Beginning Barrios

   Beginning Barrios by Rico Stover 14 pieces, 44 pages. $20.00
These are duets for the 1st year to intermediate student and teacher. This contains original works and studies by Sor, Aguado, Carulli as taught by Agustin Barrios to his students in Central America during 1940-1944. The titles are listed below:


The selections are:

  1. El Sueño de la Muñequita
  2. Villancico de Navidad
  3. Julia Florida-barcarola
  4. Preludio from "La Catedral"
  5. Romanza in Imitation of the cello
  6. Estudio en Arpegio
  7. Danza Paraguaya
  8. Ejercicio 18 (Aguado/Barrios)
  9. Ejercicio 4 (Aguado/Barrios)
  10. Ejercicio 2 (Aguado/Barrios)
  11. Allegretto (Carulli/Barrios)
  12. Andantino (Sor/Barrios)
  13. Ejercicio in A (Aguado/Barrios)
  14. Minueto in C (Barrios)


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