Classical Guitar Sheet Music Books
Classical Guitar Sheet Music  Books

Selected works of Hector Ayala 45 pages $34.95-arr. by Rico Stover

Song Numbers 18-24 (Serie Americana) are on the new David Russell CD "Sonidos Latinos". This CD is not available at FFSI, but the sheet music is! 7 16 10
The titles are:
1. El Regalon-Gato
2. Cholita -For 2 Guitars
3. Querencia-Milonga
4. El Coyugo-Bailecito
5. Cariñito-Mazurka
6. Canturreando-Estilo
7. Norteña
8. Luna y Sol-Huella
9. Aire de Vidala
10. Romanza
11. El Sureño-Malambo
12. Madrigal
13. Otoño
14. Prelude No. 2
15. Zamba Arco Iris
16. Galopa No. 1
17. Bailecito
Serie Americana
18. Preludio
19. Choro
20. Takirari
21. Guarania
22. Tonada
23. Vals Peruano
24. Gato y Malambo

All underlined songs listed above are in the link below to be viewed, and undoubtedly to be enjoyed. 2 17 10





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