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    Rito y Geografia del Toque ”/ “Archivo Flamenco” Series- direct from
    Spain (Solo Flamenco Guitar) $159.95
    (VIDEO VERSION CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK-AVAILABLE IN DVD-FOR THE PRESENT TIME.-SEE LINK BELOW.)This just released video set has 6 videos with a total of 9 hours running time. The footage is from Spanish TV from 1964-1982, except for the homage of Sabicas, which is from 1990 when he passed away. Every star you can think of is included:
    Niño Ricardo, Paco de Lucia, Ricardo Mondrego, Pepe Martinez,
    Melchor de Marchena, Enrique de Melchor, Paco Cepero, Diego
    Carrasco, Andres Batista, Pepe Habichuela, Serranito, Diego del Gastor,
    Tomatito, Pedro Bacan, Manuel Morao, Manolo Sanlucar, Pedro Peña,
    Felix de Utrera, Manolo el Sevillano & Sabicas. These 20 immortal stars
    of Flamenco show the glory of the art, which is changing with the times. The set also includes an 8 page quick guide to the series, in English, French & Spanish.
    This is now available in DVD--

    Rito y Geografia del Baile / “Flamenco” & “Flamenco ayer y hoy”
    Series-direct from Spain (Flamenco Dance Performance) SOLD This
    series was released late in 1999. This has 12 videos with 18 hours
    running time and a 257 page book (with photos of artists included) that
    accompanies the set. The footage is from 1971-1982 and is in B&W
    and Color. The set includes every major dancer (over fifty involved) on
    the scene at the time:
    Isabel de Madrid, Aurora Pons, Alberto Fuentes, Los Gitanos de
    Sacromonte, Milagros (legendary guitarist-Jose Motos’s widow),Tomas
    de Madrid, Carmen Montoya, Lole, Manuela Carrasco, Merche
    Esmeralda, Arsenio, Almudena de Jerez, Tia Juana, Maria Victoria,
    Pepa “La Filigrana”, La Negra, El Titi, Luisa Torran, Manuela Vargas,
    Paco Romero, Vicente Escudero, Alejandro Vega, Mariemma, Fernanda Romero, Joselito, Isabel Lopez, Concha Vargas, Matilde Coral, Manuel
    Corrales, Pablito de Cadiz, Ginesito de Cadiz, El Tio Parilla, Sara Lezana,
    Manuel Soler, Pepa Montes, Manolito Gero, Jose Vargas, Carmen
    Casarrubio, Pilar Lopez (Interview), Enrique El Cojo, Flora Albaicin,
    Cristobal El Jerezano, Diego el de la Margara, Antonio Ruiz “Antonio”,
    Antonio Gades, Carmen Mora, Christina Hoyos, El Guito, Mario Maya, &
    Antonio Montoya “El Farruco”. There are over 2 dozen well known
    singers & guitarists included. Also contains a 9 page quick guide to the

    Rito y Geografia del Cante Series-direct from Spain (Flamenco Singing) $699.95 This set contains 26 B&W videos, with running time of 40 hours, and includes a 257 page book (with over 100 photos of artists
    included) that accompanies the set. It was filmed between March, 1971
    and October, 1973, in 28 locations in Andalucia, Salamanca, Barcelona,
    Extremadura,Toledo , Murcia & Portugal. There are 186 singers, 47
    guitarists and many aficionados in the background. Also there is a
    quick guide to the set. Some of the singers include:
    Antonio Mairena, Manolo Caracol, Beni de Cadiz, El Pericon de Cadiz,
    Pepe de La Matrona, Joselero de Moron, El Gallina, El Perrate, La
    Piriñaca, El Borrico, Pepe Marchena, Camaron de la Isla, Chocolate,
    Enrique Morente, El Lebrijano, Fernanda & Bernarda de Utrera,
    Fernando Terremoto, Agujetes, Sordera, Fosforito, Jose Menese, La
    Perla de Cadiz, etc.
  • Sabicas El Maestro de Flamenco Video in Color and one song in Black and White 37 minutes SOLD
  •   Here Sabicas uses his José Ramirez Flamenco Guitar to dazzle the audience. This was filmed in Los Angeles in 1969, the B&W clip is from 1966.

    Flamenco Guitar
    Step by Step Vol.1 by Oscar Herrero $39.95 For those already familiar with guitar basics, who want to go further with Flamenco. Vol. 1 contains picado technique, various rasqueados, golpes, insights on hand positions and covers the Tango as well as the Solea rhythms. Oscar won two prestigios Flamenco competitions in Jerez and Las Minas in the heart of Andalucia. 68 minutes
  • Flamenco Guitar Step by Step Vol.2 by Oscar Herrero $39.95 The advanced course with alzapua technique (down-up thumb motion) and 5 note tremelo. The Tarantas, Alegrias and Bulerias styles are covered.

    Step by Step Vol. 3 by Oscar Herrero 90 minutes $39.95 The long awaited 3rd video has now been released. After playing a Sevillanas, Oscar shows exercises to develop right and left hand techniques. These techniques are accompanied by extensions, legatos, chord changes, little finger practice & arpeggios. This video is a summary to the 3 volume set.

    Juan Martin Plays Flamenco Solos 57 minutes of music and 35 minutes of a travelogue to places in Spain where the songs originated.

       This video shows the 42 pieces from the
    Juan Martin Flamenco Solos book & CD & DVD-This is no longer available with a VHS Video-only in DVD
    Complete set of book, CD & DVD $47.95
    The book is in Standard Notation and Tablature.

       The guitars used on the Video are:
    1995 Conde Flamenco Blanca
    1996 Lester Devoe Negra
    1972 Sobrinos de Esteso Blanca
    1994 Conde Negra

    Juan Martin and his Flamenco Dance Company from Sevilla
    Live at the Barbican Over two hours of thrilling Flamenco dancing, singing & guitar playing by an all-star group of outstanding young performers from Sevilla, España. Together with the gypsy singer Jarillo and the guitars of Juan Martin & J. Carlos Berlanga, here is Flamenco at it’s purest & most authentic, brilliantly performed. With a troupe ranging from 17-23 years old that features dancers Maricarmen, Maria del Mar Berlanga, David Morales, Antonio Serrano, Esther Bergara &
    La Toromba. Filmed in London.
  • Juan Martins Learn Flamenco Guitar. Volumes 1, 2, and 3 with book $49.95 each. All 3 videos w/books as a complete set $149.85. (Books are note for note from the video in standard notation & tab)
    Juan uses a Lester Devoe Flamenco Guitar (Spr.& Cyp.) w/pegs on all 3 videos. Paco de Lucia also uses a Lester Devoe Flamenco Negra in Carlos Saura’s movie “Flamenco” . Sabicas also used a Lester Devoe Flamenco Guitar (Spr.& Cyp.) for 8 years before passing away in 1990.

    Juan Serrano, Basic Techniques & 4 concert solos $29.95.

    Juan Serrano, The Flamenco Tradition Pt. 1, 4 lessons & 6 concert solos. $29.95.

    Juan Serrano, The Flamenco Tradition #2 60 min. $29.95 In this new video the Maestro teaches the Serranas, Saeta, Verdiales, Tarantas & Taranto, Tientos , Farucca & Rumba along with a historical perspective.

    Juan Serrano, The Flamenco Tradition #3 65 min. $29.95 In the newest of the Maestro’s videos he teaches the Flamenco forms that are derived from the Soleares: Romeras, La Caña & El Polo. Also included are Alegrias por Arriba, Bulerias por Medio, Bulerias en La menor.

    The Art of Accompanying Flamenco Dance by Juan Serrano featuring
    Andrea Sanchez. Maestro Juan Serrano along with the talented Andrea Sanchez display the interaction of the guitarist following the dancer in Sevillanas, Farruca, Tangos, Romeras, Alegrias, Zapateado & Bulerias. A sophisticated 3-camera technique reveals all the aspects of this artistic relationship. 37 min. $24.95.

    Gypsy Heart Starring: Carmen & Omayra Amaya 50 min. $29.95

       The story of Omayra Amaya's unusual life as a flamenco dancer in Boston. The program is a tribute to her struggle to keep a fiery dance form burning in this chilly New England city. Also included is dazzling historical film footage of Amaya's great aunt, the legendary Carmen Amaya, considered one of the greatest flamenco dancers of all time, as well as rare archival footage of Gypsies flamenco dancing in Spain.

    Guillermo Rios’ “
    Mastery of Flamenco Guitar Series
    o Vol. I- 16 sessions covering essential basic techniques as well as Alegrias, Tangos, Bulerias & Siguiriyas. 95 minutes $39.95
    o Vol. II-Soleares & Alegrias with explanation of rhythmic and harmonic structure as well as compositional possibilities. 76 minutes $39.95
    o Vol. III- “Toques Libres”- The non-rhythmic tradition. This covers Malagueñas, Mineras, Rondeñas, Granadinas & Tarantas 85 minutes $39.95
    All three videos come with an accompanying booklet
    An outstanding video series by someone who studied in Spain with Juan Maya “Marote”, Sabicas & Pepe Habichuela. Guillermo Rios has since then performed with Jose Greco, Maria Benitez, Jose Molina, Maria Alba & Rosa Montoya. He also has performed in solo concert at Carnegie Hall 3 times.

    The Glory of Spain starring Alicia de la Larrocha (piano), Victoria de los Angeles (soprano) and Andrés Segovia (Guitar).

    54 minutes in Color filmed in 1967 in the Prado Museum in Madrid $29.95.

       In the beautiful Prado Museum in Madrid, the host, Andrés Segovia, takes us on a tour of the famous building. Also seen is the native Spanish art form of Flamenco. Singer Roque Montoya is assisted by the Coros y Danzas de España.

    Julian Bream   !Guitarra! Video   A Musical Journey through Spain

    Two videos   3 hours 25 minutes  $39.95

       Julian Bream is celebrated as one of the world’s leading classical guitarists. He is featured in these 7 films, shot completely on location in Spain. The programs trace the evolution of the guitar from the 1500’s to the present day.

       Julian Bream asked his long time friend, luthier Jose Romanillos, to make him a vihuela and Baroque Spanish guitar, on which he performs for the first time publicly.

       In episode 4, he is joined by Flamenco guitarist, Paco Peña, who talks with Bream about its origins and meaning.

    Andrés Segovia Masterclass Volumes 1-4 VHS Videos $29.95 each.

       These were filmed in 1965 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

    Volume 1 of the Segovia Masterclass Series features student performers Aldo Minella and Luis Rodrigo performing  Castelnuovo-Tedesco's Concerto in D major and  Tarantella.

    Volume 2 of the Segovia Masterclass Series features student performer Brigite Zaczeck performing: Bach: Partita No. 2 in D Minor (Chaconne)

    Volume 3 of the Segovia Masterclass Series features student performers Miguel Barbera and Michael Lorimer performing: Weiss: Gigue; Dowland: Allemande; Albeniz: Zambra Granadina

    Volume 4 of the Segovia Masterclass Series features student performers Oscar Ghiglia, Miguel Barbera, and Richard Johnson performing: Frescobaldi: Air and Variations; Bach: Cello Sonata No. 1 (Prelude); Turina: Fandanguillo; Dowland: Allemande; Bach: Prelude.

    The Segovia Legacy A tribute to the Memory and the Artistry of Andrés Segovia Video 60 minutes $29.95

       This video tribute to Andrés Segovia presents revealing interviews and historic performance film footage of the legendary Spanish maestro, whose career spanned 8 decades.

       The program  contains rare excerpts from the last four decades of television (1950-80’s), in concert halls and at the White House. Among those featured are Eliot Fisk, Oscar Ghilia, commenator Hugh Downs and Queen Sofia of Spain.

    The Segovia Style Classical Guitar of the Maestro by Eliot Fisk 75min.w/ 23 page booklet $39.95 An incredible insight into the style of Segovia, with plenty of musicianship projects to attain. He also shows the “ironing” technique that Segovia used with vibrato. Eliot shows you the difference between the printed and recorded versions by Andres Segovia. I saw Eliot Fisk at Herbst theatre in San Francisco in ‘97. He played 20,000 1/32nd notes, and did 7 encores. Everyone got their moneys worth, as well as Eliot was very gracious backstage to those that stopped by to say laudatory remarks. Don’t wait for Eliot to come to town, bring him into your practice environment today. This just released video will help you improve your tone, technique and musicianship. The booklet contains the printed scores of every song dealt with in the video.

    Annotations for the History of the Classical Guitar in Argentina 1822-2000 Video $39.95 Now available on DVD.

    Annotation Lecture DVD

    Multi-media lecture (145 images, 78 RPM discs) & Guitar Recital by Randy Osborne for the South Bay Guitar Society on February 15, 2002 at Santa Clara University Center of Performing Arts Recital Hall

       Take a journey to the “World Center of Classical Guitar Activity”. Buenos Aires had 5,000 classical guitarists in 1930 & not less than 80 maestros publishing sheet music daily for the aficionados of the classical guitar.

       See how four of Francisco Tarrega’s students transformed the musical landscape & developed the child prodigies to become world renowned artists.

       Randy Osborne plays the works of Fernando Sor, Matteo Carcassi, Napoleon Coste, Francisco Tarrega & Carlos Garcia Tolsa-Julian Arcas’ favorite student.

       Hear very rare recordings: commercial & non-commercial, of music written by Frederic Chopin, Héctor Villa-Lobos, Federico Moreno-Torroba, Manuel de Falla, Robert Schumann & also original compositions played by: Miguel Llobet, Agustin Barrios, Andrés Chazarreta, Emilio Pujol with Matilde Cuervas (playing guitars made by Antonio de Torres), Lalyta Almiron (Agustin Barrios student), Blanca Prat & Maria Angélica Funes (who had 8 works dedicated to her by Federico Moreno-Torroba).

       Watch the development of the guitar from its smaller size 19th century beginnings to its modern 20th century form.

       See how the guitar historians documented the past and preserved the priceless legacy of the classical guitar & its sheet music.

       Observe, in this 2 hour video lecture & recital, the activity of over 4 dozen guitarists & the world in which they lived.

    Duration: 2 hours, 4 minutes
    Music: 40 min., History of 51 personalities: 84 min.

       This is a thumbnail sketch of the book in progress “Annotations for the History of the Classical Guitar in Argentina 1822-2000” by Héctor Garcia Martinez & Randy Osborne.

       There is a complete list of all (13) songs & (145) images in the link page.

       This video is receiving rave reviews:

       “Thanks for the video. You have done an exellent job - warmest congratulations!” (JAN-OLOF ERIKSSON, Professor of Guitar at Lulea University School of Music, Pitea, Sweden)

       “This video has extraordinary content”
    (Stephen Rekas-student of Regino Sainz de la Maza, Maria Luisa Anido, Emilio Pujol & head of the classical guitar dept. at Mel Bay Publications since 1996.)

       “I watched your video last night. I really enjoyed your lecture, the pictures, music and memorabilia were marvellous. You have made me aware thru your knowledgeable lecture of fine guitarists (like Lalyta Almiron) that I have never heard of. I look forward to seeing your book published.”
     With Best Regards For CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE Maurice Summerfield



    It’s Here 11-20-01
    “Los Romeros” video
    Playing and talking, along with commentary by: Scott Tennant & Richard Bruné.
    Performing on:
    Hermann Hauser I guitars &
    Miguel Rodriguez guitars

    • o Los Romeros-The Royal Family of the Guitar 1 hour $29.95,
      with cameos by Scott Tennant of the L.A. Guitar Quartet and luthier/guitar historian Richard Bruné. In stock 12/11/03
      Few men have done as much to spread the music of the Spanish guitar as the late Celedonio Romero, whose love for the instrument spanned its modern history. This documentary video tells the inspiring story of how Romero, a noted guitar virtuoso and gifted composer from Malaga, Spain braved civil war and artistic oppression to become the patriarch of a family of brilliant guitar soloists, and the creator of the world's first guitar quartet. Through captivating interviews with family and friends, with evocative music-from Bach to de Falla and Rodrigo-and archival footage, the one-hour documentary chronicles the romance of Celedonio and Angelita Romero, the family's flight from Franco's Spain, their auspicious arrival on American soil in 1957 and the birth of the quartet three years later.

      Pumping Nylon Video by Scott Tennant 1 hr. 57 min. $39.95
         Scott Tennant’s best-selling book is brought to life in this classical guitarist’s technique workout video. Includes the famous Pumping Nylon daily warm-up routine and covers important subject such as nail shape and care, arpeggios and tremolo. More details in the link.

      Benjamin Verdery The Essentials of Classical Guitar 1 hr. 30 min. $24.95

       The guitar used on this video is a Cedar top Greg Smallman.

       This video includes lessons on: 1) Posture 2) Bars 3) Arpeggios 4) Nail care
    5) Slurs 6) Minimizing tension 7) Speed development 8) Shifts
    9) Rest-Stroke and free stroke This video has close-ups & split screen technology.

    Lorenzo Micheli Live at Texas Tech. University 56 minutes $19.95.
    Lorenzo is a great guitarist from Italy, who won the Guitar Foundation of America competition in 1999. Lorenzo played for the South Bay Guitar Society here in San José, California on his Winner’s Tour. GFA winners are always fireworks in concert.
    You won’t believe how fast he plays the Allegro from Barrios’ La Catedral. He has such control & musicianship. I remember telling my friends at his concert, “I’m not sure I heard him play the second string “D” note in the first measure”. He was just flying. He plays pieces by Giuliani, Barrios, Tansman, Bach, Llobet & Legnani.

    Frederic Hand Seven Easy Pieces for Classical Guitar 75 minutes $39.95 w/ 15 page booklet that contains the sheet music, in standard notation only, to the seven pieces in the video.
       Frederic Hand is the Guitarist and Lutenist for the Metropoliton Opera in New York, and is on the faculty of Mannes College of Music & Bennington College.
    The titles are:
    1) Vaghe Belleze (Anonymous)
    2) Bianco Fiore (Cesar Negri)
    3) Danza (Anonymous)
    4) Sarabande (J.S. Bach)
    5) Study in Bm #5 (Fernando Sor)
    6) Adelita (Francisco Tarrega)
    7) Simple Gifts (arr. Frederic Hand)
    Extra) Lullaby (Frederic Hand)

       These are all pieces one would learn at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, or any similar institution of higher learning. I learned them with my teacher 20 years ago.

    American Virtuoso by Douglas Niedt 16 pieces 54 minutes $24.95
       Douglas Niedt started to play the guitar at the age of seven, and studied at Julliard School of Music. He was involved in Masterclasses in Spain with Andres Segovia, as well as with Narciso Yepes, Christopher Parkening, Jorge Morel & Oscar Ghiglia. He has performed at Carnegie Recital Hall & shared the bill at concerts with Julian Bream, John Williams & Christopher Parkening. He is the chairman of the guitar department at the Conservatory of Music, University of Missouri in Kansas City.

    Paulo Bellinati plays Antonio Carlos Jobim Video $24.95

    12 pieces 46 minutes

       This veteran composer has taken on a project to perform 12 songs by the most well known pianist & composer of Brazil: Antonio Carlos Jobim.

    Carlos Barbosa-Lima’s Favorite Solos 17 pieces 52 min. $29.95
       This outstanding video recital takes the listener on a musical
    journey through Brazil, the Caribbean, North America, and the
    Hawaiian Islands, including works by European masters from France
    and Spain. Carlos played most of these pieces when he played his 2nd sold out South Bay Guitar Society concert at the Montgomery Theatre in San Jose, California October 15, 1999. This video was just shot days after the concert in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    The 17 pieces are listed in the page:

    Nikita Koshkin, Guitarist & Composer: in Concert featuring Frank Koonce concert video 64 min. $19.95 This is a live concert taped on January 27, 2000 at Texas Tech University and includes solos and duets composed by Nikita Koshkin.

    Denis Azabagic The Guitar Foundation of America’s International Competition 1998 Winner plays Narvaez, Bach, Sor, Barrios & Rivera.
    50 minutes $19.95

    Judicael Perroy in Concert The French Guitarist who won the Guitar Foundation of America’s 1997 competition is filmed live in Texas and plays Paganini, Piazzola, Barrios, Bach, Albeniz and more. 72 minutes $19.95

    The Castellani-Andriaccio Duo 46 min. $19.95 Joanne Castellani & Michael Andriaccio are Artists- in- Residence at the State University of New York in Buffalo and with the Rome Festival Orchestra. They have numerous recordings and radio broadcasts to their credit. The play Zambra, Grand Duo Op. 2, Sonata in D Minor K. 87 by Domenico Scarlatti, Escorregando Tango Brasileiro, Pretencioso, The Castle, Innovation Tango & La Cumparsita.

    Newman-Oltman Duo Cantos de España These artists perform eight selections by Issac Albeniz incluiding the complete original “Suite Española”. 45 minutes Out of print.

    Fabio Zanon performs Bach, Scarlatti, Mertz & more 70min. Out of Print

    Jorge Morel performs original songs and other music by Agustin Barrios 40 min. $19.95

    Latin American Rhythms for Guitar Video by Jorge Morel 40 min. $24.95

       Argentine guitar virtuoso and composer Jorge Morel explains and
    performs the characteristic rhythmic and stylistic elements
    comprising ten popular Latin American dance forms. This
    instructional video closely parallels Mr. Morel's Mel Bay book / CD
    of the same title,@ $17.95 and features his performance
    of pieces demonstrating the tango, milonga campera, milonga
    urbana, malambo, zamba, samba, bossa nova, salsa, danza
    paraguaya and choro dance rhythms. This video should greatly
    facilitate the learning of these complex Latin rhythms as well as
    authentic technique and style.

    Andrew York performs original songs and other music by Bach 40 min. $19.95

    Jeff Linsky plays Latin American inspired originals w/ percussion. 50 min. $19.95

    Paulo Bellinati plays original Brazilian music 40 min. $19.95

    Adam Del Monte plays Albeniz, original music and Flamenco guitar 50 min. Out of Print

    Carlos Barbosa-Lima plays original Brazilian pieces 50 min. $29.95

    Nashville Mandolin Ensemble NEW Conducted by Paul Martin Zonn 12 of Nashville’s finest acoustic musicians in a live concert, starring Butch Baldassari.
       All the dynamics of an orchestra-pianissimo to forte. These guys are the epitomy of the turn of the century mandolin orchestra in our lifetime. They really have no rivals today. 7 songs 41 min. $19.95 For more information on Mandolin Orchestras see
    “Desde el Escritorio de Randy Osborne” article
    The Big Bang Theory or how we got to where we are today in the world of Classical & Flamenco guitar music - September 5, 1997

    For more Mandolin music see:
    G.E. 21 CD Classical Mandolin Orchestras & Solos 1904-1938
    or see Golden Era Cassettes #21 & 22

    Now videos are available in any format. Those listed are in NTSC format (for U. S. standard use), though now Fine Fretted String Instruments is offering the conversion service for other parts of the world at a cost of $10.00 for changing to :
    or M-PAL.
    Please specify in e mail, fax or phone order what system you want to receive these in and add the cost of the conversion to your chosen video or videos.
    You will receive the original w/ storage case along with the conversion.

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