CDs For Sale

CDs For Sale

The Guitar of Andrés Segovia CD and package $44.95

History, sound and photographs of his 1937 Hauser guitar
The box contains:
1. 1 CD with Segovia playing Bach, Handel, Gluck, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, De Falla, Moreno Torroba.
3. FULL-SIZE COLOUR POSTER of the guitar;
4. FULL SIZE POSTER of the front's technical drawings;
5. FULL SIZE POSTER of the back's technical drawings;
6. FULL SIZE POSTER of the details' technical drawings;
Texts: English, French, German, Italian; Texts and technical drawings by Richard E. Bruné (My colleague, Richard Bruné, is writing the foreword to my book
"Annotations for the History of the Classical Guitar in Argentina 1822-2000")
Photos in high resolution by courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Arts.   
   Andres Segovia was the first guitarist to effectively transcend the limitations perceived by a skeptical public about the classical guitar. Until his time, guitar was relegated to very minor importance compared to the lofty heights maintained by piano and violin virtuosos. This release is a homage not only to the artistry of Segovia but also to that of Hermann Hauser, the guitarmaker who, in 1937, built this extraordinary instrument. Texts and technical drawings by the renowned American luthier Richard E. Bruné, who has studied and photographed in detail this famous guitar. The guitar of Andrés Segovia is now property of the Metropolitan Museum of New York, which has collaborated with DYNAMIC to make this tribute to the art of the great Spanish guitarist who died in 1987.


Stefano Grondona offers his tribute to Isaac Albéniz (1860–1909) on the occasion of the centenary of the Catalan composer’s death. The 12 works on this CD are historical arrangements of Albéniz’s music for guitar made by Francisco Tárrega, Miguel Llobet, and Andrés Segovia.

This entire CD was recorded using 5 guitars made by Antonio de Torres made from 1859-1890, including Miguel Llobet's 1859 Torres and Francisco Tarrega's 1864 Torres. This CD is highly recommended.

Featured Artists
Stefano Grondona, Laura Mondiella: guitars

Track Listing
ALBÉNIZ: Oriental • Asturias • Pavana-Capricho • Granada • Sevilla • Còrdoba • Càdiz • Torre Bermeja • Rumores de la Caleta • Evocaciòn • Bajo la Palmera • Castilla


Maria José Montiel, soprano/Stefano Grondona, guitar/Laura Mondiello, guitar/Nova Lira Orfeo Guitar Sextet

de FALLA: Homenaje pour le tombeau de Debussy • Siete Canciones Populares Españolas • Danza del Molinero • El amor brujo • Cubana • LLOBET: Transcriptions for 6 Guitars

Miguel Llobet (1878–1938) was a close contemporary and friend of Manuel de Falla (1876 –1946), but never became so famous. In fact, his fame stems largely from his arrangements of Falla’s music, such as his transcription for two guitars of Falla’s ballet El amor brujo. Falla’s own Homenaje pour le tombeau de Debussy is surely one of the greatest guitar works of the twentieth century, and it and other masterpieces are appropriately joined here by a work of Llobet’s own composition. Lira Orfeo was a Barcelona music society of which Llobet was both a founder and the director. This recording employs only vintage instruments with connections to Spanish and Catalan music.

This wonderful CD was recorded using 5 guitars made by Antonio de Torres made from 1859-1890, including Miguel Llobet's 1859 Torres and Francisco Tarrega's 1864 Torres, as well as a 1910 Enrique Garcia guitar, a 1929 Francisco Simplicio guitar, a 1906 Vicente Arias guitar and a 1958 Ignacio Fleta guitar-these all have Spruce soundboards. This CD is highly recommended.


The seventh release by Stefano Grondona on Stradivarius is also the last volume of the complete works of Miguel Llobet. Grondona is one of the most important contemporary guitarists. He has won several awards including a Gramophone Editor’s Choice for his last release, Respuesta.

Stefano Grondona, Lucia Mondiello: guitars

ALBÉNIZ (tr. Llobet): Castilla • Evocación • Bajo la Palmera • Rumores de la Caleta •
GRANADOS (tr. Llobet): Danzas españolas Nos. 6 & 11 •
LOPEZ-CHAVARRI (tr. Llobet): Leyenda del castilo Moro •
VILLA-LOBOS (tr. Llobet): Theresinha de Jesus •
TORRES (tr. Llobet): Berceuse •
DE ROGATIS (tr. Llobet): Chacarera •
DAQUIN (tr. Llobet): Le Coucou •
MOZART (tr. Llobet): Minuetto •
BEETHOVEN (tr. Llobet): Minuetto •
BRAHMS (tr. Llobet): Hungarian Dance No. 5 •
MENDELSSOHN (tr. Llobet): Songs without Words, Nos. 20 & 25 •
TCHAIKOVSKY (tr. Llobet): Humoresque, Op. 10, No. 2

This entire CD was recorded using 2 guitars made by Antonio de Torres made in 1887. This CD is highly recommended.

Agustin Barrios 3 CD Set The Complete Guitar Recordings 1913-1942 $46.95 New Edition 5 27 09
This contains a 4th CD with MP3s. There are 68 songs as well as nine newly found recordings added to this presentation, compared to an earlier version of this CD set (2004 Edition 59 songs). Duration: 3 Hours 45 Minutes.

There is also a 16 page booklet, with the extensive liner notes written by Richard "Rico" Stover. Rico asked me for some historical data, which I, Randy Osborne, provided without hesitation-I am among four individuals listed in the Acknowledgement Section. Some of this data was mis-dated or misspelt so I would like to add the corrections. There is a full page image from my yet to be published book "Annotations for the History of the Classical Guitar in Argentina 1822-2000". It is an advertisement for Ay, Ay, Ay, (Atlanta No. 304) which was Agustin Barrios' 4th release by the Atlanta record company, it is from the weekly magazine known as "Caras y Caretas" published in Buenos Aires on July 5, 1913 issue No. 770 Año XVI. (Atlanta records opened their doors on March 31, 1913. The records had to have been recorded in the last months of 1912 to be able to have been sold in April 1913-in that the records were pressed in Germany and the turn around time was nothing like what we are accustomed to today. This record was very popular to the extent that it was advertised at least two more times, once in the Fray Mocho magazine on August 1, 1913 issue No. 66 Año II and the New Years edition of "Caras y Caretas" of January 10, 1914 issue No. 798 Año XVI-(these both have a closeup of the record label with the text) ) I also provided the information in the Discography introduction paragraph, relating to the oldest guitar recordings (Flamenco) from 1881, Francisco Tarrega's cylinder recordings in the late 1890's and the information surrounding the Mexican guitarist Octaviano Yañes (not Octavio Yanes) recording in 1908, the Brazilian guitarist Americo Jacomino "Canhoto" recordings from 1913. Another item that deserves correction is that Andrés Segovia's first tour of Argentina was in 1919, 2nd tour in 1920, and 3rd tour in 1921. (He didn't return to Buenos Aires to perform concerts again until July 3, 1928-source: Six Silver Moonbeams-The Life and Times of Agustin Barrios Mangoré by Rico Stover.) My book has a 2nd concert program from July 6, 1928 of maestro Segovia performing in the Teatro Odeon among its 1,500+ photos and images of the 120+ biographies included. Presently the book is 1,240 pages with over 550 bibliographical entries of books, newspapers and magazines. Here's a quote from my book on the arrival of Andrés Segovia in the Rio de la Plata area:
Excerpt from the "Aqui Esta" magazine August 28, 1947
     "The concert artist and the traveler

     When did you initiate your international tours?

     In 1919. In that year I came for the first time to Buenos Aires, 
that was the first foreign city where I presented myself as a concert 
guitarist. I returned the following year, and in 1921 and 1922 I made 
a tour of Cuba and Mexico, I relocated to Paris in 1923. There, in 
1924 I gave my first concert in the conservatory. Various times I made 
the circuit of Europe and after I went to the Orient, the terrain of 
the origin of the guitar. In spite of that, my resplendent  Occidental 
guitar entered the old Oriental cities as conquered territory. Then I 
went to the United States. I've made that tour for about twenty years 
and since then I've played more in America than in Europe."

Segovia & His Contemporaries Vol.11: $59.95

Guitarists of the Rio de la Plata 3 CDs and 1 DVD

There is a complete list of all titles on the 3 CDs and 1 DVD on the link.

The first paragraph of the extensive liner notes mentions my Annotations DVD lecture, and on the inside back cover the use of two tracks by Lalyta Almiron from the FFSI archive is mentioned.

Ricardo Munoz's dedication to his exhaustive Historia de la Guitarra (Buenos Aires, 1930) claimed, with no exaggeration that Argentina (and the Rio de la Plata region) was the "premier bastion" of the guitar in the first decades of the twentieth century. Below is a brief sketch of its evolution into the centre of classical guitar activity.

The six string single strung classical guitar came to Argentina early in the nineteenth century. The Italian guitarist Esteban Massini (1778-1838), arrived to Argentina in 1822. Eight years later the poet Esteban Echeverria returned from his European studies, bringing with him the teachings of Sor and Aguado. Many others followed, including such pivotal figures as Gaspar Sagreras (1838-1901) in 1860, Carlos Garcia Tolsa (1858-1905) in 1885, and Antonio Jimenez Manjon (1866-1919) in 1893. Consequently, native guitarists also began to flourish, prominently among them, Juan Alais (1844-1914). Finally, of the disciples of Francisco Tarrega, the father of the modern classical guitar, arrived. Miguel Llobet (in 1910), Emilio Pujol, and Josefina Robledo came for extended periods to perform and teach. Others settled permanently in Buenos Aires, including Domingo Prats (first visit in 1908), and Hilarion Leloup (1876-1939) in 1912, establishing schools and academies that at their height provided instruction to over five thousand students, laying the foundation for an immense flowering of young virtuosi.

New at FFSI: José Rey de la Torre 2 CD (1940's-1955) and DVD-TV performances from 1957 (This 1957 film includes footage of Flamenco Guitarist Carlos Montoya)  and 1962. This set is $59.95. This is great footage of one of Miguel Llobet's best students.


CD $21.95

This Venezuelan virtuoso is one of the finest classical guitarists to have emerged in the 20th century. His earliest recordings, dating from the 1950s.This includes Diaz’s 1957 live recording of the Lauro Concerto, conducted by Jascha Horenstein, with two recital programs from the 1950s on the prestigious French label BAM.

Naquele Tempo CD

Music of Brazilian Master - Pixinguinha

11 solo arrangements by Roland Dyens

The Guitar of Andrés Segovia CD and package $39.95

History, sound and photographs of his 1937 Hauser guitar
The box contains:
1. 1 CD with Segovia playing Bach, Handel, Gluck, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, De Falla, Moreno Torroba.
3. FULL-SIZE COLOUR POSTER of the guitar;
4. FULL SIZE POSTER of the front's technical drawings;
5. FULL SIZE POSTER of the back's technical drawings;
6. FULL SIZE POSTER of the details' technical drawings;
Texts: English, French, German, Italian; Texts and technical drawings by Richard E. Bruné (My colleague, Richard Bruné, is writing the foreword to my book
"Annotations for the History of the Classical Guitar in Argentina 1822-2000")
Photos in high resolution by courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Arts.   
   Andres Segovia was the first guitarist to effectively transcend the limitations perceived by a skeptical public about the classical guitar. Until his time, guitar was relegated to very minor importance compared to the lofty heights maintained by piano and violin virtuosos. This release is a homage not only to the artistry of Segovia but also to that of Hermann Hauser, the violinmaker who, in 1937, built this extraordinary instrument. Texts and technical drawings by the renowned American luthier Richard E. Bruné, who has studied and photographed in detail this famous guitar. The guitar of Andres Segovia is now property of the Metropolitan Museum of New York, which has collaborated with DYNAMIC to make this tribute to the art of the great Spanish guitarist who died in 1987.

The Rodrigo Collection CD and DVD $29.95

   Joaquin Rodrigo wrote the most frequently performed Guitar Concierto: Concierto de Aranjuez. It was dedicated to Regino Sainz de la Maza. This DVD is an insight into this great composer. The pieces are performed by Los Romeros.

Xuefei Yang    Si Ji (Four Seasons) CD $19.98

   Si Ji in Chinese is Four Seasons. We have chosen it to be the title of this "China" inspired album. I hope this disc will leave you with an image of variety and diversity of colors, like the four seasons.

   As a musician, I feel a responsibility to communicate between different cultures and people through my music. As an artist from China, I would like to infuse the culture of my country in my music. As a guitarist, I hope to make a small contribution towards expanding the guitar repertoire, exploring new possibilities and enriching the techniques for the instrument.

   The guitar originated in the Middle East, halfway between China and the West. Chinese culture is refined, poetic, expressive and adaptable, like Chinese painting. These virtues can be usefully applied to the guitar. I was struck by the possibilities of the instrument after recording this CD how ideas from the east have helped in exploring and enriching what is essentially western music.

   I make music from my heart as always, and I hope that you will respond in a similar way.

Xuefei Yang (from the liner notes)

Garoto Historical Guitar Recordings 24 songs

CD $21.95

In the 1950s Ronoel Simões organized private recording sessions of the legendary Garoto playing solo guitar. This re-issue draws mainly from them, but with some other material. Apart from his own works Garoto plays Gnattali's "Suite of popular Brazilian Dance Music" and the beautiful Saudade. This CD comes with full liner notes by leading Brazilian guitarist Fabio Shiro Monteiro.

Choro Triste No. 1 (2:36)
Choro Triste No. 2 (2:23)
Debussyana (2:52)
Duas Contas (Two Beads, cancao) (2:51)
Esperanca (Hope, Waltz) (3:29)
Gracioso (Choro) (3:09)
I Invocacao a Xango (3:50)
II Toada (4:36)
III Choro (3:19)
Improviso (2:52)
Inspiracao (prelude) (2:35)
IV Samba-Cancao (3:57)
Jorge do Fusca (Thirty-second Note George, Choro) (2:50)
Lamentos do Morro (Favela Laments, samba) (4:01)
Meditocao (cancao) (2:59)
Noqueles Velhos Tempos (In Those Old Times, Waltz) (2:42)
Nosso Choro (3:45)
Saudade, slow Choro for guitar solo (2:54)
Sinal dos Tempos (Sign of the Times, Chnoro) (3:03)
Um Rosto de Mulher (A Woman's Facem theme) (1:05)
V Baiao (3:16)
V1 Marcha (3:26)
Vivo sonhando (I'm always Dreaming, cancao) (3:05)
Voltarei (I'll return, cancao) (2:19)

DUO ERATO (Martha Masters & Risa Carlson) Musings CD $19.95


  This Duo just played for the South Bay Guitar Society on April 1st, 2006, and the crowd just loved them. The display of dynamics by both performers were everyone's dream-so much musicianship flowing into one's ears. Martha was just 5 weeks away from giving birth to her 2nd child. They have played together since 1992.


  They play the works of Petit, Franck, Albeniz, Sor, Pasquini and Padowetz.

Eliot Fisk 18 Scarlatti Sonatas CD $19.95. Great new CD by maestro Eliot Fisk that just arrived December 12, 2002. Some pieces are in his four books of transcriptions.

Fur Eliot by Eliot Fisk CD $19.95 14 pieces by Scarlatti, Martin, Ponce, Raffman & Paganini.   No matter what composer he interprets, Eliot always does it with such great class. I loved seeing him in person years ago.

J. S. Bach Goldberg Variations by József Eötvös. CD $19.95    64 minutes.

   This is a great recording of the Bach Goldberg Variations BWV 988, Bach's Aria and 30 variations. The book with the transcriptions is available, see:
J. S. Bach Goldberg Variations music book.

Lo Cant dels Aucells Stefano Grondona plays 12 Historical Guitars
2 CDs $35.00 Liner notes in English, French & Italian, w/ B & W photos of all 12 guitars used in this production, which was 2 years in the making.

This may be out of print, I'm looking into this at the moment. November 9, 2010.

   This is the first extraordinary classical guitar double CD of the new Millenium. When someone else creates a similar production, then I'll call that the second. Stefano Grondona, who studied with Andrés Segovia in the 1960's, offers an impeccable performance. As the photos of the legendary artists-Miguel Llobet, his maestro Francisco Tarrega, Agustin Pio Barrios Mangoré, and Andrés Segovia, show, the guitars in their hands were built by the masters of lutherie of the 19th and 20th century. There are 6 guitars made by Antonio de Torres, 1 by Enrique Garcia, 1 by Francisco Simplicio (Enrique Garcia's only disciple), 1 by Santos Hernandez, 1 by Domingo Esteso (whose foreman in the Manuel Ramirez shop was Santos Hernandez), 1 by Hermann Hauser I (who followed Torres' principles, much like Enrique Garcia & Manuel Ramirez did) & 1 by Robert Bouchet (as played by Ida Presti & Alexandre Lagoya on their immortal recordings of the 1960's), that were utilized to perform great works by composers equally immortal. The unforgettable composers included in this marvelous 40 piece aural event are: Mompou, Llobet, Granados, Tarrega, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Barrios, Ponce, Grieg, Segovia, Poulenc & Chopin.

La Leona   Stefano Grondona Plays Julian Arcas   CD $22.95

   Coming as he did between Huerta and Tarrega, Julian Arcas (1832-1882) produced music that was powerful, thrilling, well put together, large scale, clearly meant for the guitar down to the last detail, and truly of its time. All of which makes him one of the finest guitarists of the second half of the 19th century. Arcas played a huge number of concerts from the 1850s onward at a wide range of venues, and at the peak of his popularity he acquired legendary status.This is Stefano Grondona's fourth release on Stradivarius. It is lavishly packaged in a digipack with a 68-page booklet, containing three essays in four languages. Grondona plays La Leona, one of the most famous guitars ever made by Antonio de Torres-La Leona (1856) In stock 4 27 09.

Agustin Barrios CD Page with everything available at FFSI in 1 place.

Agustin Barrios' Greatest Hits Vol. 1. CD $19.95

   20 years ago Rico Stover released this as a Double LP and now it's available on CD. It contains 21 of Agustin Barrios' most well known compositions recorded between 1914-1929.

Pentti Hilden plays the Guitar Music of Carlos Garcia Tolsa (1858-1905)

CD $19.95    17 pieces-7 of them concertized by Agustin Barrios for over 23 years throughout Central and South America. Sheet music for the pieces on this CD is in Volume 2 of Los Maestros de Buenos Aires: Carlos Garcia Tolsa (1858-1905)

Rico Stover’s Beautiful Music of the Guitar CD $17.00
   This great new CD has original compositions by Rico Stover,
and what Rico's known for: the music of Agustin Barrios, as well
as pieces by Leo Brouwer, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Luis Bonfa & more.

Southern Journey featuring Rico & Rebecca Stover with Los Amigos de Santa Cruz. Latin American Music for Voices, Guitar, Harp, Cello Y Cuatro CD $17.00

   About 20 years ago Rico Stover released this as an LP on his El Maestro record label. Now he's added a few things, and voila we have this new treat. What a refreshing ensemble, some of the pieces with the harp remind me of Lino Chavez's Conjunto Jarocho music of Veracruz from the 1950's. Some of these pieces Rico & Rebecca performed in August 2001, here in San Jose, California, as well as throughout their West Coast tour. The most exciting aspect is hearing pieces you've heard dozens of times as solos, played in ensemble fashion.

RAPHAEL RABELLO Cry, My Guitar CD $19.95


     He plays the works of: Pixinguinha, Canhoto da Paraiba, Baden Powell,Toquinho, J. dos Santos, Laurindo Almeida, Raphael Rabello, F. Hime, Garoto and P.C. Pinheiro.

Carlos Barbosa-Lima    Frenesi CD $19.95

   Carlos Barbosa-Lima has long been a masterful interpreter of a wide range of melodic music.A brilliant acoustic guitarist, Barbosa-Lima gives taste and feeling to works that range from Gershwin to Bach, Jobim to Debussy. His releases have found him exploring the music of Scott Joplin, Luiz Bonfa, Cole Porter, Leonard Bernstein and a variety of lesser-known Brazilian composers.

   20th century repertoire from Central & South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Barbosa-Lima's touch is perfect and empathetic, and his duets with bassist John Benitez are almost supernatural, exacting, rigorous, and beautiful very highly recommended. All About Jazz

Natsu no Omoide (Memories of Summer) CD $19.95

Isabel Rey, soprano/Ichiro Suzuki, guitar (Plays a signed Paulino Bernabe guitar)

   40 years ago Ichiro Suzuki was on the cover of Wlfred Appleby's "Guitar News" magazine.

Philip Hii   Chopin Nocturnes CD $19.95

   This great artist has just released his CD of Frederic Chopin's Nocturnes. There are 11 pieces by the immortal Polish composer.

Agustin Barrios 3 CD set The Complete Guitar Recordings 1913-1942 $46.95.

   This extraordinary 3 CD set has just recently been digitally cleaned up, and should not be confused with the earlier edition that was released in the early 1990's.  2/29/04
   This wonderful triple CD set has 59 songs by the South American master, sometimes called the "Paganini of Paraguay". The works within are Barrios's originals (2 complete CDs-40 pieces) and transcriptions of European and South American composers, from Bach, Beethoven, Sor and Tarrega to Carlos Garcia Tolsa and Gustavo Sosa Escalada (1 CD-19 pieces). For the rare "Habanera" from 1924 not included in this CD set see:
G.E. 10 Latin American Guitar Virtuosos

  1. Barrios: The Arrangements 52 pages 14 pieces $31.95
  2.   This volume brings together for the first time in one volume Chris Dumigan's transcriptions of all the currently existing recordings that Barrios made of other composer's works whether they were originally written for guitar or not. This currently consists of 14 different compositions, four recorded twice in widely differing versions, for which reason they are both included here. Composers represented include Tarrega, Sor, Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Freire, Tolsa, Yradier, Silva, Escalado, Dupuy and Lehar.
  3. A must for all Barrios afficionados.
  4. Grade 6-8

Miguel Llobet The Guitar Recordings 1925-1929 19 pieces $21.00
   This CD by the foremost student of Francisco Tarrega has the guitar recordings of the Catalan guitarist recorded on an 1859 Antonio de Torres guitar, and duets with the Argentine child prodigy Maria Luisa Anido, who uses a 1918 Enrique Garcia guitar. This CD has been recently remastered and all the in your face scratch sound has been removed, these wonderful songs are now even more enjoyable due to this aspect. 3/20/04

Concierto de Aranjuez by Regino Sainz de la Maza, Guitar with the Orquesta Nacional de España conducted by Ataulfo Argenta.

CD $14.95 The Premier Recording of Joaquin Rodrigo’s masterpiece, that is the most popular work for guitar and orchestra. This was recorded in the early 1940's.

Aliéksey Vianna plays Sergio Assad Solo Guitar Works CD $19.95
14 tracks 62 minutes

   Aliéksey Vianna was the 1st Prize Winner in the 2003 San Francisco Guitar Competition. He has played in 10 European countries. He has won countless competitions.

Into Dark by Andrew York CD $19.95

   The newest exciting CD by the composer and guitarist who is a member of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. Besides the original pieces, he plays the Cello Suite No. 3 in C Major.

Hechizo by Oscar Herrero CD $19.95

   Flamenco guitarist Oscar Herrero plays 8 pieces of the music of his native land: Spain. There is a 107 page accompanying book of sheet music in standard notation and tablature for the music contained on this CD @ $24.95.

Juan Martin Camino Latino CD $19.95   51 minutes

Juan Martin, guitar/Flora Purim, vocals/Airto Moreira, percussion/ Oscar Escobar, tiple guitar/Armando Escobar, bass guitar

   "At the center is Juan Martin, who knows the value of restraint, even when unleashing the sort of frenzied intensity synonymous with the very best flamenco guitarists"
World Choice,The Times

Paco Peña Flamenco Guitar Double CD $29.95.

   The first disc is Paco at his best, playing his own renditions of the various Flamenco forms.The second disc is Paco's homage to the unforgetable Flamenco maestros Ramon Montoya (1880-1949) & Niño Ricardo (1904-1972).

The Art of Paco Peña CD $19.95                   Fifteen pieces

   The Art of Flamenco is enjoyed with solo guitar, with guitar as accompaniment. Paco Peña performs well in both of these formats.

Misa Flamenca by Paco Peña CD $19.95  Nine Pieces

   With a large cast of performers Paco Peña brings the Art of Flamenco to the forefront with all its glory. His troupe has performed this Misa Flamenca in the San Francisco Bay Area many times.

Arte y Pasion by Paco Peña Double CD $29.95

   Paco Peña's Flamenco Dance Company with the Losadas Live in Concert 2 CDs with 1 hr and 51 minutes of hot Gypsy music.

Brindis de Guitarras in Homage to Falla CD $19.95

by Oscar Herrero and Carlos Oramas

The selections are:

"Le Tombeau de Claude Debussy", Cancion deo fuego fatuo, Danza de la molinera, Danza de los vecinos, Danza del molinero, Danza del terror, Danza n 1, Danza ritual del fuego, El pano moruno, Pantomima and Polo.

Flamenco El Duende by Agustin Eastwood De Mello CD

   This CD is a compilation of selections from vinyl LPs from the 1960's and pieces recorded in the last year or so and 2 live cuts from the caves of Sacromonte in Granada, Spain, recorded on July 4th, 2000. Agustin passed away on May 30, 2003. Out of stock

Frank Wallace Guitar Works Volume 1 CD $17.00
   Frank graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in the 1970's and taught at the New England Conservatoryof Music until the early 1980's. Since then he has concentrated on performances of Medieval & Renaissance music with his ensemble Live Oak and Company. The works on this CD will be published by Tuscany Publications this year and will be stocked when they become available. The spectacular guitars used to record these original compositions are a 1964 Ignacio Fleta, made in Barcelona, and a c. 1860 Manuel Soto y Solares made in Sevilla, on the same street where Antonio de Torres Jurado began to build his immortal creations of lutherie.

Carlevaro Plays Carlevaro CD $19.95

   This was recorded by the late maestro in Montevideo in 1985. He plays on a Manuel Contreras-Carlevaro System guitar.

   Abel Carlevaro studied with maestro Andrés Segovia from 1936-1945. His virtuoso abilities exhibited here, playing his own creations, are wonderful. This CD includes the Preludios Americanos,Estudios & Cronomias (Sonata)

David Tanenbaum

   Estudios Double CD $29.95 This has the complete studies of Matteo Carcassi, Op. 60, 25 melodic & progressive studies, Fernando Sor 20 studies, and the Leo Brouwer 20 Estudios Sencillos (Simple Studies). A total of 65 studies that are the initial building blocks of classical guitar technique. The guitar used on this recording is by the world-class builder John Gilbert.

Guillermo Rios Soul of Spain CD $17.00 Acclaimed student of Juan Maya (Marote), Sabicas & Pepe Habichuela plays 10 pieces.

Anthony Arizaga

1)Dos Almas de España CD $19.95
2) South of the Border CD $19.95
3) Viva la Guitarra CD $19.95
4) Guitarra del Sol CD $19.95
5) Classical Guitar CD $19.95 NEW 4-26-06
Cassettes of the above 3 CDs are available for $12.00 each.

Mariano Cordoba CDs

De mi espirtu flamenco CD $19.95/ Cassette $11.00

De mi alma flamenco CD $19.95/ Cassette $11.00

De mi pasion flamenco CD $19.95/Cassette $11.00

Segovia & His Contemporaries Series CDs $19.95

Vol. 1 Julio Martinez Oyanguren 1937

Vol. 2 Guillermo Gomez 1928

Vol. 3 Luise Walker 1932-34

Vol. 4 Maria Luisa Anido C. 1930-1956

Vol. 5 Vicente Gomez

Vol. 6 Miguel Llobet & Maria Luisa Anido 1925-c.1930

Vol. 7 Francisco Salinas 1926-1931

Vol. 8 Julio Martinez Oyanguren Vol. 2 1937-1941

Vol. 9 Regino Sainz de la Maza 1929-49

Vol. 10 José Rey de la Torre 1940's-1955 2 CDs and 1 hour DVD (TV footage from 1957, the 1957 film includes 3 pieces by Flamenco Guitarist, Carlos Montoya, and 1962) The set is $59.95

Vol. 11 Segovia & His Contemporaries Vol.11: $59.95

Guitarists of the Rio de la Plata 3 CDs and 1 DVD

Golden Era CDs $17.00 Recordings by virtuosos at the dawn of the era of recording in Europe and North and South America.

G.E.1 Classical Guitar Solos 78 RPM Recordings 1912-1941

G.E. 2 Flamenco Guitar 78 RPM recordings 1917-1949 Vol.1

G.E. 3 Mario Escudero 1955 Vol. 1 Flamenco Guitar Solos

G.E. 4 Jose Motos 1958 Vol. 1 Flamenco Guitar Solos

G.E. 5 Carlos Montoya 1946-1953 Flamenco Guitar Solos

G.E. 6 Luis Maravilla 1957 Flamenco Guitar Solos

G.E. 7 Agustin Barrios / Miguel Llobet 1926-28

G.E. 8 José Rey De La Torre 1955 Vol. 1 Classical guitar

G.E. 9 Jose Motos 1963 Vol. 2 Flamenco Guitar Solos

G.E. 10 Latin American Guitar Virtuosos 1924-1955

G.E.11 Maria Luisa Anido 1963 Classical Guitar

G.E. 12 José Rey De La Torre 1946 Vol. 2 Classical Guitar

G.E. 13 Presti & Lagoya 1956 Solos Classical Guitar

G.E. 14 José Rey De La Torre 1958 Vol.3 Classical Guitar

G.E. 15 César Bo 11 string Guitar 1955 Classical Guitar

G.E. 16 Gut String Virtuosos 1925-1943 Classical Guitar

G.E. 17 Vicente Gomez Flamenco Guitar Virtuoso 1938-1943

G. E. 18 Guitar Virtuosos of the Old & New World 1928-43 CD $17.00
G.E. 19 The Epoch of Paco Amaya 1943-1956 CD $17.00

G.E. 20 Elias Barreiro 1966-1967 Classical Guitar

G.E. 21 Classical Mandolin Orchestras & Solos 1904-1938 Vol. 1
G.E. 26 Classical Mandolin Orchestras & Solos 1915-1940 Vol. 2

G.E. 22 The Child Prodigies of Buenos Aires 1932-1958

G.E. 23 Niño Posadas 1956 Flamenco Guitar Solos

G.E. 24 Flamenco Guitar 78 RPM Recordings 1912-1945 Vol. 2

G.E. 25 Flamenco Guitar 78 RPM Recordings 1943-1957 Vol. 3
Classical Mandolin Orchestras & Solos 1904-1938 Vol. 1

G.E.26 Classical Mandolin Orchestras & Solos 1915-1940 Vol. 2

G. E. 27 Flamenco Guitar Gems 1939-1954
w/ Vicente Gomez & Luis Maravilla

G.E. 28 Flamenco Guitar 78 RPM Recordings 1912-1949 Vol. 4

G.E. 29
José Rey De La Torre Voice & Guitar 1949 w/ Earl Rogers

G. E. 30 Bunyan Webb 1970

G.E. 31 Vess L.Ossman 5 String Banjo 1900-1916

G.E. 32 Fred Van Eps 5 string Banjo
Vol. 1 1909-17

G.E. 33 Fred Van Eps 5 String Banjo
Vol. 2 1896-1920

G.E. 34 Regino Sainz de la Maza 1955 CD $17.00

G.E. 35 Masters of Tenor & Plectrum Banjo
1923-1940 CD $17.00

G.E. 36 Rio de la Plata Guitar Virtuosos 1941-1955 CD $17.00
w/ Maria Luisa Anido & Julio Martinez Oyanguren

G. E. 37 Classical Mandolin Orchestras & Solos 1930-50 Vol. 3 CD $17.00

G. E. 38 David Moreno Maestro de Toque 1953 CD $17.00

G. E. 39 David Moreno Flamenco Maestro 1956 CD $17.00

For Volume 3 see:
G. E. 47 David Moreno Volume 3 1957 CD $17.00

G. E. 40 Laud & Bandurria Vol. 1 1959
CD $17.00

G. E. 41 Laud & Bandurria Vol. 2 1960-70 CD $17.00

G. E. 42 Carmelo Rizzuti 1955 CD $17.00

G. E. 43 Abel Fleury (1903-58)  The Poet of the Guitar 1935-54 CD $17.00

G. E. 44 Fredy Reyna Venezuelan Cuatro 1957 CD $17.00

G. E. 45   1965   Manolo de Huelva (1892-1976) CD $17.00

G. E. 46 Mario Escudero 1958 Vol. 2 Flamenco Guitar Solos
CD $17.00

G. E. 47 David Moreno Volume 3 1957 CD $17.00

Golden Era 48 El Alma de la Guitarra Argentina 1942-53
(The Soul of the Argentine Guitar 1942-53) CD $17.00  

G. E. 49 Cante y Toque Flamenco 1929-52 CD $17.00 Flamenco singing with guitar and guitar solos.

G. E. 50 Classical Mandolin Orchestras and Solos 1935-55 Vol. 4

G. E. 51   Felix Arguelles 1945 CD $17.00 Classical and Flamenco Guitar Solos

G. E. 52 Lalyta Almiron (1914-1997) 1931-1954 Classical Guitar Virtuoso and student of Agustin Barrios CD $17.00

Golden Era 53    Guitarists of Argentina 1928-1960 CD $17.00
Maria Luisa Anido, Adolfo V. Luna, Duo Pesoa-Iriarte and Duo Ruiz-Acuńa-4 guitars-Gomez, Daviz

Golden Era 54 Esteban de Sanlucar Flamenco Guitar Solos 1954 CD $17.00

Golden Era 55 Guitarists of Argentina and Uruguay 1925-1955 CD $17.00

G. E. 56 Atahualpa Yupanqui  1945-55 CD $17.00 Argentine folkloric guitar solos

Golden Era 57 Rolando Valdes-Blain     Classical Guitar Virtuoso 1958 CD $17.00

G. E. 58 Icons of Flamenco Guitar 1913-1955 CD $17.00

G. E.  59 Julio J. Otermin & Trio de Guitarras de Uruguay 1915-19 
CD $17.00
Golden Era 60 Agustin Barrios Recently Discovered Recordings 1913-28 
CD $17.00

G. E. 61 Jose Motos Flamenco Arte y Duende 1960 Vol. 3 CD $17.00

G. E. 62 Sabicas Live in Concert 1971
CD $17.00

G. E. 63 Early Classical Guitar Solos 1908-1955 CD $17.00

G. E. 64 Classical Mandolin Orchestras and Solos Vol. 5 1908-1950 CD $17.00

G. E. 65 Classical Guitar Concert Artists 1932-1958 CD $17.00

Golden Era 66 Classical Mandolin Orchestras and Solos Vol. 6 1910-1950 CD $17.00

Golden Era 67 Abel Carlevaro Rio de la Plata Maestro CD $17.00

G.E. 68 El Duende de Chris Carnes CD $17.00
Homage to Diego Del Gastor


Ezordio by Adam Del Monte CD $19.95
16 pieces by Piazzolla, Bach, Del Monte & Albeniz.
Adam Del Monte's Video
has been a hit because of his unbelievable delivery of music on the guitar. I, myself watched it 3 evenings in a row. Now this newly released CD will delight the fans of Adam Del Monte.

Philippine Treasures by Angelo Favis CD $19.95

   This is great music by Philippine composers and performed by an extremely competent player, Angelo Favis.

L'Esprit du Baroque by Tom Leisek CD $19.95

   This CD has the most notable Baroque composers represented by the playing of maestro Tom Leisek.

The unforgettable composers are:
Ernst Gottlieb Baron
Denis Gaultier
Charles Mouton
Sylvius Leopold Weiss

Philip Hii J. S. Bach New Transcriptions CD $19.95

   This highly regarded new artist brings to life more great works of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Marco Pereira Original CD $19.95 This great Brazilian guitarist and composer has just released this CD of solo guitar.

Minneapolis Guitar Quartet Pictures at an Exhibition CD $19.95
This new CD has pieces by Astor Piazzolla and Issac Albeniz and Mussorgsky's Pieces at an Exhibition.

Fuga y Misterio Odair Assad CD $19.95 This great guitarist from Brazil is at it again with great music by Piazolla, Lucky and Gnattali.

 ASSAD BROTHERS, Sergio and Odair CD $19.95
Music by Joaquin Rodrigo, Radamés Gnattali, Piazzolla


JOBIM: Cronica da Casa Assasinada-Sergio & Odair Assad, SONDHIEM: Putting It Together-David Starobin & Patrick Mason AGUIRRE: Vidala; Chacarera-Eduardo Isaac CATHERINE: Arthur Rainbow-Philip Catherine & Sergio Assad DOMENICONI: Koyunbaba-Costas Cotsiolis DYENS: Santo Tirso-Roland Dyens FAYS: Improvisation-Raphael Fays TARREGA: Sueno -Wang Yameng


 FAREWELL - NATSU NO NIWA - SUITE Music by SERGIO ASSAD - Sergio & Odair Assad (guitar) CD $19.95

 The BEST of CLASSICAL GUITAR Vol. 3- CD $19.95 Music by: TORROBA, SIEGEL, GNATTALI, VILLA LOBOS, DOMENICONI BROUWER and MERTZ performed by: Sergio & Odair Assad; Eduardo Isaac; Roland Dyens; Costas Cotsiolis: David Russell (guitar); Trio de Cologne; The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

 THE BEST OF CLASSICAL GUITAR, VOLUME 4 - CD $19.95 Music by: NICCOLO PAGANINI, ARMAND COECK, ASTOR PIAZZOLLA, FEDERICO MOMPOU, DJANGO REINHARD,T ERIK SATIE, LEO BROUWER, JOAQUIN RODRIGO,  MARLCOLM ARNOLD performed by: Wang Yameng, Hughes Kolp, Eduardo Isaac, Margarita Escarpa, Roland Dyens, Trio de Cologne, Costas Cotsiolis, Scott Tennant, Odair Assad, guitars; Orquesta de Cordoba/Leo Brouwer.


   Andres Segovia (guitar). Segovia's reputation as being the "world's greatest guitarist" came about not only for his technical mastery, but also for his ability to give the guitar a status of "classical" instrument worthy of the concert hall. His wonderful Bach transcriptions were an integral part of this equation. This disc gathers, for the first time, all the Bach transcriptions recorded by Segovia between 1927 and 1947 including his memorable Chaconne from Partita No. 2.

   After the success of the IDIS 6381 title, dedicated to Segovia's 1939-1947 Bach recordings, we now publish a new thematic CD of the great Spanish guitarist, featuring a series of wonderful recordings of Baroque pieces. Here are compositions by Rameau, Purcell, Dowland, Alessandro and Domenico Scarlatti, Haydn, Froberger, De Visee and Handel, as well as some beautiful works by Johann Sebastian Bach recorded by Segovia in 1952. After a very accurate digital remastering, in many cases Segovia's Hauser guitar is restored to its wonderful sound, often degraded by recordings of poor technical quality.

Andrés Segovia Rare Recordings CD $19,95


 Andres Segovia, guitar by 1937 Hermann Hauser I, Munich

Andrés Segovia Golden Years (2 CDs) $39.95

Andrés Segovia, considered the greatest guitarist of the 20th century, recorded some of his favorite repertoire works. Those recordings, like the others made in the 1950s, are universally thought to be the apex of Segovia's discography, because they combine interpretations that are technically and artistically mature with good sound quality.

 ROLAND DYENS Citrons Doux CD $19.95

Music of Dyens, Sor, Barrios, Moreno-Torroba, Chopin and Weiss

Badi Assad Danca Das Ondas CD $19.95

   Badi Assad was born in Sao Joao da Boa Vista, a small town in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She started playing the guitar when she was fourteen, inspired and coached by her father and her two brothers, the world renowned Sergio and Odair Assad. After just one year of studies she already managed to secure a place in the Concurso Internacional de violao Villa-Lobosâ in Rio de Janeiro. In the following year she was chosen to represent Brazil in the Concurso Vina del Mar in Chile. Later she was invited by the Belgian guitarist Francoise-Emmanuelle Denis to perform as a duo on period instruments (guitars from the 19th century), touring abroad for the first time.

Raphaella Smits 20th Century Guitar CD $19.95


Raphaella Smits   ANTONIO JIMENEZ MANJON (1866-1919)
CD $19.95
All pieces performed on a Vincente Arias made in 1899.


Raphaella Smits  Early 19th Century Guitar Music CD $19.95

 EARLY 19TH CENTURY GUITAR MUSIC - LEGNANI: 24 Selections from 36 CAPRICES for Guitar; SCHUBERT/MERTZ: Six Songs arranged for solo guitar by Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806-1856). Raphaella Smits (guitar).

Raphaella Smits  Baroque Guitar CD $19.95

 WORKS FOR GUITAR by J.S. BACH and WEISS performed on an
8 string guitar made in 1980 by World Class Luthier John Gilbert.

Raphaella Smits  Sor and Coste CD $19.95

Raphaella Smits  Romantic Guitar CD $19.95

Music from the works of: MERTZ and GIULIANI

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