Store Photos & More

Here's some photos of the store & surroundings:

Below the photos is a listing of my Desde el Escritorio de Randy Osborne columns.


Articles from the column:
"Desde el Escritorio de Randy Osborne"

An Early Sighting of the Use of Restroke Technique in Northern Europe - February 24, 1997

Who was the most widely recorded guitar builder before WWII?
Who used his instruments? -March 13, 1997

Spanish Translation: Guitar makers of Granada - April 10, 1997

Spanish Translation: Pioneers in Flamenco in Film - May 2, 1997

The Big Bang Theory or how we got to where we are today in the world of Classical & Flamenco guitar music - September 5, 1997

Almost everything you wanted to know about Mexican Mariachi music but were afraid you wouldn't find out even if you became bilingual and tuned into the Spanish Language
Broadcast "Cuatro Estrellas en Cielo" (Four Stars in Heaven) - September 10, 1997

French Translation: Dossier Ints. 9 Guitars of luthiers on the testing bench. Dossier done by Thierry Faradji - September 24, 1997

French Translation : Interview with Heitor Villa-Lobos by Gilbert Imbar (Director of "Guitare et Musique") Issue #18, June, 1958 November 7, 1997


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