Instruments (Various) For Sale

   Concert Gu Zheng made in China c. 1950's

Rosewood soundboard, 23 strings, no case, comes with new set of strings and set of bridges SOLD

This gorgeous instrument has a 5 second sustain on each string. This instrument is 5' long.

c. 1935 German Guitar LuteSOLD

Solid Spruce Top and 11 piece Maple back

45mm nut (1  3/4") 615mm scale length

Scalloped frets and a dead straight neck--Ebony Fingerboard, French polish, non original gears-new bone nut, made here at FFSI.

   This rare instrument has an enormous volume due to its development and usage and a good balance and high quality of tone. It weighs 2 pounds and 4 ounces. This lightness gives it the resonance.

   This great instrument has a fraudulent label. It purports to be a 1805 Johann Martin Hofman guitar lute. As my colleague, Richard Bruné, says: "The least reliable indentification is the label". Those who have a first edition 1904 (FFSI library) or later edition "Die Geigen und Lautenmacher" violin reference book by Willibald Lutgendorf will notice the label is cut out of that reference book and glued in some decades ago. The year 1805 with the 5 handwritten is right out of the book.

Schutz-Marke Fluted Mandolin c. 1900 SOLD 5 13 10
   This very ornate bowlback mandolin was made in Germany many decades ago. It has, as the photos show, Inlaid gears with pearl buttons, over the Indian Rosewood peghead overlay, Mother-of-Pearl rosette, a beautiful 27 piece fluted back of flamed Maple, a radial (rounded) rosewood fingerboard-with it's original bone nut, original Ebony bridge with nickel silver saddle. It does not have the original case, but a comtemporary soft shell case. The neck is dead straight and the resonance and ability to produce crescendos is phenomenal.

Federico Vazquez Lopez Cutaway Requinto Paracho, Mexico SOLD.

550mm scale, 50 mm nut, 22 frets and Deluxe Mother of Pearl Rosette

Solid Spruce top and Solid Mexican Rosewood back and sides,

Cocobolo fingerboard and dead straight neck, Deluxe gears made in Spain

and Deluxe Gold lined Hardshell case. Undated, though made in 2002.


Pachanga Requinto Mexico

570 MM scale 52 MM nut Bone Nut and Saddle

All solid mahogany body Cedar soundboard, Rosewood fretboard

$350. w/ s.s. case

Walthari Mandola Mittenwald, Germany (1950's-60's)

Spruce top and birch body, rosewood fingerboard. No case. 4 old repaired cracks in the top. No sag in the top and straight neck. SOLD

Bolivian Charango unlabelled Spr. & Nogal (Walnut) $SOLD.

South American Charango Solid Spruce Top Armadillo body
no case $SOLD

Unlabelled Venezuelan Cuatro very loud $400.

Now also available:

Fredy Reyna Veneuelan Cuatro Method

Oversize edition 8" x 12.5" Written in Tablature only.

230 pages w/slip cover case $69.95.
I cannot offer this at the present time. 1 30 07

Issac Rivas Mandolin La Paz, Bolivia 16 strings-4 per course a lot of sustain w/ semi-hardshell case Sold

Unlabeled Mariachi Vihuela made in Paracho, Michoacan, Mexico

Cedar body, lacquer finish, 5 strings, 4 tied frets, with gears, Deluxe Mother of Pearl rosette and a semi-hardshell case. $650.

Used Vihuela unlabeled) made in Paracho, Mexico in the 196's. Mystery top and Cedar back and sides. Straight neck, with 3 brass frets and various poor quality old repairs (could use more repair, but plays fine), plays in tune, the gears work fine, w/ new gig bag.
   Right click on photos for more descriptive text. Sold in 2005
7 6 07.

Guitarron Unlabeled Mariachi bass made in Paracho, Mexico gears,
These have gears and come with a semi-hardshell case for $799. and are made in Paracho, Mexico. Mother of Pearl rosette
The instrument is tuned: D (5), G (4), C (3), E (2), A (1).
For those who don't live close enough to drop in for a visit it is shipped in a carton that is 15" by 22" by 48".

   How much does this giant acoustic bass cost to ship?

   My Canadian customers have paid between $175 & $200, depending on the destination. My European customers have paid between $350 & $450 depending on the destination.


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