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"El Inalcanzable Agustín Barrios"

"El Inalcanzable Agustin Barrios"

290 pages $225.00 Softbound cover-this book weighs 4.5 pounds. The text is in English and Spanish.
Oversized (13" x 10") Limited Edition

This volume joins the commentaries of Enrique González Quintana, the Paraguayan guitarists Cayo Sila Godoy and Luz María Bobadilla, musicólogists Richard "Rico" Stover and Diego Sánchez Haase and the luthiers Federico Sheppard and Richard Bruné. The work is a compilation of the archive of the Cabildo (Barrios Museum in Asuncion, Paraguay) and the collection of Jorge Gross Brown.

The publication of 290 pages includes more than 400 illustrations-Color, Black And White-the largest collection of images of Agustin Barrios. With more than 100 original manuscripts, correspondence-handwritten, instruments, records, concert programs and other objects related to the greatest composer of the guitar of all time.

This book does not contain 20 images that will be published in "Annotations for the History of the Classical Guitar in Argentina 1822-2000". These include many recording labels, advertisements for the recordings, autographed photos, sheet music covers, etc.

el inalncanzable




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