Carlos Garcia Tolsa CD

Pentti Hilden plays the Guitar Music of Carlos Garcia Tolsa (1858-1905)

CD $19.95    17 pieces-7 of them concertized by Agustin Barrios for over 23 years throughout Central ansd South America.

   Carlos Garcia Tolsa was the favorite student of Julian Arcas. Carlos as a bandurria player and director led the Estudiantina “"Figaro" into New York City on New Year's Eve 1880. This musical group created the Mandolin orchestra craze in the United States and is responsible for the existence of the Estudiantinas in Chile today. He and his group arrived in Montevideo in 1885 and Carlos as a guitarist immediately was a sensation, especially among the high society, of whom some wives of provincial governor were his students.

   Pentti Hilden plays all the known compositions of the legendary Carlos Garcia Tolsa with plenty of style.

   The sheet music for these pieces is available in Volume 2 of Los Maestros de Buenos Aires: Carlos Garcia Tolsa (1858-1905).

The selections are:


  1. La Prometida-Polka
  2. Mercedes-Gavota
  3. La Visita-Vals
  4. Estela-Mazurka
  5. Matilde-Mazurka-recorded by Agustin Barrios in 1914
  6. Meditacion-Nocturno
  7. Pienso en ti-Vals
  8. Entre dos luces-Habanera
  9. Enriqueta-Habanera
  10. Al fin Solos-Sonata
  11. Irene-Polka
  12. Una lagrima-Mazurka
  13. Travesuras-Polka
  14. Lejos de ti-Vals
  15. La Simpatica-Mazurka
  16. Maruja-Habanera
  17. Una esperanza-Vals

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