First Editions

In this new page I will portray First Editions, and at times add a
historical perspective. For more:
First Editions Continued

Andres Segovia began practicing these scales in 1917. They were published in 1928 by Romero y Fernandez in Buenos Aires, the year of his arrival.

Segovia scales as published by Columbia Music in 1953.

Contemporary Edition

Autograph of Andres Segovia on page 8 of the Romero y Fernandez 1928 edition.

Op. 1 Fantasie Variee sur l'air
("Wan I in der fruh auf steh")
Marco Aurelio Zani de Ferranti (1801-1878) published by B. Schott in 1840, just 6 years after Marco became court guitarist to
King Leopold of Belgium.

Op. 19 Nocturne
Giulio Regondi (1822-1872)
published by Jean Andre Offenbach
in 1864.


Op. 29 Alhambra
Juan Parga (1843-1899)
published in Malaga by
Lopez y Griffo in 1893.
This piece is not to be found
in the Chantrelle edition.

On the cover of this 1916 Daniel Fortea edition, it mentions that one can request sheet music from the administration at the address Arlaban 11. This is the address of the Manuel Ramirez workshop-who is not mentioned. To the right is a closeup.

This is a self published edition by Francisco Tarrega's (1852-1909)
distinguished student,
Domingo Prat (1886-1944). Of all the rarities, self published pieces are the least common to acquire.

This album of Argentine folk music arranged by Domingo Prat was published by Romero y Fernandez in Buenos Aires, in the 1920's.

Op. 29 Vol. 2 Studies 13-24
These studies by Fernando Sor (1776-1839) were published by A. Meissonner in Paris in 1825. Study 13 is in Bb, and is more commonly known as study 19 from the
Segovia / Sor studies. It is from the collection of Domingo Prat, who acquired it in 1939, only 5 years before his death.

This Humoresque by Agustin Pio Barrios (1885-1944) was published by Carlos Trapani in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1921.This information was supplied by Rico Stover, author of Six Silver Moonbeams The Life and Times of Agustin Barrios.

This Preludio by Agustin Pio Barrios
was published in Buenos Aires
by Romero y Fernandez in 1928.







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