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Golden Era 73 Young Masters of Classical Guitar 1962-1967 CD $17.00

Turibio Soares Santos is considered one of the best Brazilian guitar players
alive. He was born on March 7, 1943. He established himself with a wide
repertoire of pieces by Villa-lobos, Ernesto Nazareth and Francisco Mignone.
Turibio Santos is Director of the Museu Villa-Lobos in Rio de Janeiro.

Konrad Ragossnig is a classical guitarist and lutenist. He was born in
Klagenfurt, Austria, in 1932. He taught at City of Basel Music Academy,
University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna and The University of
Zurich. He is editor of several books on guitar music such as "Step by step.
Basics of Guitar technique in 60 classical and romantic studies", Mainz 2007
and "Guitar Concert Collection", Mainz 2008.

MANUEL LOPEZ RAMOS (1929-2006) Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in
1929, studied with Miguel Michelone. In 1948 he received the prize of the
Chamber Music Associacion de La Argentina and since then he traveled
constantly all over the world giving recitals and harvesting triumphs in most
the important concert halls. He acted as soloist with many orchestras and
directors, he taught at the Arizona University, The National University of
Mexico, The Santa Clara University, in California, The San Jose State
College, the Spring Hill College, in Alabama, The Eastern Michigan
University, and in San Francisco, California. His recorded for record
companies such as Boston Records, Emi Capitol of México and RCA Victor of
France. He founded the Estudio de Arte Guitarrístico in Mexico City in 1961.

Alberto Ponce's father was his first teacher. When he was a child he entered
the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona, Spain. He left the Conservatory with
a diploma and an Honorable Mention and then met a person who would have
a major influence on his career: Emilio Pujol. The Catalan musicologist and
scholar advised him to enter the Lisbon Conservatory. After three years of
study Ponce perfected his technique with him at the Accademia Musicale
Chigiana di Siena. In 1961 he won first prize at the International Competition
in Paris, organized by Radio France. He taught at the Fontainebleau 
Conservatory, National Conservatory of Paris and teaches at the Ecole Normale of 
Music in Paris.

The selections are:

  1. Barrios: La Catedral Andante religioso, Allegro solemne
  2. Villa-Lobos: Choro #1
  3. Anido: Aire Norteño
  4. Frescobaldi: Aria con variazione
  5. Bach: Prelude 999
  6. Bach: Sarabande
  7. Bourree 996
  8. Granados: Danse Espanol #11
  9. Falla: Le Tombeau de Debussy
10. Narvaez: Guardame Las Vacas
11. Bach: Prelude 1007
12. Weiss: Gigue
13. Corbetta: Sarabande
14. Sanz: Cinq Aires de Court
15. Giuliani: Rondoletto Op. 4
  Anon. / Chilesotti: 5 Renaissance Pieces
16. Pezzo Tedesco
17. Corriente
18. Madrigal 1, 2 and 3
19. Bach: Prelude and Fugue #12
20. Albeniz: Rumores de la Caleta
21. Ponce: Intermezzo
     The cover photo is from the Guitar News magazine of  September-October 1962.

These artists were recorded as a result of the players winning first prize the Radio France (ORTF) competitions the years prior to the recordings. So the selection of players was made that way.


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