Andrés Segovia in Portrait DVD

Andrés Segovia in Portrait DVD 3 hrs. 16 min. $39.95

   This portrait celebrates the extraordinary quest of Andrés Segovia, the Andalusian par excellence who, in his childhood, fell in love with the sounds of the Spanish guitar and within 20 years had elevated it from the status of a folk instrument to the highest levels of the international concert platform. His achievement is among the marvels of Western music.

   The two very different Christopher Nupen films on this DVD are "Segovia at Los Olivos", shot in Segovia's new home on the Costa del Sol in Andalucia in 1967, when he was 75, and thought by Segovia to be the best thing he ever did for television, and the prize-winning Andrés Segovia: "The Song of the Guitar", filmed in Granada and the Palaces of the Alhambra in 1976 when the Grand Master was 84. ANDRES SEGOVIA: THE SONG OF THE GUITAR won the Prix du Public at the Besancon Festival in 1977.

   The maestro plays the works of: Albeniz, Isaac / Bach, Johann Sebastian / Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario / Granados, Enrique / Rameau, Jean-Philippe / Scarlatti, Domenico / Sor, Fernando / Tarrega, Francisco and Moreno-Torroba, Federico.

   Segovia at Los Olivos: "Spiritually therapeutic".--The Sunday Times
"one of the most inspiring and thrilling films I have seen. Here is a most intimate close-up of one of the world's greatest geniuses"--BMG Magazine
"the guitar laughed and cried. This study of the Maestro by Christopher Nupen had an almost noble air of poetry about it"--Daily Express
"An important record for the archives. Pictures almost as beautiful as Segovia's heavenly playing"--Daily Telegraph

   The Song of the Guitar: "A beautiful tribute to the master-guitarist"--The Guardian
"a warm, affectionate and truly beautiful tribute to a master musician, a blissful wedding of sight and sound"--Daily Telegraph

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