Ragtime Guitar

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1. Stride Guitar by Guy Van Duser 70 pgs. 1983 tab & standard notation Sold
2. Rev. Gary Davis 44 pages 1979 tab & standard notation for "Ragtime Guitar" record KM 106/SNKF out of stock
3. How to play Ragtime Guitar by Stefan Grossman & Ton Van Bergeyk 31 pgs. 1975 KM 115 tab only out of stock
4. How to play Ragtime Guitar by Christopher Camp 63 pgs. 1976 tab & standard notation out of stock
5. Ragtime Guitar Selected Works of Scott Joplin Arranged for Solo Guitar by Paul Lolax 72 pgs.1975 w/ 9 song 33RPM disc / sound sheet out of stock
6. Jerry Snyder Presents Ragtime 33 pgs (Scott Joplin & other composers) 1982 out of stock

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