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Golden Era 72 Mario Pardo Guitar Gems 1919-1929 CD $17.00

Three of the Guitar Solos on this CD won awards in 1929, these awards were mentioned in
advertisements by the Disco Nacional Odeon record company in the weekly magazine
Caras y Caretas, published in Buenos Aires. These are on tracks 12, 14 and 16.

   Mario Pardo's father sent him to Italy when he was still a boy, when seeing the natural
dispositions that he had for music. He studied in the conservatory "San Pietro a Maiella"
of Naples, besides learning all the wind instruments he was to receive the position as band
director, from 1905 to 1908. Before then he had been pupil of the "Williams" conservatory
until 1901.
     Upon his return he was to be fulfilling a position in front of a Military Band of Uruguay
until 1916, the year that he resided in Buenos Aires to dedicate himself entirely to serious
music. But after diverse performances destiny pushed him towards the popular style, this
art that he did intimately. (The band was "la del 2 de Cazadores".)
     It was in a meeting of song and guitar in a banquet room of the famous "Armenonville"
in 1918, a night in which he met Gardel and Razzano, they sang a southern air;  Don Max
Glücksmann was present, and offered to contract him for his label "Nacional" and when
accepting, he began the time recording for that label exclusively until 1940, with his guitar
and his voice.
     In the Salon "Argentina", "Nacional", "Politeama" and "Empire theaters, all the
Buenos Aires cinemas of the Glücksmann chain presented him on their marquees in
unforgettable nights until ending at the Teatro "Colon" directing one hundred guitars in
1933, and in our foremost theater the national instrument raised the scene for the first
time with that performance.
     As he appeared on the radio, in "Cultura", in 1921, he acted in 
front of the microphones soon doing it on all the stations except radio "Belgrano". 
He became the musical adviser of the transmitters "Prieto" and "Argentina" by 1931 
he more or less had made numerous tours in the interior of Argentina, to Uruguay, Brazil 
and other countries.
     He made his debut with the composition "Canción a Leondina" that 
was the first that he recorded, among the one hundred forty that he recorded: "Hay una 
Virgen" over verses of Lord Byron translated by Manuel María Flores and that Razzano soon 
made appear like his; "La Tropilla", his immortal work done with Santiago Rocca; "La 
Maleva", tango done with Buglione; "Linda Provincianita", Canción; "Gajito de cedrón", 
Canción with lyrics by Alfredo Navarrine, that are the works that Carlos Gardel recorded and 
as well "Tejía Guirnaldas", "El Pericón de la Patria", "Nutriando", "Mensaje de 
amor", "En un bayo azafranao", "La Carreta del amor", "Poncho de cerrazón", "Los Gauchos 
de Madariaga", "Mi Gitana", "Lorenzo", "Tango Rey", "Espumilla", "Polca 'E Damas", 
"La Reina del pago", "Intención", "Nerina", "Las Totoras", "Ayacucho", "Pericón y 
Gato", "Cololo", "El Requemao".

     Mario Alberto Pardo was born in Cerro Largo (Uruguay) on November 
2, 1887 and passed away in Burzaco (Buenos Aries Province) August 29, 1986.

The selections are:

  1. Vertige, Vals Berger Disco Nacional 973
  2. Catamarca, Tango E. Arolas Disco Nacional 973
  3. Pericon y Gato M. Pardo Disco Nacional 982
  4. Ayacucho, Marcha M. Pardo Disco Nacional 982
  5. Vuelve al acero la vania, Tango M. Pardo Odeon Disco Nacional 6575 B
  6. Favorita (Spiritu gentil) Donizetti Odeon Disco Nacional 6598 A
  7. Antillanas, Guajiras Gravina-Mignon Odeon Disco Nacional 6598 B
  8. Polka e damas, Ranchera M. Pardo Odeon Disco Nacional 6617 A   5 10 10
  9. Sentao y riflicionando, Ranchera M. Pardo Odeon Disco Nacional 6617 B
10. Hasta las velas no arden, Ranchera M. Pardo Odeon Disco Nacional 6638
11. Haragan, Tango E. Delfino Odeon Disco Nacional 6654 A
12. Piedad, Tango C. Percuoco Odeon Disco Nacional 6662 B
Primer Premio ("Musica y Letras") del 5to Concurso del Palace Theatre
13. Copos de nieve, Tango F. Chieffo Pereyra Odeon Disco Nacional 6663 B
14. Estampa del Suburbio, Tango I. D'Andrea Odeon Disco Nacional 6666 B
Primer Premio ("Musica") del 2ndo Concurso de Tangos-Montevideo
15. Poncho de cerrazon, Ranchera M. A. Pardo Odeon Disco Nacional 6672 B
16. Misa de Once, Tango J. A. Guichnadut Odeon Disco Nacional 6682 B
Selecionado para el gran premio de honor 1929
17. Diceme pa que te juiste, Zamba Cordoba-Delfino Disco Nacional 195 B
18. Las Totoras, Chacarera Cordoba-Pardo Disco Nacional 195 A
19. Langosta, Tango J. de Dios Filiberto Odeon Disco Nacional 6599 B
20. Acordate de aquel dia, Tango Delfino-Pacheco Odeon Disco Nacional 
198 A w/ J. Aguilar
21. Intencion, Cancion M. Pardo Odeon Disco Nacional 198 B with José Aguilar
22. Esta noche me emborracho, Tango E. S. Discepolo Odeon Disco 
Nacional 6638 A
23. Tejia Guirnaldas, Cancion porteña M. Pardo Odeon Disco Nacional 6654 B
24. Viejo pua, Tango J. Maglio-J. Fernandez Odeon Disco Nacional 6662 A
25. Flores rojas, Tango Sureda-Valpreda Odeon Disco Nacional 6682 A
26. Perfumes del recuerdo, Vals G. Sigal-J. Rezzano Odeon Disco  Nacional 6672 A
27. Adios que te vaya bien, Tango Delfino-Gonzalez del Solar Odeon  Disco Nacional 6666 A
28. Faldas cortas, Fox-trot J.Rezzano-F. Bastardi Odeon Disco Nacional 6663 A


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