Juan Parga

Juan Parga Concert Works (facsimile edition by Chantrelle)
   Originally published just over 100 years ago while Juan was teaching at the Conservatory of Malaga. His falsetas show up in the works of Guillermo Gomez (c.1904) and in the method book by Raphael Morales (c.1954) $28.95 I have played the zapateado from his solea since 1987-having learned it from Guillermo Gomez. This also contains the "Rhapsodie Concierto" performed by Agustin Barrios for decades.

The selections are:

  1. Polo Gitano y Panaderos Op. 2
  2. Guajiras Op. 5
  3. Polo y Solea Op. 4
  4. 3rd Rapsodia de Concierto Op. 6
  5. Reminiscencias Arabes Op. 13
  6. "Idilio Andaluz", Del Ferrol a la Habana Op. 23
  7. "Coleccion de Tangos fantasticos para Guitarra", Recuerdos de Cadiz Op. 24
  8. "Gran Nocturno Elegiaco para Guitarra" Recuerdos de Sevilla, Op. 30
  9. Gran Fantasia Caracteristica Para Guitarra

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