FFSI Guitar & Capo Museum

FFSI Guitar & Capo Museum Rare & beautiful instruments acquired from FFSI in the past, and a selection of capos (not for sale) from Madrid & Malaga made in the 1950-70's.

Capo Collection
Pearloid Capos
Ebony Capos

FFSI Guitar Museum

1830's Matteo Benedid Cadiz

1988 Manuel Reyes Cordoba

1870's Eladio Molina Malaga

1836 Rene Lacote Paris

1931 Enrique San Felieu Barcelona

1963 Daniel Friedrich Paris

1963 Ignacio Fleta

1930 Santos Hernandez Madrid See biography
Who was the most widely recorded guitar builder before WWII?
Who used his instruments? -March 13, 1997


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