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Golden Era 70    Epoca de Oro (Golden Epoch) 1919-1960 CD $17.00

A majority of these Andrés Chazarreta songs are beautiful Guitar Solos. He was the first Argentine Folk star.
He recorded over 115 songs in his 3 decade long career.

As far as the Mario Pardo discs are concerned: while Agustin Barrios was still in Brazil performing in small towns
and large cities, Max Glucksmann the head of Disco Nacional (Odeon) signed Mario in 1918 to produce Guitar Solos
and vocals with beautiful accompaniments. At times in 1919-1920 four of his recorded solos were advertised along with
Carlos Gardel's newest hit tangos in the weekly magazine Caras y Caretas. Mario had a great vibrato on his gut string guitar.
He recorded about 140 songs up until 1940. He was undoubtedly the most educated musician in the Rio de La Plata.
His earliest recordings presented here, were made before radio existed in Buenos Aires, which took place in the summer of 1920.

The titles are below:

    According to Prat's Diccionario de Guitarristas, "Andrés Avelino 
Chazarreta was born in Santiago de Estero Province on May 29, 1876. His activities were 
outside the artistic world. He was a school teacher, School Inspector, Secretary of Consultation of
Education of the Province, President of the League of teachers in  Santiago de Estero,
Delegate before the Congress of Pedagogues in Cordoba, and lastly 
Delegate to the folkloric Congress that took place in Prague.
     His folkloric work began in 1906, taking the motifs of Argentine 
music from the same source of its native origin, to writing the pieces down in sheet music 
form, with the greatest care to be faithful as possible to the works he gathered.
     To divulge his works he organized a Company in 1911 with native 
elements of: singers, dancers and musicians, to be presented before the public in Buenos 
Aires and giving his first representation with great success in the Politeama Argentina 
theater, on March 18, 1921. From that date onward he initiated tours of the whole Republic,  
finally arriving in Montevideo, Uruguay, where the Company performed a series of 15 
concerts in the Teatro "Solis".
     The musicians of Chazarreta's Company were:
Andrés Chazarreta on  guitar,
Domingo Aguirre, notable blind harpist ,
Segundo Juarez, violinist;
Pedro  Contreras, guitarist,
Francisco Moreno, Flutist and
Juan Diaz, percussionist of the bombos (drums).
     Andrés Chazarreta toured with his Arte Nativo Company until 1936. 
 From the 1930's onward he made several motion pictures. Those being: "El Linyera", 
inspired by a work of Enrique Larreta, in 1933 he made a film "La Zamba Cañaveral" with the 
collaboration of his friend Homero Manzi. In 1940 he made "La Casa del Recuerdo" with 
actress Libertad Lamarque. His last motion picture "Malambo" was filmed by Alberto de 
Zavalía in the interior of Santiago del Estero in 1941.
     In 1941 Andrés founded the first Instituto de Folklore in 
Argentina. It eventually grew to have 72 annexes throughout the country. Andrés Chazarreta passed 
away on April 24, 1960."

     "Mario A. (Alberto) Pardo was a guitarist, composer, singer of  the Argentine popular
folklore music, and was born in Uruguay. He is undoubtedly the most  valuable popular
figure among those that cultivate that genre of song, not being a 
wonder that, set to perform, he flows through the same compositions of Sor, Aguado and 
Tarrega, etc., as danceable of easy sentimentalism. His endowments as an interpreter, 
are very eclectic within the repertoire of the serious music, we can corroborate them by 
the concert given in the Salon "La Argentina" in 1914. It is a lament that I don't 
know what might have happened in this aspect of the music, where he would have 
succeeded exhibiting his undoubtable personality."
From the "Diccionario de Guitarristas" by  Domingo Prat.

     Andres Chazarreta
  1. La Pepita Disco Nacional 993 A (1926)
  2. Gato Arpeado Disco Nacional 993 B
  3. La Salteña Disco Nacional 995 A
  4. Escondido Disco Nacional 995 B
  5. Santiago del Estero Disco Aurora 050
  6. Siete de Abril Disco Aurora 050
  7. Josefina Victor 47393 A
  8. El Escondido Victor 47393 B
  9. Del Pergamino Victor 37255 A
10. El Triunfo Victor 37255 B
11. Yerba bueña Victor 37280 A
12. La Lorencita Victor 37280 B
     Mario Pardo
13. Siempre Disco Nacional 972 A (1919)
14. Sin dejar rastos Disco Nacional 972 B
15. Que noche Disco Nacional 975 A (1919)
16. Lo que esta bien...ta bien Disco Nacional 975 B
17. La Mariposa Disco Nacional 6571 B
18. Recuerdo de un roto Disco Nacional 6571 A
19. Granada Disco Nacional 6603 A
20. Lucerito Disco Nacional 6603 B
21. Escucharme Negra Disco Nacional 6623 A
22. La Chiflada Disco Nacional 6623 B
     Arsenio Aguirre
23. Guitarra Trasnochada Trio T 076 A (1960)
24. Zorzal Herido Trio T 076 B




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