Barrios in Tablature 2

Barrios in Tablature 2nd Volume with standard notation $15.95 by Richard Stover This contains 15 pieces of moderately easy to complex difficulty.

   Agustin Pio Barrios, born May 5, 1885, later know as Mangore, was
one of the greatest performers/composers for the guitar. In the four
decades that comprised his professional career, he concertized in 18 Latin American countries as well as Belgium, Germany, and Spain. Today
Barrios Mangore is recognized by guitarists all around the world as a great genius and a significant composer for the instrument. His music is
romantic, you might say "eclectically classical." In Barrios' music, we find a melodic, singing quality that is always harmonic (in 3 and 4 voices)
with frequent modulation to neighboring keys combined with a technique
employing the full range of the fingerboard utilizing a singular approach to chord voicings. To study Barrios is to understand how music is made with 6 strings and 19 frets. This book features a variety of works ranging from the moderately easy to complex. All these works are excellent technique studies; but more importantly, they are wonderful pieces of music that entertain, uplift and reward us many times over for our effort. In notation and tablature. 80 pp. For more Agustin Barrios related materials see:
Barrios in Tablature Vol. I, " Six Silver Moonbeams" The Life and Times of Agustin Barrios Mangore, G.E. 7 CD Agustin Barrios / Miguel Llobet 1926-1928


The selections include:

  1. Minuet in C
  2. Prelude in D Minor
  3. Prelude in E
  4. Estudio in Arpegio
  5. Escala y Preludio
  6. Minuet in A
  7. Sarita
  8. Madrigal-Gavota
  9. Estudio Vals
  10. Junto a tu Corazon
  11. Cueca
  12. Aconquija
  13. Vals Tropical
  14. Estudio de Concierto
  15. Tarantella see G.E. 7 CD Agustin Barrios / Miguel Llobet 1926-28

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