Boleros por El Famoso Trio Mexicano

    72 pages $19.95.

       This is written for piano, vocal and guitar. There are Guitar chord symbols above the staff, but in the treble clef of the piano (right hand) are all the requinto motifs (lead guitar) from the recordings. This is an extarordinary complilation and the only one of its kind.

       There is a biography of the trio in English and Spanish.

    Mariachi Favorites for Solo Guitar arranged by Laura Sobrino and adapted for Classical Guitar by Steve Eckels. 10 pieces 56 pages. $8.95

    Music of Mexico # 1 for Guitar by Ruben Delgado #1 & 2 $19.95 w/ CD #3 $17.95 w/CD These volumes contain beautiful standards of the Romantic music of Mexico. A complete list of titles & covers is within the page.
    Volumes 2 & 3 now out of print.

    Wedding Favorites for Classical Guitar by Giovanni (John) de Chiaro w/ CD $19.95.
    110 pages.

       This collection provides fresh repertoire for wedding ceremonies offering a wonderful alternative to the church organ. Selections include Canon in D (Pachelbel); Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach); Wedding March (Mendelssohn); and other popular and enjoyable pieces suitable for the occasion. Written in standard notation only with suggested fingerings.

    Cenas Brasileiras by Isaias Savio 10 pieces $13.95 Transcribed by Ivan Paschoito, with biographical notes by Carlos Barbosa-Lima. Carlos  began to study with Isaias in the 1950's.

       Isaias Savio was born in Uruguay in 1900 and moved to Brazil in 1931 and remained there until he died in 1977.

       These were originally published between 1952 and 1971.

    Guitar Technique and Velocity Exercises by Isaias Savio 107 pages $22.95

       These are the maestro Isaias Savio's technical treasure chest of guitar studies, published in a facsimile edition. They were initially published between 1973 and 1985.

    The Guitar Works of Baden Powell Vol. 1 Transcribed by Edmar Fenicio    9 pieces, 49 pages and 2 pages of manuscripts in photo reproduction $17.95 This is in Standard Notation.

       Baden Powell was born in Varre-e-Sai, Brazil on August 6, 1937. He began to play guitar at the age of 8 years old. By the time he was 15 years old he was performing on the Radio Nacional. He became one of the best known guitarists in Brazil and acheived international fame. He passed away in 2002.

  10. Antonio Carlos Jobim $24.95
  11. 9 Pieces [standard notation & Tab] (Transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima)
  12. 79 pages
  13. Amparo
    Caminho de Pedra
    Canta Mais
    Estrada Branca
    Quebra Pedra
    Samba de Uma Nota So
  14. (arranged and recorded by Carlos Barbosa-Lima)

  15. Luis Bonfa Four Pieces
    24 pages $16.95 transcribed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima

       Luis Bonfa says in the liner notes, that he met Carlos Barbosa-Lima when Carlos was nine. He gave him some advice about the length of his nails. 28 years later he acknowledges Carlos' world class virtuosity.

       Luis Bonfa has written many beautiful pieces in his long career, here are just four of them.

    Ernesto Lecuona for Solo Guitar arranged by Manuel Barrueco

    3 pieces 16 pages $12.95 This edition is in Standard Notation and Tablature..

       The three pieces contained with this album are:

       1. La Comparsa (This is performed by Carlos Barbosa Lima on DVD,)
       2. Danza Lucumi
       3. A la Antigua

    Astor Piazzolla-Verano Porteño & 3 pieces. $14.95 Edited by Baltazar Benitez

    The great Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla has written some of the most beautiful music for guitar. Along with Verano Porteño included are: Milonga del Angel, La Muerte del Angel & Primavera Porteña.

    Antonio Lauro Alirio Diaz Editions $22.00 each

    These Deluxe Editions by Alirio Diaz of the great Venezuelan composer Antonio Lauro are a welcome sight once again. Since the late 1990's the “4 Venezuelan Waltzes” (Vol. 1) had been out of print, and I having a music shop was asked monthly if I had copies. These had been widely recorded in the past 5 decades. I studied these pieces in 1980 with Byron Pang who taught at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in the late 1960's-early 1970's, after he graduated, having studied with Rey de la Torre.
    See link for 10 editions currently available:

    Vicente Emilio Sojo 1887-1974 $22.00 each, transcribed by Alirio Diaz

       Vicente was born in Guatire, State of Miranda, Venezuela in 1887. He began his musical studies with maestro Regulo Rico. By the age of 19 Vicente was living in Caracas, and a student of harmony at the Academia de Bellas Artes with Andrés Delgado Pardo.
    In 1921 Vicente he was named professor of music theory & solfegio in the Escuela Superior de Musica, he was named Director there in 1936-a position he held until he died, on August 11, 1974.
    I first heard Vicente Sojo's works in 1980 on an LP by Diego Blanco . His works have also been recorded by Eduardo Falu.

    Alfonso Montes Works for Guitar Vol. 1
    28 pages $22.00
    In stock 5 / 16 / 05

       Months ago Rico Stover (Author the the Agustin Barrios biography---Six Silver Moonbeams) raved about this guitarist's compositions and ability, having met him in Venezuela in 2002.

    Gentil Montana Works for Guitar Vol. 1
    36 pages $22.00

    Suite Colombiana No.1-4 pieces

    Gentil Montana Works for Guitar Vol. 2
    36 pages $22.00

       Rico Stover describes this guitarist as the Dean of today's Columbian guitarists. His compositions reflect Rico's appraisal.

    Gentil Montana Works for Guitar, Vol. 3

    38 pages $22.00

    Suite Colombiana No. 3
    -4 pieces

    Ignacio "Indio" Figueredo Works for Guitar Vol. 1 arranged by Alirio Diaz
    32 pages $22.00
    In stock 5 / 16 / 05

       These are beautiful works for the Venezuelan Harp arranged for Guitar by the maestro Alirio Diaz.

    Rodrigo Riera Album para Guitarra $18.95   8 pieces Venezuelan guitarist and composer Rodrigo Riera initially published these pieces almost 40 years ago. They are still as fresh as when they were published. His Preludio Criollo is a standard with advanced students of the guitar and concert artists as well. In stock 6 / 11 / 04.

    Homage to Latin Music: SALSA by Jorge Morel w/ CD $14.95 in standard notation & Tab. Musical reminiscences of his stay in Cuba by the Maestro of Latin American guitar music.

    Latin American Rhythms for Guitar by Jorge Morel w/ CD Out of print 3 26 11 The VHS Video is still available " $24.95.

    Tangos & Milongas for Solo Guitar by Jorge Morel $17.95 w/ CD.
    In Standard notation & Tablature, 48 pages.
    A new collection by Argentine guitar virtuoso and composer
    Jorge Morel. This collection features solos by three renowned
    Latin composers plus two original solo guitar compositions by
    the author/compiler.

    Classical Guitar Solos Vol. 1 by Jorge Morel 6 South American pieces 32 pgs. $10.95 contains “Misionera” recorded by Pepe Romero.

    “Cavatina” by Stanley Myers from the motion picture “The Deer Hunter”.

    4 pages written for Guitar with Standard Notation and also Tablature $7.95






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