Philip J. Bone Manuscript

Philip J. Bone Manuscript to "The Guitar & Mandolin" 1st edition. This was first published in 1914. Initially the biographies of the guitarists, mandolinists & composers appeared in periodicals, and due to requests worldwide he decided to publish a compilation. This is the double spaced typed manuscript with the musical examples pasted in, or in envelopes, that was taken to Schott & Co. Ltd. in London to be published. It is a two volume bound manuscript. Volume I is A-F (202 numbered pages), and Volume II is G-Z (unnumbered pages) along with an appendix that is not in the enlarged second edition from 1954. This contains the sparse ink corrections, typing errors (3 word duplications) and has a sense of pre-editing when comparing it to the published edition verbatum. $6,000.


Volume I page 1                              Volume II page 1

Ink correction

Musical example pasted in at 90 degrees

Philip J. Bone Autograph 2nd edition
ex-Fred Stockton collection
(Vahdah Olcott-Bickford student)
FFSI Collection

Musical example in it’s envelope

Musical example pasted in vertically

The Guitar & Mandolin
2nd Edition, 1954
FFSI Collection

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