G.E. 43

G. E. 43     Abel Fleury (1903-58)   The Poet of the Guitar 1935-55 CD $17.00

This CD contains the complete known works of Abel Fleury. 6 22 09 All 10 tracks he recorded from 1935-1955.

   This is the Centennial of the birth of Abel Fleury. Here are all 10 recordings the maestro made. Atahualpa Yupanqui said in 1980 about Abel Fleury. "No one has outdone his tone." The photo on the cover is from the film "Joven, Viuda y Estanciera" released in 1941, for which he provided the background music as "Abel Fleury y sus Guitarras Criollas". This great Argentine guitarist who played folkloric and classical pieces, composed and published pieces since the late 1920's. He studied with one of Francisco Tarrega's students, Domingo Prat, played nerviously once in front of Andrés Segovia, performed with his "Escuadrones de Guitarras" on stage and radio (Squadron of Guitars-once in the Teatro Odeon with 40 guitarists), was a chess champion and toured Europe in the 1950's before his death to lung cancer in 1958. He first recorded in 1935.

   The other Argentine virtuosos included on this CD are José Castorina who performed under the name "El Zarco Alejo", Eduardo Falu, Maria Angélica Funes (Domingo Prat student) and Maria Luisa Anido (student of three of Francisco Tarrega's students-Domingo Prat, Josefina Robledo and Miguel Llobet.)

See the companion biography below:

The selections are:

   Abel Fleury

 1. Estilo Pampeano 12-4-35

 2. Ausencia 12-4-35

 3. Mudanzas 1-29-47

 4. Vidalita 1-29-47

 5. Pajaros en el Monte 1-29-47

 6. Sobretarde 1-29-47

 7. Estilo Pampeano 7-28-54

 8. Milongueo del Ayer 7-28-54

9. Clavel del aire 6-22-55

10. Relato 6-22-55

   El Zarco Alejo ( José Castorina)

11. Entre vuelta y vuelta

12. Camino de abrojos

   Eduardo Falu

13. Preludio y Danza

14. Zamba de Vargas

15. Preludiando

16 La Fronteriza

   Maria Luisa Anido

17. Triste No. 4 (Aguirre)

18. Minueto (Rameau)

   Maria Angélica Funes

19. Cancion No. 3 (Ponce)

20. Double (Bach)


Abel Fleury  El Poeta de la Guitarra (The Poet of the Guitar) by Héctor Garcia Martinez

Spanish language edition $19.95, 3rd edition with 32 pages softcover with English translation addendum by Randy Osborne $24.95.

   There are dozens of photos and illustrations from 1900 (the home where Abel was born) to the mid 1950's (includes multiple photos of Abel Fleury's "Escuadrones de Guitarras"--performing in theaters or on radio with his "Squadron of Guitars" consisting of 12-100 players).

   2003 is the Centennial of the birth of Abel Fleury, who passed away in 1958. My colleague, Hector Garcia Martinez, initially published this in 1987.

   Abel Fleury's Argentine folkmusic on the guitar was splendid. The famous Argentine guitarist and singer, Atahualpa Yupanqui, said of Fleury's tone: "No one has outdone his tone yet." Abel Fleury owned two guitars built by Francisco Simplicio. One of these can be seen in this book: La Chitarra di Liuteria.

   Abel appeared in 3 motion pictures, the last one being "Joven,Viuda y Estanciera" in 1941. In 1935 he recorded the first of two versions of "Estilo Pampeano", one of his most well liked pieces, which is a requiered piece in the Music School in Tomsk, Siberia, Russia, though Fleury was never in Russia.

   Abel Fleury performed in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Spain and France.
He performed in Spain for Radiotelevision Francese. Besides being a great interpreter of Argentine folkmusic he also played works from the Classical repertoire, such as Paganini's "Moto Perpetuo".

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