Julian Bream    !Guitarra!  DVD

Julian Bream   !Guitarra! DVD   A Musical Journey through Spain

One DVD  4 hours  $39.95

   Julian Bream is celebrated as one of the world's leading classical guitarists. He is featured in these 7 thirty minute long films, shot completely on location in Spain. The programs trace the evolution of the guitar from the 1500's to the present day.

   Julian Bream asked his long time friend, luthier Jose Romanillos, to make him a vihuela and Baroque Spanish guitar, on which he performs for the first time publicly.

   In episode 4, he is joined by Flamenco guitarist, Paco Peña, who talks with Bream about its origins and meaning.

   This DVD has a new chapter that was not a part of the initial videotape release. It is the addition of the Joaquin Rodrigo's "Concierto de Aranjuez" with
The Chamber Orchestra of Europe conducted by Sir Charles Grove.

   The chapters are listed below.

The selections are:


  1. The Golden Age
  2. The Baroque Guitar
  3. The Classical Heritage
  4. The Transition to Romanticism
  5. The Poetic Nationalist
  6. The Spirit of Spain
  7. The 20th Century--The Last of the Romantics
  8. "Concierto de Aranjuez"
  9. Credits

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