Bass Guitar-Double Bass

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1. Electric Bass Guitar Method by Ronny Lee 65 pgs. 1966 $10.00
2. Carl Fischer Basic Method for the String Bass by Nine Marseille Book two 39 pgs. 1937 $10.00
3. F. Simandl New Method for the Double Bass Book 1, 136 pgs. 1964 SOLD
4. Walking on Chords for String Bass & Tuba by Richard Davis 21 pgs. 1969 Sold
5. Bebop Bass by Harold Miller 39 pgs. 1981 (Transcriptions of Percy Heath, Paul Chambers, Wilbur Ware, Oscar Pettiford, etc. SOLD
6. Fender Jazz Bass Complete Course Advanced by Bert Gardner 1961 SOLD 2 1 10
7. Fender Electric Bass Complete Course by Bert Gardner 1957
SOLD 2 1 10
8. Modern Bass Patterns by Bert Gardner 1958 $20.00
9. Personally Yours by Carol Kay 33 pgs. 1972 SOLD
10. Play Bass Guitar Today 24 pgs. c. 1965 w/ 2 sided 33 1/3 disc $20.00
11. Smith's Modern Electric Bass Guitar Method by Anthony J. Manfredi & Joseph M. Estella 32 pgs. 1959 SOLD
12. The Electric Bass by Roger Filberto Vol. 2, 40 pgs. 1965 $10.00
13. Electric Bass Lines No. 1 by Carol Kay 15 pgs. 1969 $20.00
14. Electric Bass Lines No. 2 by Carol Kay 25 pgs. 1970 $25.00
15. Basic Electric Bass Vol. 1 by Lucas Drew 32 pgs. 1970 Sold
16. The Electric Bass by Roger Filberto Vol. 1, 48 pgs. 1963 $10.00

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