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Golden Era 65 Classical Guitar Concert Artists $17.00

     Nelly Ezcaray was born in Funes /Rosario, Santa Fe on September 
7, 1920. She initially studied with Bautista Almiron and from 1932 
with Domingo Prat. She was the last fully formed student by Prat. She 
gave her first concert in 1937-the cover photo is from that program. 
She recorded 10 works for Victor records from 1941-44. She performed 
with her quintette of lady players in the 1950's. Her tone quality is extraordinary.

     Regino Sainz de la Maza was born in 1896 in Burgos, Spain, and 
died in Madrid in 1981. He studied with Daniel Fortea who was a 
student of Francisco Tarrega. Regino gave his debut in Madrid in 1914. 
Joaquin Rodrigo dedicated the "Concierto de Aranjuez" to Regino who 
gave its debut in 1940.

     Andrés Chazarreta was born in 1876 in the Province of Santiago de 
Estero, Argentina. In the early 1900's he began to play the folk music 
of Argentina as his speciality. He was the first artist of this genre 
to record, and the precursor to all the folk guitarists of today. He 
also published his songs in many albums of 25 folk pieces each. He 
died in 1960.

     Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya
     Between the age of 13 and 19 Lagoya, had already given about
500 concerts throughout the Middle East. He decided to move to
Paris and continue his studies with Jean Saudry, also studying
harmony and counterpoint with Brazilian composer Heitor
Villa-Lobos. He met the French-born Presti, already a celebrity,
having made her first recording at 10, soon after his arrival in
Paris when he was invited to perform at a guitar society concert.
When Ida Presti was the age of 13 Andres Segovia declared "I have
nothing to teach her ... she should not accept the advice of any other
guitarist". Between 1952 and 1967 they played some two thousand
concerts. He was the  reigning patriarch of classical guitar, who was 
half of the greatest classical guitar duet ever to exist, with his 
wife and partner Ida Presti. After a long illness, he passed away Tuesday,
August 24, 1999, havingcelebrated his 70th birthday on June 21st of this year.

    César Antonio Bo Puente was born in Villa Maria, in the province 
of Cordoba, Argentina on August 16, 1916. He began to play the violin and later guitar as
a child, studying with his father, Emilio Bo. Emilio-a concert guitarist, had
studied with Carlos Garcia Tolsa and also was a longtime student of Antonio
Jiménez Manjon, the blind virtuoso from Spain, who played an 11 string
guitar. César, was a child prodigy, who at 11 years of age performed in the
Salon "La Argentina", on the same stage, as Miguel Llobet & Regino Sainz
de la Maza would perform. In 1928 he performed concerts of solos & 
duos with his father, Emilio. In 1930 he performed on many different 
radio stations. In November of 1930 he played a concert in the Sala 

The selections are:

   Nelly Ezcaray
  1. Minuet en La Menor (F. Sor) Victor 39393 A
  2. Danza Mora (F. Tarrega) Victor 39393 B
  3. Guella (Huella) (Domingo Prat) Victor 60-0524 A
  4. Triste No. 4 (Aire Nacionales Argentino No. 2) (Julian Aguirre)  Victor 60-0524 B

     Regino Sainz de la Maza
  5. Mazurca (Marieta) (F. Tarrega) Odeon 196100 A
  6. El Vito (Sainz de la Maza) Odeon 196100 B

     Pasquale Tarrafo
  7. Sonatina in A Major (Tarrafo) Columbia 1808 D
  8. Prospero Waltz Columbia 1808 D

     Andres Chazarreta y su Orquesta Tipica
  9. Flor de Naranjo-Zamba (Andres A. Chazarreta) Victor 37020-A
10. El Alojero-Gato (Andres A. Chazarreta) Victor 37020-B

     Luise Walker with String Quartet
11. Menuett aus dem dritten Quintett in E (Luigi Boccherini) Odeon O 11807 A
12. Allegretto aus dem dritten Quintett in E (Luigi Boccherini) Odeon O 11807 A

     Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya
13. Largo et Rondo (Carulli) RCA F 75 017 (EP)
14. Recit du Pecheur (de Falla) RCA F 75 017 (EP)
15. Premiere Danse de la Vie Breve (de Falla) RCA F 75 017 (EP)

     César Bo accompanied by  Rodolfo Martinez-Héctor Sesario-Armando Carrizo
16. Nda recoi la culpa Polca (C. Aguer)
17. A mi Corrietes Pora Polca (E. Martinez-L. Bayardo)
18. Alma Guarani Polca (O. Sosa Cordero-Esquivel)
19. A una Novia Chamamé (J. C. Mareco-A. Alfonso)
20. Trasnochados Espineles Litoraleña (Cholo Aguirre)
21. El Tigre Milonga (C. Bo)
22. Milongueando Milonga (C. Bo)





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