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   We're proud to announce the addition of the Querico Publications Catalog
to the sheet music services of FFSI. Richard "Rico" Stover started this
catalog over two decades ago, and it's repertoire continues to grow. Rico is a
friend, colleague & teacher of mine, and I'm delighted to offer these
Agustin Barrios, Joao Pernambuco, Francisco Tarrega pieces & more.

To view nine covers of works by Agustin Barrios use link:

For a biography of Rico Stover see:

For Rico Stover's newest article: Agustin Barrios-Reaching beyond the Classical Guitar audience


Rico Stover's "Beautiful Music of the Guitar" CD $17.00
   This great new CD has original compositions by Rico Stover,
and what Rico's known for: the music of Agustin Barrios, as well
as pieces by Leo Brouwer, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Luis Bonfa & more.

1931 Antigua Casa Nuñez Catalog "Nuevo Catalogo de Metodos y Obras Musicales".
   This 108 page hardbound catalog, with it's gold embossed cover title, comprises
111 European & South American guitarists, with 3,555 pieces. There is a
3 page index, & an 11 page photo gallery with 55 photos, as well as 55 additional
photos in the catalog itself. Contemporary catalogs let you know what is in print.
This tells you what exists. $65.00 Limited Edition

Examples of quantities of pieces:

Dionisio Aguado (23) to Fernando Sor (70),
Julian Arcas (49) to
Carlos Garcia Tolsa (17),
Francisco Tarrega (108) to Miguel Llobet (16)
Juan Alais (87) to Mario Rodriguez Arenas (224)
Agustin Barrios (10) to Andres Segovia (54)
Antonio Sinopoli (86) to Pedro Iparraguire (313)
Juan Parga (20) to Antonio Jimenez Manjon (20)

Sheet Music from Querico Publications:

Latin American Anthology for Guitar (Volume 1) $20.00 37 pages
15 pieces by, Ayala, Piñeiro, Bonfa, Powell, Roldan, Yupanqui, Bayard and others.

The titles are:
El Tortillero (arr. by Oscar Ohlsen)
Rio, Rio (arr. by Oscar Ohlsen)
Aire Norteño by (Hector Ayala)
Gato (Hector Ayala)
Bailecito (G. Bianqui Piñero)
Milonga (Collected by Luis Alba)
Vidalita (Collected by Luis Alba)
Mamopa Rejo Josefa (J. de Rosario Duarte)
Choro Anonimo
(Luis Bonfa)
Berceuse a Jussara (Baden Powell)
El Diablito Baila (Amadeo Roldan)
Montuno Crillo (Arr. by Juan Sorroche)
Lloran las rama al Viento (A. Yupanqui)
Yellow Bird (Ortelou Bayard)

Beginning Barrios 14 pieces, 44 pages $20.00
Hot off the Press 5-22-01
   Duets for the 1st year & intermediate student
and teacher, as taught by Agustin Barrios 1940-1944,
w/ original works and studies arranged by Agustin Barrios
of Sor, Aguado & Carulli.

Pajaro Campana-Polca Paraguaya by Juan Sorroche $9.00

Guantanamera-$9.00 -arr. by Carlos Barbosa-Lima

Variaciones sobre un Tema Original "Quasi-Dowland" $8.00 -Alberto J. Rodriguez Ortiz/arr. by Rico Stover

Homenaje a Hector Campos Parsi-$8.00-Alberto Rodriguez Ortiz/arr. Rico Stover

Selected works of Hector Ayala 45 pages $34.95-arr. by Rico Stover

Song Numbers 18-24 (Serie Americana) are on the new David Russell CD "Sonidos Latinos". This CD is not available at FFSI, but the sheet music is! 7 16 10

The titles are:
1. El Regalon-Gato
2. Cholita -For 2 Guitars
3. Querencia-Milonga
4. El Coyugo-Bailecito
5. Cariñito-Mazurka
6. Canturreando-Estilo
7. Norteña
8. Luna y Sol-Huella
9. Aire de Vidala
10. Romanza
11. El Sureño-Malambo
12. Madrigal
13. Otoño
14. Prelude No. 2
15. Zamba Arco Iris
16. Galopa No. 1
17. Bailecito
Serie Americana
18. Preludio
19. Choro

20. Takirari
21. Guarania
22. Tonada
23. Vals Peruano
24. Gato y Malambo

All underlined songs listed above are in the link below to be viewed, and undoubtedly to be enjoyed. 8 3 09 update 2 17 10


Guitar in Puerto Rico: Juan Sorroche plays Jorge Rubiano $19.00

Sons da Carrilhoes-$9.00- Joåo Pernambuco/arr. by Carlos Barbosa Lima
As played in concert and masterclasses by the Maestro, it's incredible-with a verse in harmonics.

Bahia-$7.00-Ary Barroso/arr. by Carlos Barbosa-Lima

Brazil (Aquarella do Brasil)-$10.00-Ary Barroso/arr. by Carlos Barbosa-Lima

Latin American Guitar Guide-$19.95 w /CD

Confesion (for guitar & orchestra)-$51.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. for guitar by Rico Stover-& for orchestra by Jose Brogato.

Barrios in Tablature Volume 1 -$17.95 w/CD

Barrios in Tablature Volume 2-$15.95

Vals Tropical-$9.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

Two Preludes-$7.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

Tarantella-$9.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover see CD G.E. 7 Agustin Barrios / Miguel Llobet 1926-1928

Zapateado Caribe-Guitar Trio-$10.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover-from the Sila Godoy Collection

Variations on a Theme by Tarrega (Lagrima)-$9.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover-from the Sila Godoy Collection

Variations on a Costa Rican Theme (Punto Guanacasteco) -$9.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover-from the Sila Godoy Collection

Fabiniana -$7.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover-from the Sila Godoy Collection

Abri la Puerta Mi China-$6.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

Altair-$6.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

El Sargento Cabral-Zamba-$6.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

Prelude Op. 28, No. 4 in E Minor (Chopin-Barrios)-$7.00-arr. by Rico Stover

Capricho Arabe (Tarrega-Barrios)-$8.00--from the Sila Godoy Collection see CDs
G.E.7 Agustin Barrios / Miguel Llobet 1926-28
or G.E. 16 Gut String Virtuosos

La Cathedral-$9.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

Un Sueño de la Floresta-$8.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

Three Paraguayan Dances-$9.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

Maxixe-$6.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

Cueca-$6.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

Vals Op. 8, No. 3-$7.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

Contemplacion-$8.95-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

Estudio in B minor for 2 guitars-$7.00-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

Danza Paraguaya for 2 guitars-$8.95-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

20 Works of Barrios Volume 1-$17.95-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

20 Works of Barrios Volume 2-$17.95-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

20 Works of Barrios Volume 3-$17.95-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

20 Works of Barrios Volume 4-$17.95-Agustin Barrios/arr. by Rico Stover

Six Silver Moonbeams-The Life and Times of Agustin Barrios $29.95

Juana de Lara- $7.00- Ampelio Villalba/arr. by Rico Stover

El Sueño de Angelita-$7.00- Felix Perez Cardoza/arr. by Rico Stover

Fiesta Paniola-$9.00-Rico Stover

Haole shuffle-$7.00-Rico Stover see Rico Stover CD "Beautiful Music of the Guitar"

Diferencias Americanas-$10.00-Rico Stover

Fantasia Sudamericana-$11.00-Rico Stover

Master Scales "Escalas Magistrales"-Juan Sorroche-63 pages-$20.00


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