Fredy Reyna Cuatro Method

Fredy Reyna Veneuelan Cuatro Method

Oversize edition 8" x 12.5" Written in Tablature only.

230 pages w/slip cover case $69.95. This weighs 2 lbs. and ships with packing materials as 3 lbs.
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   This is the definitive Venezuelan Cuatro method book, by none other than the master himself. Fredy Reyna lived life to the fullest and left his legacy in this 1994 book, beautifully designed by his youngest daughter, Ana Isabel.

   Reyna was a promising student of maestro Raul Borges (and a classmate of Antonio Lauro). When a thief absconded with his Hermann Hauser in 1948, Reyna, unable to replace it, decided to concentrate on the Venezuelan national instrument: The four-stringed Cuatro. This meeting proved more than auspicious. Ever the contrarian, Reyna decided to alter the re-entrant tuning of the traditional Cuatro to an ascending, more "guitar-like" tuning. This tuning, coincided with the tuning of the Renaissance Guitar that was the predecessor to the Venezuelan Cuatro. This discovery, in turn, sparked a forty-six year quest that culminated in the ultimate method for the "Cuatro Solista".

   This treatise should serve people wanting to study the Venezuelan Cuatro, as well as guitar students wanting to obtain a deeper understanding of the unique forms of Venezuelan popular music that fueled the compositions of Lauro, Borges, Sojo and Rodrigo Riera.

   In Spanish, with lavish design, illustrations and photographs. 230 pages. Spiral bound. The contents are listed below.


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G. E. 44     Fredy Reyna Venezuelan Cuatro 1957 CD $17.00

   Fredy Reyna once played his cuatro for the maestro Andrés Segovia, who was amazed at the ability of the player and capacity of the instrument. Segovia's surprise sounded like this: "On a guitar" is possible, but from another planet smaller than the Earth. However, you're not lacking any strings."

(Above) The front and back covers of this method book.

(Below) The Slip Cover Case that protects the book.

The contents are:

- Introduction

- Historical Summary

- Scrambled Tables (a graphical representation of the evolution of the methods for teaching traditional, or Accompanist Cuatro -included here just for beauty's sake-)

Theme  1: Music Theory

Theme  2: Tablature

Theme  3: Duration figures

Theme  4: Organography (a practical treatise of the instrument's construction)

Theme  5: Sounds

Theme  6: Position

Theme  7: Hand Position

Theme  8: Finger placement

Theme  9: Strokes

Theme 10: Scales

Theme 11: Intervals

Theme 12: Accompaniment (discussing various popular rhythms)

Theme 13: Tables (where the harmonic relationship between the traditional Cuatro tuning and the "Solista" are established)

Theme 14:  Addenda (on theory and the complex Venezuelan rhythms and how to achieve them correctly)

Theme 15: Tablature

Theme 16: Anacrusa ("pickup notes", i.e. further discussion on how to get the right prosody in your joropo)

Theme 17: Repertoire

Theme 18: Instrumental Imitations (i.e. how to make the Cuatro evoke the sound of other instruments)




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