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1. The Artistic Cornetist by Herbert L. Clark 65 pgs. 1913 SOLD
2. The Cornetist’s joy by John Hartmann, Liberati and other well known composers 62 pgs. 1912 SOLD
3. Woody Herman Modern Clarinet Studies 64 pgs. 1943 $20.00
4. Great Jazz Styles for Trumpet by Hank Edmonds (John Coltrane, Stan Getz, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, etc.) 20 pgs. 1959 $15.00
5. Jazz & Rock-Nothin’ but the Blues Vol. 2 by Jamey Aebersold 25 pgs. 1971 $10.00
6. Yusef Lateef’s Flute Book of the Blues 20 pgs. 1976 $15.00
7. Feist All Star Series of Modern Rhythm Choruses arranged by Coleman Hawkins for Bb Tenor Saxophone 11 pgs. c. 1940 $15.00
8. Clarke’s Cornet Studies 200 pgs. 1933 Hardbound SOLD
9. Herbie Mann Flute Jazz 32 pgs. 1962 Sold, out of stock.
10. Jazz Riffs -Flute, Saxaphone, Trumpet & other treble Instruments by Charles Gerard 47 pgs. 1977 $15.00 (Parker, Coltrane, etc.)
11. 30 PLEASING DUETS FOR TWO CLARINETS by L. Weidemann 34 pgs. 1947. $10.00
12. The sounds of Gerry Mulligan (Saxophone) transcribed by Hank Edmonds 20 pgs.1958 $20.00

101. Barret’s Standard Oboe Tutor Composed by 220pgs. Hardbound published by J.R. Lafleur and Son, $79.95

102. Modern Arban-St. Jacome: Comprehensive Course for Cornet or Trumpet – A Compilation of Two Famous Methods, Entirely Revised, Re-edited and Re-styled to Meet the Demands of Modern Education. by Harvey S. Whistler 104pgs. $15.00

103. The World’s Method for Cornet and Saxhorn Part1 463pgs. Published by Carl Fischer Hardbound Sold

104. Improving the School String Selection By Truman Hutton 82pgs. 1958 $10.00

105. A Study of Jazz by Paul O. W. Tanner and Maurice Gerow 189pgs.1974 $20.00

106. Masterworks For Woodwinds – Ensemble Music For Five Instruments Arranged by Homer Ulrich 18 pgs. 1951 $10.00

107. Pagliacci (Punchinello): Drama in Two Acts Words and Music by R. Leoncavallo 206pgs. 1892 $25.00

108. Solos for Cornet, Trombone and Alto Saxophone with Piano Accompaniment – Student Series by Herbert L. Clarke 5pgs. 1919 $5.00

109. Jascha Gurewich’s Classical and Jazz Saxophone Album 33pgs. w/ piano acc.1923 $20.00

110. Let Us Have Music for Trombone (Baritone) with Piano Accompaniment: Ninety-four Famous Melodies by E.M. Pearson 48pgs. 1941 $10.00 no cover

111. Indian Summer – Clarinet Solos (with Piano Accompaniment) 5pgs. $5.00

112. Music For Millions Series Volume 14 – Easy Clarinet Solos: for One or Two Clarinets with Piano Accompaniment Arranged by Jay Arnold in association with Charles Lindsay, Jr. $10.00

113. Album of Sonatinas for Young Flutists in progressive order by Louis Moyse 31pgs. $10.00

114. The Ditson School and Community Band Series prepared by Osbourne McConathy, Russell V. Morgan and Harry F. Clarke 138pgs. Leader's book $20.00

115. Dance Suite for Brass Trio by Randall Snyder 1971 $5.00

116. Select Solos for Wind Instruments with Piano Accompaniment Series3 2pgs. $2.00

117. Fourth Recorder Duet Book: Arranged for C and F Recordeds (with guitar accompaniment ad lib.) by Erich Katz 16pgs. 1956 $5.00

118. Girolamo Frescobaldi’s Canzoni Francese in four parts, 1615 10pgs. 1969 $10.00

119. English Music for Viols - Michael East - Desperavi: Fancy in Five Parts for Five Viols or String Quintet by Natalie Dolmetsch 6pgs. 1957 $10.00

120. Recitative and Aria by Leo A. Kempinski for Bass, Viola, Cell, Trombone, Cornet, 1st and 2nd violins. $20.00

121. Antiphony No.2 Based on Christmas Motet for Double Brass Choir by Giovanni Gabrieli/ Transcribed by G. W. Anthony for double brass choir $20.00

122. Jazz for Two – Cool and Blue by Robert W. Thygerson 16pgs. for Bb instruments 1977 $10.00

123. Tunes for Baritone (B.C.) Technic – Student Instrumental Course (Level one/ Elementary) by Fred Weber in collaboration with Major Herman Vincent $5.00

124. Dixieland Jazz for Small Combos Arranged by Bill Howard 29pgs. $10.00

125. Airs and Dances of the High Baroque Era: For Two Descants and One Treble (or Tenor) Recorders (or Other Melodic Instruments) 33pgs. Selected and adapted by Mario A. Videla 1971

126. Wilhelm Hansen Edition No.1431 – Harmonium Album 117pgs. $20.00 book 3

127. Wilhelm Hansen Edition No.1429 – Harmonium Album 40pgs. $10.00 book 1 incomplete

128. The Art of Playing the Piano Accordion by C. Irving Valentine Part1 (8, 12 and 24 Basses) 188pgs. 1933 $30.00

129. Sedlon Accordion Method - Book 2=B by J. H. Sedlon 48pgs. $10.00

130. Foster “C” Ensemble Folio No.1: Arranged for Solo Accordion, Accordion Duet, Accordion Trio or Accordion Ensemble 32pgs. 1937 $10.00

131. Dixieland On Parade for band – 1st B minor Cornet (Trumpet) Composed and Arranged by Russell Ward 16pgs. $10.00

132. Dixieland On Parade for band – 1st B minor Clarinet Composed and Arranged by Russell Ward 16pgs. $10.00

133. Dixieland On Parade for band – 1st Trombone Composed and Arranged by Russell Ward 16pgs. SOLD

134. Dixieland On Parade for band – 2nd B minor Cornet (Trumpet) Composed and Arranged by Russell Ward 16pgs. $10.00

135. Dixieland On Parade for band – Basses Composed and Arranged by Russell Ward 16pgs. $10.00

136. Dixieland On Parade for band – Drums Composed and Arranged by Russell Ward 16pgs. $10.00

137. Dixieland On Parade for band – 2nd B minor Clarinet Composed and Arranged by Russell Ward 16pgs. $10.00

138. Dixieland On Parade for band – B minor Tenor Sax Composed and Arranged by Russell Ward 16pgs. $10.00

139. Little Brown Jug for Brass Quintet Arranged by Irving Rosenthal 13pgs. $5.00

140. DerFlotenmusikant: Volkslieder und Tanze fur 1 oder 2 Blockfloten gleicher Stimmung
80 pgs. $10.00

141. Hava N’Halela: A Method for the Recorder, Based on Israel folk Tunes by Tzipora Jochsberger 61pgs. 1952 $20.00 In Hebrew and English

142. William Byro: Alleluia, Alleluia - Set for Brass quintet by Arthur Wise 1972 $10.00

143. Bach for the Clarinet Part 3 Transcribed by Eric Simon 17pgs. 1947 $10.00

144. Foster “C” Ensemble Folio No.1: Arranged for Solo Accordion, Accordion Duet, Accordion Trio or Accordion Ensemble 32pgs. 1937 $10.00

145. Jazz Phrasing and Interpretation by Jimmy Giuffre 61pgs. 1969 Sold

146. New Orleans Jazz Styles by William Gillock 11pgs. $10.00

147. Gabrielli: Sonata in C major for Two Trumpets and Piano 1968 $10.00

148. Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in D minor p.132 for 2 Oboes, Strings and Basso Continuo14pgs. 1973 $20.00

149. Fantaisie sur Carmen: Opera-Comique en 4 actes de Georges Bizet par E. Tavan11pgs.
$10.00 for 1st violin

150. Ouverture de LaMuette de Portici: Opera-Comique d’Auber Orchestree par Tavan 7pgs.

151. The Tri-Form Folio: 67 Favorite Encores by August H. Schaefer 56pgs. 1937 $15.00

152. Selected Duets for Cornet or Trumpet Volume 2 (Advanced) by H. Voxman 72pgs. $15.00

153. Advanced Method: Cornet or Trumpet Vol.1 by WM. Gower and H. Voxman 72pgs. $15.00

154. A Study of Jazz by Paul O. W. Tanner and Maurice Gerow 189pgs. 1964 with record $20.00

155. One Hundred and One Times Two The New Popular Fake Book 112pgs. $10.00 no cover

156. Benny Goodman’s Jazz Classics for Clarinet 16pgs. 1956 $15.00

157. Mischa Elman Favorite Encores: A Folio of Sixteen Compositions for Violin & Piano by Mischa Elman 75pgs. 1917 $30.00

158. Excelsior Baritone and Bass Folio: A Superb Collection of Songs by Celebrated Composers 144pgs. 1892 $10.00

159. Bass Songs – The New Imperial edition by Sydney Northcote 100pgs. 1950 $10.00

160. Forty Songs Johannes Brahms for High Voice by James Hunker 158pgs. $25.00

161. Whites Operatic Selections Cornet 32pgs. 1893 Deluxe hardbound Gold letter embossed edition $20.00

162. Michail Ignatieff : Schule des Kiinstlerischen Balalaika-spiels 56pgs. $30.00 with photos, text in German and Russian

163. The Zimmermann Autoharp No.73 by R.S. Tracy 43pgs. $15.00

164. Elementary Method for the Balalaika in Four Parts by Alexander Dorozhkin 62pgs. 1964 $15.00

165. Modern School for Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone by Morris Goldenberg 132pgs. 1950 $30.00

166. Song Classics Bass by Horatio Parker 223pgs. 1912 German, French and Italian Songs$30.00

167. Six Russian Folk Songs for Brass Sextet by L. Malter and D. Azarov 1951 $20.00

168. “Music for Everyone” No.14: The World Best Easy Trombone or Baritone – Solos with Piano Accompaniment by William C. Schoenfeld 80pgs. 1958 $20.00

169. Melodious Etudes for Trombone: Selected from The Vocalises of Marco Bordogni by Joannes Rochut 87pgs. 1928 $20.00

170. The Art of Improvisation by T. Carl Whitmer 72pgs.1953 $20.00

171. Course in Modern Dance Arranging by Otto Cesana $10.00

172. A Guide to Provisation by John La Porta 61pgs. with 2 records 1968 $30.00

173. Modern Jazz Drumming by Wm. F. Ludwig Jr. 96pgs. 1940 $30.00

174. Schirmer’s Scholastic Series Volume 76: First Book of Study-Pieces for Violoncello with Piano Accompaniment by Edith Otis 36pgs. 1917 Sold

175. The Eclipse Self Instructor for E minor Tuba by Paul de Ville 58pgs. 1905 $20.00

176. Music Education with the Harmonica: The Junior Harmonica Band Book (Book3) by Mildred Vandenburgh 35pgs. 1938 $15.00

177. Rubank Elementary Method Drums by Paul Yonder 40pgs. $15.00

178. The Oak, Ash & Thorn Drink- Along Song Book: Popular Songs for Divers Occasions 28pgs. 1977 $15.00

179. Selected Duets for Flute Volume1 (Easy – Medium) by H. Voxman 72pgs. $15.00

180. A. Darr Method for Zither by Friedrich Gutmann: G.Schirmer’s Edition of Standard Instruction Books 68pgs. 1899 $20.00

181. Rhythms Volume 2 by Dr. Charles Colin and “Bugs” Bower 47pgs. 1972 $10.00

182. Fantasia/Bohemian Girl: Euphonium Solo with Piano Accompaniment 15pgs. $10.00

183. Modern Sounds for 2 B minor Trumpets & 2 Trombones: Razing the 7th – A Pete Rugolo Original 12pgs. 1965 $20.00

184. Sololist Folio for Bass (E minor and BB Minor) with Piano Accompaniment 35pgs. $10.00 no cover

185. Soloist Folio for Bass (E minor and BB Minor) and Piano 12pgs. $10.00

186. At The Balalaika 1936 16 pgs. Movie Theme $20.00 for small orchestra and 3 voices

187. At the Balalaika: Feist Series of Popular Hits For Trombone with Piano Accompaniment 1936 $10.00 loose cover

188. Remick Orchestra Folio No.2: Containing Twenty of the Season’s Most Popular Marches, Waltzes, Songs & Dances 24pgs. $20.00 c. 1910

189. Pure Americana Arranged For Fretted Instrument Bands: Tenor Banjos 23pgs. 1963 $10.00

190. Tenor Banjo Chord Coloring Book: Chords and How to Use Them by Tom Owen 95pgs. 1975 $15.00

191. A Music Manual: Containing Certain Things That Everybody Wishes to Know and Remember About Music by Olga Samaroff Stokowski 110pgs. 1936 $20.00

192. Lawrence Welk Favorites for Trombone with Piano Accompaniment by Barney Liddell 24pgs. $10.00

193. Tonal and Rhythmic Principles: Jazz Improvisation1 by John Mehegan 207pgs. 1959 $20.00

194. Music for Study: A Source Book of Excerpts by Howard A. Murphy and Robert A. Melcher 182pgs. 1960 $20.00

195. How to Write A Popular Song (Words and Music) by Frank Owens 30pgs. 1944 $10.00

196. Selected Duets for Clarinet volume1 (Easy – Medium) by H. Voxman 72pgs. $10.00

197. Easy Steps to the Band by Maurice D. Taylor 32pgs. 1930 $5.00

198. 101 Popular Flute Solos 96pgs. $10.00

199. The Contemporary Arranger by Don Sebesky 233pgs. $40.00 Hardbound with 3 records

199. Sweet Georgia Brown by Ben Bernie, Maceo Pinkard and Kenneth Casey 1pg. 1925 1st Bb Trumpet $5.00

200. Boris Papandopulo "Croatian Folksongs for 4 Recorders" 16pgs. $10.00

201. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head 1pg. Clarinet $5.00

202. Hangaria Natiowl Fmbler 1pg. Cemabalom $5.00

203. Rakoczy March by Franz 2pgs. 1975 1st Bb Trumpet $5.00

204. 60 Studies for Horn (Chambers) Book 1 24pgs. 1960 $10.00

205. Cornet and Trumpet Solos with Piano Accompaniment (Cole Edition) by Clifford P. Lillya and Merle J. Isaac 125pgs. 1941 $25.00 Spiral Hardbound

206. Cornet :The Vandersloot Mandolin and Guitar Folio No.2 c. 1910 Hardbound $25.00

207. The Dick Crum Book – Vranjanka and Other Jugoslav Songs and Dances: For Singing in English or the Original Recorder Duets with Guitar Chords by Grace West Newman 23pgs. 1957 $10.00

208. Short Duets for Descant and Treble recorder by A. Corelli 1947 15 pages $5.00 Tan cover

209. Short Duets for Descant and Treble recorder by A. Corelli 1947 15 pages $5.00 Brown cover

210. The Art of Flute playing by Edwin Putnik 87 pgs. 1970 $15.00

211. Foundation to Flute playing by Ernest Wagner 1918 120 pgs. $15.00

212. Brooke Method for the Flute revised and edited by James Pappoutsakis 1942 102 pages $15.00

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