Fernando Sor Complete Works

Fernando Sor-The New Complete Works For Guitar. Re-engraved in 11 volumes. Edited by Brian Jeffery. $29.95 each.

   These easy to read scores have all the original fingerings and dynamics of the earliest published editions, meticulously re-engraved for faster sight reading.


Contents of the eleven volumes, volume by volume:

Volume 1: guitar solos op. nos. 1 through 9
Volume 2: guitar solos op. nos. 10 through 16 and works without opus number
Volume 3: guitar solos op. nos. 17 through 25
Volume 4: guitar solos op. nos. 26 through 32
Volume 5: guitar solos op. nos. 33 through 43
Volume 6: guitar solos op. nos. 44 through 52
Volume 7: guitar solos op. nos. 54 through 60 and appendix: Meditación
Volume 8: seven guitar duets in score, op. nos. 34 to 53
Volume 9: six guitar duets in score, op. nos. 54 bis to 63 and the Bolero a Duo
Volume 10: the Guitar 1 parts for all of the thirteen duets
Volume 11: the Guitar 2 parts for all of the thirteen duets


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