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G. E. 63

Golden Era 63 Early Classical Guitar Solos 1908-1955 CD $17.00

    According to the Diccionario de Guitarristas by Domingo Prat, Octaviano Yañes
lived in Guanajuato, Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century, where he perfected
the guitaristic aptitude of the excellent Mexican folklorist, José Muñoz. Yañes enjoys
in his country a great popularity and is justly compared to his ex student
Ermenegildo Aguirre. His artistic activity is well developed by his performances on
the stages, concert halls, radio stations and phonograph recordings. This recording is
believed to be the first classical guitar recording dating from 1908.

    Guillermo Gomez was born in Malaga, Spain in 1880, and played violin and later
guitar as a child in Seville. He saw Tarrega play in Seville in 1897. He moved to
Mexico in 1900 and continued to play Flamenco, his first love, as well as Classical
guitar, having been well inspired from the Tarrega performance. His most notable
student was, professor & recording artist, Francisco Salinas. Guillermo recorded for
Columbia in New York in 1928. Guillermo Gomez died in 1955.

    Francisco Salinas was born in Mexico in 1892. He was a student of Guillermo
Gomez. Francisco was a professor at the Conservatory of Music in Mexico City from
1935 onward. He died in 1993.

    Abel Carlevaro was born in Montevideo in 1916. Originally self taught, he began
to study with Andrés Segovia in 1937 and did so until 1946. He was considered a
concert artist after his maestro presented him in 1942. This internationally known
virtuoso died in 2001.

    Julio Martinez Oyanguren was born in 1905 in Uruguay. He began to play guitar
at the age of six. He debuted in Montevideo in 1916. In 1935 he was sent to the U.S.
as a cultural ambassador. He recorded first for RCA & then  extensively for Decca
records. He died in 1973.
    Eduardo Falu was born in 1923 in Salta Province, Argentina. He began to play
guitar as a child. By his early teens he was doing radio broadcasts. He has been an
outstanding folkloric recording artist since the late 1940's.

    Patrocinia Diaz was a member of the Andrés Chazaretta troupe. In 1928 she
enrolled in the Academia de Guitarra "Prat" in Buenos Aires.

    Maria Angelica Funes was born in  Buenos Aires on February 13, 1916. When just
a child she began to study with Pedro A. Iparraguirre. She received her diploma as
Professor Elemental in 1929. In 1930 she began her perfection studies with Domingo
Prat. In 1933 she began to perform on L.R.3, Radio Excelsior. These recordings were
made c. 1955 for the now defunct Odeon records.

The titles are listed below:

1. Habaneras Octaviano Yañes (Yañes)Victor 16411 A 1908
 2. Playera - Danza No. 5 (Granados-Gomez) Guillermo Gomez Columbia 3168-X
 3. La Huerfana (Granados-Gomez) Guillermo Gomez Columbia 3168-X
 4. Adelita (Tarrega) Francisco Salinas Columbia 2634-X
 5. El Deseo (Schubert) Francisco Salinas Columbia 2634-X
 6. a. Estudio (Las Abejas) (Barrios)
     b. Estudio (No.1) (Villa-Lobos) Abel Carlevaro Parlophone Odeon P.X.O. 1073
 7. Tarantella (Castelnuovo-Tedesco)  Abel Carlevaro Parlophone (disc above)
 8. Grand Overture Part 1 (Giuliani) Julio Martinez Oyanguren RCA Victor 13673
 9. Grand Overture Part 2 (Giuliani) Julio Martinez Oyanguren RCA Victor 13673
10.  Capricho Arabe (Tarrega) Julio Martinez Oyanguren Columbia 264011
11. Alhambra (Parga) Julio Martinez Oyanguren Columbia 264011
12. Flamenco Suite part 1 Soleares Julio Martinez Oyanguren RCA Victor 13799
13. Flamenco Suite part  2 Seguidillas Julio Martinez Oyanguren (disc above)
14. Campo sin eco-Estilo (Ariel Ramirez) Eduardo Falu TK 5392
15. San Carlos-Zamba (Jaime Davalos-Eduardo Falu) Eduardo Falu TK 5392
16. Clavel del Aire (F. Sila Valdes-J. de Dios Filiberto) Patrocinia Diaz
w/ accomp. of 3 guitars and organ, Freyre-Davila and Fernandez (disc below)
17. Amor que muere (A. Korbeneyer-J. de Dios Filiberto) Patrocinia Diaz
w/ accompaniment of 3 guitars, Freyre-Davila Odeon Discos Nacional 11410
18. Serenata Burlesca (Moreno-Torroba) Maria Angelica Funes Odeon 56544
19. Prelude No. 7 Mazurka (Chopin) Odeon 56544
20. Fandango de Huelva (Lopez Tejera) Luis Maravilla, Pilar Calvo (Baile),
Ramon de Loja Odeon 184.899
21. Zambra del Sacromonte (Lopez Tejera) Luis Maravilla, Pilar Calvo (Baile),
Ramon de Loja Odeon 184.899



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