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   Josep Mangado y Artigas's web site dedicated to Catalan Guitarists. He is the author of the Spanish language book La Guitarra en Cataluña, which really is an ongoing investigation. He is the expert in this field of study.

   This is the best online museum with 72 guitars from the last 400 years.

   The Italian Classical Guitar magazine that was founded by the late virtuoso Ruggero Chiesa in 1972: Il Fronimo I just contributed (and get credit for, as well have my web site listed in) to the article by Diego Milanese & Umberto Piazza on the master luthier Francisco Simplicio in the January, 2001 issue, No. 113.

   John Arrasjid's Flamenco Site:

Guitar Foundation of America

Gunnar Eisel's ""
   This Classical Guitar is updated daily and has great graphics. Gunnar Eisel has done the Guitar Foundation of America web site for quite a while, & he started in March of 2001.

   Robb Coldwell's site with the most indepth look at the history of classical guitar in Japan. Robb Coldwell was my researcher for over 2 years before he went to Japan his second time. He brought me texts in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish & Russian for which I am eternally grateful.


University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Shrine to Music Museum @ University of South Dakota

Flamenco Society of Northern California in San Jose. Founded by the late Anita Sheer over 15 years ago. I was an Associate Board member from 1991-93. I was responsible for providing a consistent weekly location for the Flamenco Dance Academy for the first time in it's existence at that time. I first performed for the Flamenco Society in 1987.
Updated link 6/8/03

The Flamenco Web Ring;list

Musical Instrument Collections

   Frank Ford's incredible lutherie Q&A site with visits to makers & the creme de la creme of instrument repairmen

   The 12 languages of Spain-fascinating look at the provinces and language breakdowns & the Castillian unification of the entire country.

   South Bay Guitar Society Founded by luthier Lester Devoe in 1987 and directed by Jerry Snyder. National and world reknowned Classical Guitar artists as well as GFA yearly competition winners perform on an almost monthly or sometimes 3 artists in 6 weeks basis.

5-4-02 On Mel Bay Publications "Guitar Sessions" web page this month is an article I was asked to write. It is a micro-thumbnail sketch of my book that is in progress: "Annotations for the History of the Classical Guitar in Argentina 1822-2000" by Héctor Garcia Martinez & Randy Osborne. The article is entitled: (Updated link 9 / 26 / 03)
"How Buenos Aires became the World Center of the Classical Guitar".

If you love Classical Guitar history, you'll find it fascinating.

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Frederic Zigante-Maestro at the Conservatory of Trieste, w/ CDs of Bach, Napoleon Coste, Nicolo Paganini.

   Fareed Haque-virtuoso classical & jazz artist who teaches at Northern Illinois University

   Elias Barreiro-Professor at Tulane University since 1967-He did post graduate work with Maestro Andrés Segovia at Santiago de Compostela. Many of his students have become invaluable teachers with an impact to bring everything to the forefront of a student.~

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